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  1. Thanks for uploading the @Gimli look forward to sowing the rest in spring. thanks again for all your generosity
  2. AchumaMatata

    Cactus for Caapi

    Thanks heaps mate I would appreciate that a lot. Talk with you soon.
  3. AchumaMatata

    Cactus for Caapi

    Yeah @Glaukus I’m nsw. you east coast?
  4. AchumaMatata

    Cactus for Caapi

    I’ve got to many to list them all. I have a nice Pachanoi type I got labeled as Pallaransis from a local botanical gardens. I think it’s a pretty special one. i also have heaps of others to choose from so depends on really what your after? failing that I can offer cash if you wanted.
  5. AchumaMatata

    Cactus for Caapi

    Just wondering if anyone is interested in trading some cactus for Caapi? i don’t have any vine yet would love to get a few on the go. prefrably close to nsw to save time in transit if possible. can also offer payment for plants instead of trade if you wish. also interested in Psycotria if anyone has any available. Cheers for your time.
  6. I’d love to do you a trade for cacti for Caapi ☺️ @noshiewa?
  7. AchumaMatata

    TPM Hybrid Seeds AUCTION

  8. AchumaMatata

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    Hi Gimli would love to take you up on your lovely offer. thanks very much
  9. AchumaMatata

    Cactus seed giveaway #3

    Your very Generous @Gimli thanks heaps for another chance to win some wonderful seeds brother
  10. Thanks for Entering and Thanks for the feed Back @Gambeard I appreciate it
  11. Congratulations @Gimli you are the winner mate. I’ll inbox you to get your details. thanks everyone for playing
  12. AchumaMatata

    Unknown Hybrids

    Thanks heaps for your insight fellas i appreciate it a lot. i bought the seedlings off eBay about 7 years ago and have no details about the seller accessible on my eBay unfortunately. I remember they came from nsw Australia around Sydney or Newcastle area and where grown on someone’s veranda of an apartment. i paid $250 dollars for about 70 tiny seedlings and that’s about all I remember when I moved houses the labels where removed from the pots unfortunately and some misplaced I still have some of the labels here but I’m unsure what belongs to what so rather then guessing and making assumptions and possible mistakes I wanted to lable them in a way without falsified naming but also being able to keep track of them. Some of the labels I still have include: icaro ( assume op) rosie # 1 ( assume Op) ss02 x bridgisii Bridgisii x ss02 super Pedro x psyco0 super Pedro x j3 Ss02 x Juul’s juuls x scop
  13. AchumaMatata

    Unknown Hybrids

  14. AchumaMatata

    Unknown Hybrids

    I’d like to hear your opinion on labeling and keeping track for unknown hybrids that will be eventually available for trade. there are fourty unknown seed grown hybrids in this collection that I have labeled with initials and numbers just wondering if anyone has any opinions on this system and any suggestions on ways to improve it if necessary.
  15. AchumaMatata

    Echinocactus grusonii seed giveaway

    Hi @Gimli I’m keen to give em a go also please brother. very kind of you mate. Thank you ☺️