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  1. oxydiser


    Price drop!
  2. oxydiser


    new cuts!
  3. oxydiser


    All done!
  4. Snap cacti sale - Perth pickup only! 4+ metres of Trichs, $200
  5. oxydiser

    West Coast Cacti sale

    Selling a few trichs that are getting too big for their boots. These two are some trichs I've had in my collection for a while: The top one (56cm) was grown from a bunch of seed labelled as Pachanoi, the bottom (68cm) I scored many moons ago from someone in the blue mountains (was a member on the forum but can't for the life of me remember who this was). They are both thick as sh*t - all my cacti are grown in pots too! $120 for both - sorry only pickup from Perth.
  6. oxydiser

    Kava in aus(in tablet form)?

    What brand? Would be mad keen to get a hold of some....
  7. oxydiser

    Cacti progeny sale - WA

    Haha about 7 years from seed!
  8. oxydiser

    Cacti progeny sale - WA

    Updated! Will bust out a deal if you are after more than one
  9. oxydiser

    Cacti progeny sale - WA

    Now posting out to the four corners of Australia! Hit me up via PM if you are interested!
  10. oxydiser

    Cacti progeny sale - WA

    Updated with price drops!
  11. oxydiser

    Cacti progeny sale - WA

    Updated again!