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  1. Very interesting thread. I know when I was arrested I went for the "I don't recall" response to a lot of their questions. I figured it's not lying if you 'don't remember' specific details and once you've spoken to a solicitor and worked out what the best version of the truth is, perhaps your memory will be a little better when you get to the court. That said, it seemed to piss the cops off. They actually started treating me like an idiot and even asked if I went to a special school. One useful thing I learnt from a friend's bad experience with the police though is not to give them anything further to search other than yourself. A mate was arrested whilst on foot with his car parked a few blocks away. They asked him how he got to the location they caught him in and he mentioned he had driven. This expands the 'crime nexus', and gives the police probable cause to search your vehicle as well because it was used in executing a criminal activity. They drove him over to his car and searched it. If he hadn't mentioned he had a vehicle nearby they never would have got the chance to search it.
  2. Benzito

    Law changes in NSW

    What BS! I'm not on Facebook, but the cactus and succulent society of NSW have a group on there. Someone needs to make them aware. Has anyone written a letter to their local MP that we could maybe copy for sending to our own local member? I'm useless at talking or writing in a professional manner.lol
  3. People. I've still got the 2 pieces of Peruvianus and 1 piece of Pach available. Not to mention the pile of cereus P. No takers? Make me an offer, I want to see these go to a good home. edit: finally had a generous person take the scop off my hands. The rest of y'all missed out there.
  4. Thanks ID. Glad you're happy. Most of the pics didn't do them justice. They were taken indoors with crappy yellow ceiling lights and I just couldn't get good perspective to show the actual size of them. Would love to see a pic of it in a few months once it's got it's roots working away. Should plump up very nicely.
  5. I've updated the original posts to show what has been sold. The Peruvianus, Pachanoi, and Bridgesii rooted base piece are all still available. As well as the top half of the Scop. How can you not want a Scop club? It would be great for self defence!
  6. Thanks Naja. I've still got some shits growing here, don't you worry about that. These just aren't practical to keep because they are big, and multiples of what I already have. Sadly, I kind of forgot more about ethnobotany than I ever learnt thanks to alcohol and weed, but I'm past that now(after far too long) and feeling very clear headed. I have been lurking on here, but don't have much to contribute these days. All these young fellas know more than me.
  7. Whoa, frenzy of bids here! I'm jus going through my messages and working out what is sold and what isn't. I'll update the thread in a second. It's first in, best dressed, so I'm just going off message times. Andy and Naja, thanks for the kind words guys. It's nice to hear from you two again. Being on here brings back so many good memories. **UPDATE** Okay, at the moment, this is what is/isn't available: Bridge cuttings: all spoken for Peru: still available Pach: still available (Rum & Monkeys, PM me if you still want that piece) Cereus P: still available (of course) TBMs: all spoken for Bridge rooted base: still available Scop: bottom spoken for, top half still available I have kept a list of who PM'd about what, in order of their message times, so it will just go to the next person who asked if a sale falls through. I will also update this list if anything gets sold or becomes available. Thanks for the great responses people.
  8. And now the moment you have all been waiting for! The crowning piece of my collection! I'll need my beautiful assistant, Kate, to provide some uhh assistance. This Scop had to be cut in half to fit in my car. I didn't mind so much, cutting up the rest of the collection, but sawing through this bad boy brought a tear to my eye. I really wanted to keep it for myself and have an 8' tall cactus on my balcony but I realised it would just be impractical in a 3rd floor apartment. The bottom half is 80cm(not including roots) x 4½" diameter. $50 o.b.o. ***SOLD*** The top half is 90cm x 5" diameter. $70 o.b.o. ***SOLD*** Thankyou everyone for your patience, that is everything I've got for sale at the moment. Please PM me for details or to arrange a purchase. Anyone who picks up will get a special gift that can't be sent on a courier service. -Benzito
  9. Sorry for the delay, I had to eat some dinner. Hauling all these cacti around the apartment was making me hungry. Remember all those Bridge pieces in my first post? Well this is the base they were growing from. The 3 stem pieces are about 30cm x 2" diameter each, and the root ball is about 9-10" round. Poor thing really needed repotting. $45 o.b.o.
  10. Penis D. I forgot that 'A' actually had two top branching sections, this is the other one! 40cm x 15cm x 2" diameter at base. Again, no roots on this sucker. $30 o.b.o. ***SOLD***
  11. Penis C. Which was actually the top section of 'A' originally, so has no roots. This one is about 35cm x 20cm x 3" diameter at the base. $30 o.b.o. ***SOLD***
  12. Next is Penis B. This one is about 45cm tall(not including roots), 20cm wide and around 4" diameter on the base piece. $30 o.b.o. ***SOLD***
  13. Alright, shit's about to get real people. Now we're getting into the big boys. Monstrose T. Bridgesii, or the 'penis cactus' as you lay people may know it. The box this is in is 55cm x 30cm x 30cm and it pretty much fills it! Seriously, this thing is huge. I can't do it justice in a photo. $70 o.b.o. (For ease of identification/ordering, we will refer to this as Penis A) ***SOLD***
  14. Cereus Peruvianus. I don't expect anyone to want these, but you never know. Probably not worth sending on a courier, but if you're local and can pick them up they might interest you. 4" diameter, 40cm lengths, too friggin many of them. $5 each o.b.o.
  15. Yes, if you please all take your seats this will flow much more smoothly. Got some Pachanoi pieces here, now before you click the thumbnail, remember I said some of these needed TLC. These are some sad examples of cactus. They did have black spot when first cut up, but they are thoroughly dried out now and quite firm. If anyone does have problems with any of these cuttings, I will be happy to issue refunds. They may look ugly, but they are quite healthy, and I know they will be fine. These pieces are 2" diameter, 28cm & 33cm. $10 each o.b.o. ***top piece, with pup SOLD***