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  1. Hello all, I've been trying to set up somewhere I can do a two year solo meditation retreat, with less luck than I anticipated. I had organised to do it on a friends property, but then he had a falling out with his landlord, so it doesn't look like that's going to work any more. Ideally I need somewhere I can pitch a tent, within the general SEQ region, with access to water, where I won't be disturbed much. I'd be extremely well behaved (pretty much all I'll be doing is sitting still, meditating), and I'm willing to pay a few thousand for such a location, just not exorbitant amounts. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  2. secondorder

    New cactus seed webshop

    Awesome. Thank you so much! Love the website by the way, great range and layout!
  3. secondorder

    New cactus seed webshop

    I think the same might have happened for me. I never got an e-mail telling me it shipped. Order status Order ID 012e58544b91a668550ccb690e7b046d Paidout Order confirmed
  4. secondorder

    Cactus Plant giveaway

    #13 Much Love!
  5. secondorder

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    16 Please and thank you!
  6. secondorder

    Trichocereus scopulicola giveaway

    My guess is the 16th.
  7. secondorder

    OSP Pach Comp giveaway

    December 20th
  8. secondorder

    Albino seedling giveaway

    Yeah man, all of them, 10-15ish I think, I undercounted. PM me if you're keen.
  9. secondorder

    Albino seedling giveaway

    So in a couple of my new batches of seedlings, a few (5-7ish) turned out albino. I looked into albino's because I had 30-40+ the last batch of seedlings I raised, but I was too much of a rookie to know what they were/what to do with them, and they all died in a matter of weeks. I've heard that these are sought after by some collectors; and because they don't appeal much to me, I figure they're anybody's who wants them. Pickup would be easiest, but if you can give me advice on how to send tiny seedlings by post, then I might be willing to do so. PM me if you're interested.
  10. secondorder

    Start of season cactus giveaway

    Drawing another winner? #42
  11. secondorder

    Pachanoi cutting sterility..?

    Thanks for the advice guys. I sterilized the knife with both cuts, but I only sterilized the cut the second time, so far it looks healthy and is forming a callus well. Cheers.
  12. secondorder

    Pachanoi cutting sterility..?

    About a week ago, I cut off a 25cm-ish pachanoi pup, it was unsterilized, and the cut developed some soft, black rot. I cut about another 1.5-2cm off, and sprayed the cut with isopropyl alcohol, because I heard somewhere that this was a good way to sterilize cuttings. Will isopropyl do any damage to the pup? Will it form roots just as easily? Is it necessary?