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  1. Shamanistic

    P Mexicana prints

    I was going through my library of prints and realized I didnt have any Psilocybe mexicana prints. No self respecting mycophile with a spore library would deem it complete without one I would say. Does anyone have any p.mexicana prints? PM me, TA!
  2. Shamanistic

    Flowhood recommendations

    Hey SABers! In the not too distant future I'll be in the market for a flowhood so thought I would start my research now and was just wondering what people here recommend from their personal experience?
  3. Shamanistic

    Acacia Courtii Seeds

    I'm not 100% sure this would give you exactly the effects you get from Australian Rhizobia however if you grow other legume species then you could either try using the soils under them because they contain N fixing bacteria too. Something else to try if that failed would be to collect IMOs (indigenous micro-organisms) from an existing vege patch that has beans in it and water the plant/soak a seed with a very dilute solution (1:1000 or so). Go check out: http://naturalfarminghawaii.net/ particularly IMO1-2.
  4. Shamanistic

    Rehabilitation project

    I might have my wires crossed here but you seem to have taken offence to what I've written. I'm sorry I really meant no offence mate, I was actually agreeing with you that it was a good idea. I can see how you might take offence to it and I guess that's the trouble with communicating by text. With all your remediation experience you'd have more experience than I.
  5. Shamanistic

    Rehabilitation project

    Depending on the setup that bunker spawn bed could do the trick at restricting the flow of more glyphosate coming onto the property waterboy. To train a strain to consume a toxin like the glyphosate lantana I would start off with cultures on agar plates and do what you said re feeding higher and higher concentrations of glyphosate. Start by growing your strain on a regular agar plate and put a small bit of paper soaked in glyphosate on the agar medium. Clone and do it again with larger bit of paper, then eventually when your ready add glyphosate to agar medium. Eventually the mycelium breaks down the toxin no worries. This is how radical mycology managed to get oysters to break down cigarette butts. I have their new book and they show experiments on exactly this line of work (breaking down glyphosate). Its a real shame growing Psilocybe sp. is illegal in Australia in this case because as they metabolise psilocybin they have enzymes to extract phosphorous from their environment and to me would be a great candidate for breaking down Glyphosate. Any mushroom high in phosphorous will likely do the trick though so maybe just give Oysters a go.
  6. Shamanistic

    Rehabilitation project

    I think Darklight has the idea, you want to distribute your remediation efforts over many microorganisms. I'd recommend a proper soil test at a couple of sites. Though this maybe costly not sure. If you want to just stick with trying mushrooms out then for your glyphosate troubles you may find the following interesting: Source: http://www.google.com/patents/US20040211721
  7. Shamanistic

    Nicotiana Rustica seeds wanted

    Thanks @ThunderIdeal for the heads up. I did see that but I was under the impression that shirazi was nicotiana tobacum, at least that's all I can find as reference to it online.
  8. There are a number of people who consume this beverage regularly, especially overseas. Pharmaceutical MAOIs can be dangerous but the alkaloids in caapi and rue are RIMAs and dietary considerations aren't anywhere near as serious as with pharms. Some diet restrictions are important if you want to avoid painful purging especially if you consume the beverage often but to compare maois to shooting something up in terms of safety is just very ignorant unless you're blindly mixing them with other drugs but that too is ignorant. The particular combo in question is not inherently dangerous though and no more dangerous than other psychedelics.
  9. Shamanistic

    Nicotiana Rustica seeds wanted

    Gday Sabers! Putting the feelers out there for some mapacho/nicotiana Rustica seeds. Haven't got much to trade in the way of seeds but am very happy to pay for some! Many blessings, Shamanistic
  10. Super interesting idea, thanks for sharing Yeti (PS Hope all is well!!) There is absolutely no need for high voltage. Only reason you might want to go high voltage is so that the current can increase because with regular off the shelf (so to speak) electrolysis current is the driving force. I believe, but am not 100% certain that a higher current would result in a quicker reaction. Only thing I am a bit skeptical or worried about with testing is whether the alkaloids would have any of the electrode material in them, maybe someone more chemistry minded can chime in regarding this. To do a proof of concept of this idea why not as Anodyne pointed out do an acid wash say vinegar so that you know you'll have an acetate salt and not have to worry about filtration until you can see how well this idea works before complicating it by filter a whole heap of crap out. Anyone actually going to try this out? I would love to lend a hand with my electrical knowledge to someone actually trying this out. If you don't mind waiting such a thing could theoretically be done with lemon batteries like a modified version of this, no need for complex electronics and you know it would be 100% safe no risk of anything blowing up just mightn't be as efficient as a battery circuit: http://www.instructables.com/id/simple-electrolytic-cell-made-with-citrus-fruits/ If you want a more high tech version do an acid wash of the plant material, filter that and then use a multimeter to measure it's resistance. Then send me a PM and I will happily help set you up in the name of science. Shamanistic
  11. Shamanistic

    Spiritual purging

    I love the purge, the more I have drunk the more I understand the purge and embrace it fully despite how gruelling it can be at the time. Aya purges you in numerous. You can cry, shake, cough, burp, diarreha etc. I'm not much of a vomitter but often cough up thick blobs of mucus..hehe sorry for the visuals. I guess that is to be expected considering the amount of ganja I used to smoke. Once I was coughing the mucus up for what felt like hours and when I asked where it come from I saw my lung cells squeezing out all this yellow thick sticky mucus, I've been in some amazing landscapes with aya before but nothing has felt as euphoric as seeing my lungs be cleared from all the punishment I put them through. My throat/lungs have never been so clear and needless to say I'll never smoke like I used to. Singing also really helps shift blockages from throat/lungs..mainly throat and yes you can sing everyone can. I've had some pretty big vomitting sessions with alcohol and they are just completely different. I guess they look the same from the outside though but qualitatively you don't feel clean/clear after an alcohol purge like with mama aya Although I do recall once balling my eyes out after drinking way too much alcohol and had some stuff come up that I felt like I was able to shift but aya purging is on a whole other level. I agree with Horus' above comment, drink more medicine and approach her spirit with respect and she will reveal the answers to what you're asking.
  12. Shamanistic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Enjoy everyone, wish I could be there! Sending my love to the Newcastle SAB crew Happy birthday Toby, would've been great to meet up with you again!
  13. Shamanistic

    Happy Birthday Sally

    Happy birthday Bro! Hope the day treats you well, will have to travel up there and see you again soon!! All the best!
  14. Shamanistic

    Happy Birthday Torsten

    Happy birthday Torsten!
  15. Shamanistic

    Happy birthday Yeti101

    Happy birthday man, hope all is well down there