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  1. Resonant

    SOLD - Eileen x 2 - Bridgesii afaik

    Sold. Thank you.
  2. Resonant

    SOLD - Eileen x 2 - Bridgesii afaik

    Just to be clear these are not cutting anymore. They have each grown into about a 4 foot cactus. That is what I am selling.
  3. I have 2 x Eileen grown from cuttings brought here back in 2018. Moving and can't take my plants with me. These two have been neglected and need re-potting. $100 each. Pick up only from Melbourne.
  4. I have 2 x 3 year old plants - $350 each. Moving and would rather they go to someone who would take care of them than just cut them down. One in bigger fabric bag and other in smaller pot (needs re-potting) will give you the fabric bag as well for this one if you want it. Pickup in Melbourne only.
  5. Resonant

    Spore Slides Wanted

    Hi. I'm 53. Been wanting to try some microscope investigations of my own. Locked up in VIC at the moment and loving it. My apology to all the other non-introverts reading this
  6. Resonant


    Just wondering if this is still available?
  7. Resonant

    I'll look into that. Ok Bunnings of course have worm farm stuff. Will check it out. Thanks again for the great explanation.
  8. Resonant

    Ok thank you for the advice.
  9. Resonant

    Ok. Nice. Thanks for sharing. Both plants seem ok. I have a big brown coloured praying mantis in the small green house with them as well. I was just watching it eat the remains of a caterpillar. Picked a few of the older seed pods off the mapacho while I was in there.
  10. Resonant

    I feel so sorry for these two as they are in tubs. I'm renting so I can't plant them in the ground. I've noticed that ants seem to be farming aphids on them. Is this ok? As for general feeding is there anything you can recommend? I've been using Seasol.
  11. Resonant

    Eileen cuts for sale Sold:)

    Thank you Gimli for the elucidation. I did a bit of searching and found this thread by Apothecary: Posted December 7, 2006 · Report post Yeah afaik the common name for all varieties of bridgesii (monstrose incl) is achuma or huachuma (depending on locale). Is that correct? If they are still for sale I would be interested in helping out with your daughter's party MrDuke.
  12. Resonant

    Eileen cuts for sale Sold:)

    Excuse my ignorance is this SP? If so I will buy them.
  13. Hi. I would really like to acquire some Caapi (Cielo) & Psychotria Viridis cuttings. If anyone has some for sale I would be very interested in buying it. Thank you.
  14. Resonant

    Microdosing Caapi

    Hi Glaukis. Very interesting reading your experiments. Would also like to hear about the Rue vs Caapi experience. All the best on your Path.