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  1. Pepper

    E.Novo var Novo

    Still interested. PMd before.
  2. Pepper

    E.Novo var Novo

    ʕっ˘ڡ˘ςʔ Hi! PM'd you well i hope I did?!? It's been ages since I've taken Corroboree for a spin. Think I need my L plates back.
  3. Pepper

    Various Seeds

    Still looking If anyone has both male & female Iboga seeds they are happy for a skilled plant grower to cultivate, please hit me up. Anyone who is happy to part with some homegrown bark for pain relief also.
  4. Is it because you're growing so many different plants from different regions all vying for different requirements, without adequate air flow, with all the same soil? Every species indigenous/endemic to a specific area has to have a soil that feeds that plant the same way as on its home soil, otherwise stresses occur in plant and bugs move in. You have xerophytes, hygrophytes, hygrophytes and mesophytes all together which brings disease.
  5. Pepper

    Spore Slides Wanted

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Hi, I've been called out of town to staffy sit for a friend and reception is dodgy. Thnx for the welcome
  6. Pepper

    Spore Slides Wanted

    Hi, I thought I'd treat my self the opportunity to muck around with all the scientific fun, I missed as a kid. I'll be 54 in October. My mum was the same age when she died, so I want to learn Mycology, play with essential oils and make a crazy mad lab out of my kitchen. I'm soil, water, pollinator, plant mad & live in NQ. I'm also new to the forum so, HELLO! Please feel free to let me know what you have available for my brand new microscope.
  7. Pepper


    Hey, I'd like a 3 pack, but I was wondering on availability of: Cambodian golden halo & Purple Mystic. Definitely want to give Pesa a look see. TIA