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    The Corroboree

    New forum style took me back to the first page of this thread. I had no idea I rocked.
  2. apothecary

    Melbourne Meet - Celebrate Summer

    http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDV10450.shtml Just leaving with sharx now, see you there kiddies!
  3. apothecary

    Female Ayahuasca Shamans in Peru:

  4. apothecary

    Anti-bacterial Eremophilas

    Glad I didn't miss this. Always bringing the good stuff Ed, keep it up.
  5. apothecary

    Safely making chimo/ambil

    I am very interested in the whole ash thing. Apparently there is some traditional use of Lactuca whereby the latex is mixed with ash before use (for the same reason I can only assume), I always tried to find out which plant the ash was made from but could never find a reference. If anyone knows, it might be a good bit of useful info to have - i.e. another non-native plant good for ash.
  6. apothecary

    Eight of the World’s Most Unusual Plants

    Probably flowering in the wet. Without chloroplasts, you can see right inside the cells when they are wet!
  7. Don't pull all the seats out, if you rip slits in them you can put pots in the slits and the seat foam will keep them warm!
  8. apothecary

    Eight of the World’s Most Unusual Plants

    My favorite weird plants are saprophytes, but specifically Monotropa uniflora. Saprophytes don't photosynthesize, they eat! In this case the plant is hosted by mycorrhizal fungi that are hosted by trees. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monotropa_uniflora
  9. When I decided to hit SAB before bed, I wasn't sure it would be worth it. I will be sleeping with a smile tonight, fapfap.
  10. apothecary

    EGA feedback?

    I think in excess of $200 would have covered this years event wt. Ronny didn't want to push the price there because he loves everyone too much
  11. apothecary

    Whats the go????

    Sugar water is sprayed onto buds so they shape and then retain a "block" form when being compressed and transported from my understanding, has nothing to do with weight. I've definitely seen a few buds with one "front" sprayed and the other "front" looking normal. Can confirm the gravox business, seen it down here as well and heard about it from others. I reckon "the go" is mostly gangsters running weed like any other business, having their profit margins squeezed by police or competition so they try to make up the difference. Everyone's willing to pass the buck so long as it doesn't stop with them. Never let it stop with you, if you don't like the buck pass the buck back!
  12. apothecary

    Importing Vasopressin

    As far as I know that is the only legitimate reason to get vasopressin in Aus. Surprised to hear your second comment since a few of your posts refer to the adrenergic/GABA play and their effect on vasopressin levels.
  13. apothecary

    Most Underrated Albums of all Times Thread

    How about the new Prodigy album? I love it, to me it sounds very much like their old stuff but nobody else seems to like it or even know about it?
  14. apothecary

    Underwater Entheogens?

    Just found this while looking for another paper: Secondary Metabolites from Three Florida Sponges with Antidepressant Activity Anna J. Kochanowska†, Karumanchi V. Rao†, Suzanne Childress‡, Abir El-Alfy‡, Rae R. Matsumoto‡, Michelle Kelly§, Gina S. Stewart, Kenneth J. Sufka‡ and Mark T. Hamann*†‡ Departments of Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, and Psychology and the National Center for Natural Products Research, School of Pharmacy, The University of Mississippi, University, Mississippi 38677, and the National Center for Aquatic Biodiversity and Biosecurity, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, Auckland, New Zealand EDIT: Forgot to mention, there are already 3 or 4 threads on the topic of psychoactive marine life but since this is specifically on aquatic plants it could be a good place for a new thread on the topic. PS: anyone wanting to read the above paper in full can search for the species name listed above in this forum, the paper has been uploaded by an old member ;)
  15. apothecary

    Psilocybe semilanceata

    Hehe I dunno if you caught Michael Bocks talk at the mini EGA or not, but from my understanding, the "splitters" are about to have a field day with the genus Psilocybe.
  16. apothecary

    Commercially available Ephedra Herb

    Prime candidates would be China or India, EG.
  17. apothecary

    Importing Vasopressin

    I want some ever since reading mesqs first post on the issue years ago. Think it would be a great tool to unlock repressed/suppressed childhood memories.
  18. apothecary


    Possibly the best internet forum post ever. So good I kind of feel like my shitivus needs some refuckulating already.
  19. apothecary

    Desmodium gyratum

    Here she is
  20. apothecary

    Two plants in one pot

    Sorry, I must have mistyped that you misinterpreted me. What I meant was each tribe only companion plants one sort of bean with their corn even though they grow other beans. It does differ between tribes largely depending on the locale.
  21. apothecary

    Two plants in one pot

    Alright, I'm really not sure what we are arguing about? I never claimed all nitrogen fixing plants are good companion plants? Just provided an observation that my caapi plants were happier near NFT than away from them. Why would a nitrogen fixing tree would need to be mulched to release nitrogen into the soil? Bacteria don't live forever and I have observed many times nodules to recede, vanish, move etc especially on Mimosa in Winter. I remember fertilising my caapi precisely once in 3 years and yet it was a huge green machine. As for your request for me to provide evidence of a biological phenom as proof of reasoning for a millennia old agriculture technique, don't you think that's a bit much? I do know many Native American tribes grew more than one kind of climbing bean, but generally only companion planted one kind, so the pole shape of the corn is obviously not the only reason.
  22. apothecary

    Two plants in one pot

    Err right, so Native Americans have been planting pole beans and corn directly next to each other for absolutely no reason since prehistory.
  23. apothecary

    Desmodium gyratum

    Confirm your suspicions, see Trouts notes on Desmodium genus page 13: http://trout.yage.net/sc/D2_2004_Trout.pdf All tryptamine references above are from Ghosal, take of that what you will. Not sure the plant is really dancing, it might just appear that way: From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Codariocalyx_motorius Codariocalyx motorius is the currently accepted binomial name for this plant.
  24. apothecary

    Nostalgia Thread

    Somebody had to do it:
  25. apothecary

    End of year campin trip, NE Vic

    Should be able to make this, if someone can hook up a lift to/from the camp?