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  1. hebrew

    Post your track of the day

    cheers halcyon i been playing music for 34 years so my influences are broad, i studied music composition 15 years ago. lately i follow this formula 1. get altered 2. pick up an instrument (any will do) 3. jam out. 4. solidfy the musical idea. 5. record it and see what unfolds. it is like stream of consciousness writing. sometimes it works othertimes it doesnt.
  2. hebrew

    Post your track of the day

    so i am sparkling seagull, i collect musical ideas that are scraps and give them some glitter this is a song i wrote today thought you mob might appreciate it to some degree
  3. hebrew

    Moving State cactus sale!

    sweet look at all that lovely cactus!
  4. hebrew

    Fungi in Australia ebook

    http://www.fncv.org.au/fungi-in-australia/ happy holidays!
  5. hebrew

    Post your word of the moment

    reason d'etre
  6. hebrew

    Post your track of the day

  7. hebrew

    Please help! too much cacti

    ok slowly getting there, here is over 10 feet of psycho0. been sitting around for a few months and is putting out pups and needs some soil i would be thinking. name your price or trade, pick up only kealba melbourne. i am just throwing pics onto instagram because its easier, also have 10 feet or so of superpedro i will grab photos later today https://www.instagram.com/p/BCOQ8fvQdIJ/?taken-by=janglebobbins edit to say the tape is set to 5 feet as a guide
  8. hebrew

    Please help! too much cacti

    sweet thanks wert and EG. I am all good, it is hard to let go of my plants, but eh, if they go onto someone who will love them, then i am happy. I will share my plants here as a lot of my collection has come from people in this community. I follow an ethic what comes from community goes back to community. When i got my shit sorted i will put up pics here. cheers
  9. hebrew

    Please help! too much cacti

    sweet thanks dudes. disco stu yeah got plenty of old growth, some plants are three times taller than me and wider as well. no shit, massive! i aim to get most my plants by the end of the week, will be neck deep in the spines by then. let youse know if interested. plenty of eileen yowie, super pedro pach, unnamed bridgies and on and on.
  10. yes 15 years of collecting cacti: i have some right rippers, but i also just sold my house and if i dont get them out soon, they will be killed. I started moving plants but it is going to take a while. for as many years as i been growing i never threw away tips or scraps, i put them in a pile and left them, that pile grew into scraggly messed up plants. see this picture it is like a mass murder and the bodies are just piled up. I need this gone, it is mainly pachanot, but there are some bridg and peruvi-esque plants in there: somenice lengths and tips, also lots of tisted tiny reach for the sky plants etc. not great i know, but if someone doesnt come and get it, then i guess i will just ditch it, gotta let go sooner or later, and this is only one lot of scraps I know pachanoi is worth shit these days, but if someone wants to pick this up, kealba melbourne, 100bucks or a trade or something. if this price is too much, speak up, i really want it gone, and wouldnt mind some money to direct towards life's shitty expenses. I will be honest. got no income, got bills got to move house and got two kids that need shit. got cactus that i don't need but put time love energy into growing them, even shitty pachanot. if you can help send me a message, thanks tooo!!! much!!!! need some code to get myself outta this mess ... pictures can be seen here: got confused by how to include images fucked if i can figure that out in the time frame i have allotted for this post :: much love plant heads!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BBx_M5hQdPd/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BBx_LU4wdPW/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BBx_KsxQdPU/ If interested should have some old growth plants in excess shortly as well *pach's *yowies *bridgies (all sorts) other bits and bobs, all gotta go!! step right up!! gets your cactus here! its all cactus mate! calling the dedicated, the hardcore, the insane.
  11. hebrew

    sina or something else?

    thanks EG, i was just curious really, i like this plant, its been about 10 years since i been growing it, its been consistent in growth with what you see in the pics above, slow grower.