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    Computing | Reading about the universe, life and drugs | Tripping | Growing plants of all kinds |

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  1. Koala (Luke Perth)


  2. Koala (Luke Perth)


    Hey All my flutes are so easy to play The heritage flutes are great!
  3. Koala (Luke Perth)


    thanks bro
  4. Koala (Luke Perth)


    http://www.cloudfeather.com/products/flutes/arabianmelody.php should work??
  5. Koala (Luke Perth)


    and here is one of my recordings: http://youtu.be/wQFSp3apOiw
  6. Koala (Luke Perth)


  7. Koala (Luke Perth)


    Hey Guys, I have been away from the forums for awhile as I have been busy setting up a website for my flutes. I make some of the flutes on my website and just thought maybe you would like to have look yours truly, Luke www.cloudfeather.com - website http://www.cloudfeather.com/products/flutes/kungfu.php (One on the flutes I make)
  8. Koala (Luke Perth)

    Cloud Feather Flutes

    Hey Guys, yes thats me playing in the videos Ill be adding lots more drone flutes today! I just have to do more videos!! Thankyou
  9. Koala (Luke Perth)

    Cloud Feather Flutes

    Hey Guys, my website is now up and running www.cloudfeather.com Im selling flutes from all around the world and soon to add smudge sticks, incense, flower essences, etc Please check it out I have Native American flutes, Oriental, Drone flutes, etc Love and Light Luke
  10. Koala (Luke Perth)


    Hey guys, I was wondering if anone can help me source some ephedra dried material? my friend wants to try and use it to treat her asthma thankyou
  11. Koala (Luke Perth)


    Can anyone help me get some rue? (Large amount) will trade some very nice goodies
  12. Koala (Luke Perth)


    I have large amounts of Dried leaf. PM for prices.... Better prices than lasttime!
  13. Hey mate

    I'm a Perth user who is looking for B Caapi cuttings. Do you have any to trade or know anyone who does? I would've sent a PM but new users can't.

  14. Koala (Luke Perth)

    Interested in Chali?

    Once again if anyone has some interest in Chali PM me!
  15. Koala (Luke Perth)

    calling perth crew

    Willagee somewhere near Fremantle