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  1. Hey SABers I am selling my Laminar Flow Cabinet as I just do not have the space to set it up right now. It is a Complete Flow hood 91.5 x 61 With HEPA Filter, pre-filter and Fan to suit, purchased from Aussi Mushroom Supplies. It has never been used :/ New price is $979 plus postage and I am asking for $850 or nearest offer. Perfect for amateur to small scale commercial mushroom cultivation and tissue culture. Brisbane/sunshine coast/gold coast only. Pickup or deliver. All reasonable offers and even partial trades considered. email me on moteproductions [@] gmail.com do not msg me here as I very rarely frequent this forum. Cheers.
  2. mesq

    Rye Grass Seed or Rye Grain in Brisbane

    Yeah... they are an option for sure... More interested to know if anybody knows a good place for Rye Grass Seed. It's just sold at agricultural stores right?
  3. Anyone got any leads on where to find a decent amount?
  4. mesq

    Outdoor Cubensis Cultivation

    You're right... sorry I forgot you mentioned about the trough thing... that could be cool...
  5. mesq

    Outdoor Cubensis Cultivation

    If I were going to do it I would make many litres of liquid culture and then spray the field every couple of weeks with a super soaker. I doubt you will have much luck with a single piece of paper with spores on it. If it is a well manured field you might have better luck burying some colonised cakes or bags. It's very unrealistic to expect to just take some spores and germinate a field
  6. mesq

    Mycology prints

    Try the Seed and Plant Exchange section
  7. mesq

    Hunting for prints - P. Cubensis

    You've come to the right place!
  8. mesq


    I have nothing to add except that plurals do not need an apostrophe. I think it's better to just not use apostrophes rather than use them incorrectly.
  9. mesq


    I would be super keen, but I just remembered I'm committed to a TAE course over October/November... someone get onto this Jobs don't grow out of trees ya lefty bludgers
  10. mesq


    Hey mate, when does it start?
  11. mesq

    Mycotopia gone

    I know right? It was a very nice friendly atmosphere ... not too busy so that your post would get lost... *sigh*
  12. http://bugs.bio.usyd.edu.au/learning/resources/Mycology/ Geek the fuck out. Enjoy.
  13. mesq

    Mycotopia gone

    Well there ya fuckin go ay
  14. mesq

    ID-- northern Thailand

    Dude there are mad houseboat psytrance parties on that lake... Ooze Bar ...