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  1. lofty86

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Cheers Bardo, great offer. I'll put up Acacia Phlebophylla, Mimosa Hostilis, Mucuna Pruriens, and a few grams Peganum Harmala all seed, plus a lucky dip
  2. . Valeric acid mimics vaginal copulins, male cats seem to like it better than catnip which mimics male pheromones (boy cats still seem to like it) my friend translated to valeriana extract... English is his 4th language may very well have been validol thank you
  3. I was recently put on to a rather potent Valerian suppliment by a Ukrainian friend.. Produced in Belarus and entirely belarusian packaging by a company called Medica...valeriana sedativum 30mg Valerian extract (apparently) small orange tablets, usual smell, and my cat attempts to rape the pakaging. Two of these babies and 20minutes in there's some pretty awsome effects warm floating hands and a feeling of deep relaxation almost reminiscent of 10mg diazapam.. I do suspect there is a little more going on here than the packaging suggested. Perhaps a synthetic equivalent of Valerian extract? He has ordered them from an online Russian pharmacy for the last 2 years or so and had no issues with customs so far.. Stronger than any fresh herb or EO I have ever managed to stomache. Maybe worth a look.
  4. lofty86

    My 9 year old son has been watching DMT vids

    I was 10 years old when I began chroming. Hallucinating became almost an addiction in itself that set me on a downward spiral for the next 7 years of my life.... If i was not on the streets with a can of paint I was usually in the HDU.... My parents are good people, well known in the NQ alternative community. I knew they took psychedelics and what psychedelics were at a very early age, saw my mother forage for shrooms, smoke salvia with the some "legal high guy" that traveled with us when she worked the spirit of the earth festivals in the mid 90s... Even with my open minded, loving, caring family I managed to completely fuck myself up beyond repair. All started with an innocent curiosity about hallucinating and 5 minutes researching the easiest way to do it.... Watch that kid :/
  5. lofty86

    Argyreia nervosa- inducing seeding

    I live in there ideal climate and saw no seeds for the first 3 years mind you no care was given. I may be wrong but vaguely recall a thread where Torsten mentioned a method he had them seeding in 18 months
  6. lofty86

    Australian melatonin supplements (question)

    ive found doctors will prescribe circadin 2mgs (melatonin) on request, only 30 per script, not covered on pbs, and the cheapest i could find them was like $50. had no troubles ordering from America on Ebay a few years back
  7. lofty86

    A. phlebophylla seed giveaway/trade

    Yes please and ill see what I can rustle up for you
  8. Ive been unemployed the last three months, so id been to broke to bother looking into it. but i believe your post just solved that problem cheers again Alchemica
  9. lofty86

    doth conscious?

    Not one of the telepeaths ive ever met could comprehend even the most basic mathmatics, so i hyothesize daily mathmatic exercises may help to quell the trait in sensitive individuals. And due to the nature of the substances i experienced this phenominon possibly a glutamate suppliment?
  10. lofty86

    doth conscious?

    Time dialation and precognition are well worth looking into Gunter, I myself as im sure many others here can confirm experiences of genuine telepathy, for the most part while experiencing NMDA antagonism while either chroming or robotripping in my younger years, a close friend and i confirmed we had a link sending back txts of what the other had thought, lived with a few women who could definitly read my mind over the years, although i couldnt read theres lol heres a quick link to a paper that investigates telepathy and shows in a genuine occurence the activation of the right parahypocample gyrus, perhaps if you could find a brain gym or yoga set that activated the same region you could strengthen your own telepathic ability? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3144613/
  11. lofty86

    Proof that Bunnings sells San Pedro

    anhydrous ammonia, toulene, chlorine tablets, piperazine solution..... Pedro at Bunnings is the least of law enforcements concern i can assure you. While a few innocent people ive known have been caught in the crossfire plant heads are generally left in peace yet there are a few "plant heads" with mixed ambitions, avoid those flipping tabs and disco biscuits, obscure research chems, and turning a profit in any way that avoids taxation and youll be right. Ive had task forces all up in my shit a few times, never bothered me about the cactus in my fish tank, the vines on my fence, the potted cathas at my door, or the wattles out back, they were certainly recognised too, even had a cop joke about this forum on one occasion, bigger fish to fry, dont get greedy and you wont get hurt
  12. lofty86

    Stimulant ideas/discussion

    Lol would have smelt that lad a mile off C-T, play with half baked cat piss suffer the karmic cosequences ;)
  13. lofty86

    doth conscious?

    Ive been lurking in the shadows this entire time, i dont think i contributed so much myself back then, I was certainly a trigger for others to share there wisdom, asking questions others may have felt stupid for asking and debating my oppinions with Torsten and not backing down, im sure my earlier posts make for an interesting read lol. its really a shame about the free trade thread i grew so much from that experience in particulare, had taught me honour which is a quality i hadnt discovered untill sharing there. ill never leave this place, one in which i see all others as equal regardless of where they may be on the wheel Ive always enjoyed your contributions too Thunder, even miss the trolls back in the day esp baphomet and teotz (was that his name i know there was a nice member with a similar one) would love to find hunubku/chiral not to throttle him as i first had planned but thank him for teaching me an important lesson, I love all you guys and im sure most here are quite concious of there evolution, and the few who arent soon will be once they settle in a while. The Corroboree will always be my home ;) sorry for derailing the thread a little my bad
  14. lofty86

    doth conscious?

    Recently I’ve experienced a second awakening comparable to my introduction to psychedelics. This time through poetry, a poet named Bob Strums workings had just appeared in my face book news feed. He had sponsor his page and it had some how found me. I began to hear the poetry in everything, recognising omens, its as if the Architect was speaking to me again, I remembered we are one. This time its as if im speaking back to myself from the future, frighteningly telling myself to support the ideological war on Islam, and letting myself know not to worried about the Ebola epidemic, its all a part of some grand plan, a great ideological and biological cleansing. The symbol Mercedes Benz uses is constantly present in my minds eye, Nazis were the swastika the four, now is the three, then will come an omen of the two, then one, before we return to (or realise) the true timeless conciousness. Also I feel an urgency to return to my original path, I left home at the age of 13 and a half and lived as a female until I returned to my home town at the age of 15. I remained openly homosexual but in suppressing my will I turned to drugs, firstly chroming followed by a decade long gear binge that had almost destroyed me. My one redemption was finding the Corroboree, although id dabbled in psychedelics often throughout my adolescence this place helped direct my motives towards evolution rather than degradation. My relationships have always been with heterosexual men, for most I had been there first and last experience with another male, other homosexuals are seldom attracted to me with the exception of militant lesbians, my spirit is definitely more female, rather a conjugation of masculine and feminine leaning further towards the latter. I feel its my Dharma to be somewhat a painter, poet, clown, express my femininity outwardly sending a visual message to the masses to begin a trigger towards a pan sexual transhumanist evolutionary process. Other strange happenings are beginning to occur which are suggesting to me it my time to eclipse my mother, dissolve her Dogma for the betterment of the family, this is causing tension in our relationship, she had grown up in Penang (although indo-aryan heritage) before moving to Australia (her father an SAS man stationed there) her belief system incorporates Vedic, Christian, then after moving here and taking to much acid in the 70s Pagan ideology, we practice non violence and vegetarianism she has also worked in our town as a Tarot card reader the last 30yrs,she ensured her children were taught cartomancy, the method of loci, and lucid dreaming techniques, my childhood was a mixed blessing I suppose my parents are quite much like a lot of members on this forum. Any how along with my recent reawakening noticing omens etc., I had been walking along the street when out of nowhere the three of clubs flew up into my hand, perhaps its the architect telling me to begin reading, im worried what my mother may think of this. I’m also a little upset at her for recently beginning to attend the local rave scene in a professional capacity reading cards and offering sound healing. I had always operated at such events in my own professional capacity as a go to guy if you catch my drift, but feel as if I continue it would affect her professional reputation, she is aware of this and im unsure if I began reading if she would take this as tit for tat and become upset. Well not sure if this is the kind of response to your thread you were expecting but its the thought process it triggered within me so thought it appropriate to share.
  15. lofty86

    Stimulant ideas/discussion

    If your ordering nootropics from India god knows what your recieving. I once recieved a batch of oleamide vrx from an Indian vendor that was active at 10mg smoked pmsl. Bastard had obviously sent me some JWH analougue. Wasnt i dissapointed once I sourced 3kgs of the real shit from a reputable vendor.