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  1. apothecary

    My experiences with Kava...

    Fresh, good quality kava is tasty IMHO. I concur with extract versus prepared root. AFAIK it is still legal to bring back 2kg with you from a holiday to a Pacific island like Fiji or Vanuatu, otherwise Schedule 4.
  2. All of my favorite greens (including spinach) contain oxalic acid. Re survival crops, it's my understanding that sweet potatoes, Ipomea batatas, are nutritionally complete aside from protein. Good choice if the climate can support it.
  3. apothecary

    Post your track of the day

    A couple of my mates, "Stinkwood" have just put this up I asked them if it would be ok for me to post here they said fo sho. https://www.facebook.com/Stinkwood http://www.sendspace.com/file/hxg75r
  4. apothecary

    I don't think I get sick??

    This is an awesome thread. I think I can contribute, because I am pretty 'unhygenic' in terms of washing hands and whatnot, and generally don't get sick. Never had glandular fever. But, since I moved to Melbourne, I get sick every Winter! And I've had food poisoning at least twice and once some sort of stomach failure that left me completely screwed for 2 weeks. For someone who grew up with only the occasional flu, this was a lot to cope with! After this experience, to me it seems that it's all about what your body can handle. This Winter I've been experimenting with preventatives: * Ginger/honey/lemon tea (lemon and honey put in after the water has cooled) * Spoonfuls of honey * Echinacea+Garlic+Zinc+vitC tablets * Andrographis extract tablets * Strepsils * Phyllanthus emblica pure herb capsules * Chewing licorice root Coupled with trying much harder to stay warm. With very good success. Haven't been sick once since I've started taking them, even though I've shared smoking with a bunch of friends who were very sick. I don't take it every day, but every second day or as soon as I feel any sort of symptoms coming on. So I can anecdotally concur with the study posted earlier, that the symptoms of flu are your immune system responding. As I've gone to great efforts to ensure my immune system doesn't get compromised I've been completely unsymptomatic. Not even the sniffles. I feel much more confident using public transport at peak times, as I know as soon as I get home the correct thing to do is boost the immune system. The only thing Idon't like about Echinacea is the warfarin interaction, my blood seems to thin a lot after even a relatively mild dose of the stuff. Which is a shame as I think that makes it much more difficult to take higher doses if I need it. For example, if I take equiv 2g dry herb in extract tablets before bed and blow my nose in the morning, my blood can still be quite thin and come out with mucous.
  5. apothecary

    home security

    How'd you go, any thefts overnight? Just for the record, if you have a bunch of mates who like to stay up late waiting for pricks who steal plants, in NSW citizens can perform a citizens arrest for almost anything! I would try and catch them in the act, threaten them with physical force if they don't cooperate and make a citizens arrest. Call the cops and explain to them that you're a rare plant collector who has just caught the burglar who has been in your yard every night for the last week.
  6. Woah! When you see Stuart, will you tell him that he is one of my heroes?
  7. apothecary

    salvia splendens psychoactivity

    Up until very recently, one of the systems I administered was a small-animal MRI scanner (and related infrastructure), which operates mostly on mice and rats, exactly the genetic lines used in these types of experiments. (hole board test, tail flick test, etc)
  8. apothecary

    salvia splendens psychoactivity

    Stillman, this is exactly why it's important to include the references and in this case I appreciate that you ran it down for us. For etiquette, it's also important you annotate the reference properly so other people can go and find it. I'd point out that a 3g equiv dose is roughly 12% of an average (25g) mouse body weight, so we are talking >5kg fresh material for a 50kg human or >500g dry material. So it would be extremely unlikely to see effects from such a low dose as reported "a few leaves or flowers"...much more likely placebo.
  9. apothecary

    salvia splendens psychoactivity

    Half of the reason I left this forum was exactly because more and more people were coming on and spouting their personal opinion as fact to other people who didn't know any better and if you tried to point out that it was nothing more than opinion you ended up in this exact back-and-forth. I can see it's still the same. I'm not really interested in contributing to this sort of thing, so I'll leave you and the others to it. Enjoy! I agree, at least a trip report covers a modicum of information which can be useful in any attempts to reproduce the assay as opposed to "hey I ingested an (indeterminate amount?) of (dry?) (fresh?) plant matter and am now convinced it has XYZ effects."
  10. apothecary

    Help Save My Catha's

    Hey BF, How are the Cathas doing now?
  11. apothecary

    salvia splendens psychoactivity

    IMHO when reporting to the forums it's really, really, really important to stress the difference between a personal bioassay and actual scientifically verified fact. What you believe and think needs to be stated with great care, rather than carelessly, which gives people the opportunity to mis-read your statements! and again: Come on dude! What you mean to say is that: "the one time I smoked this plant in an un-measured, un-standardised dose, I felt it had a sedative quality, which could easily have been the effect of placebo."
  12. apothecary

    salvia splendens psychoactivity

    You said "I can assure you this variety has some active properties". I asked, how can you make this assurance? Especially considering proper double blind human assays for splendens have shown up nothing?
  13. apothecary

    confused about road ACT

    I would say 99% of this Australian freeman/common law stuff that incessantly keeps popping up on the net is confused regurgitations from already confused people from the UK and US who aren't educated at all on the law. Having kept in close contact with someone who actually tried to use Common Law as the basis of a legal challenge (and documented it all on this forum) I remain extremely skeptical as to any practical applications.
  14. apothecary

    confused about road ACT

    What is your understanding based on? Youtube videos about freeman stuff? Ever checked the actual law? Common law is Magna Carta? Again, what are you basing this on? There is only a single chapter (29) of Magna Carta which was preserved in Australia, and that is in relation to trial by a jury of peers and the right to a speedy trial! That is all! Even then there exist a bunch of state laws which override that chapter anyway! As for your claim the Magna Carta is part of the Commonwealth Constitution.... , have you actually read the Commonwealth Constitution, because...lol Prove this statement which you make as fact by highlighting the appropriate sections of law.