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  1. santiago

    Woman's racist rant on train

    Don't go there machine elf, click here is great value for the forum. The more posts the more virtual real estate the forum owns. That's really why where here. Just a sales tool really.
  2. santiago


  3. Two government staffers walk into the highest office in the land with drugs they bought from a everyday shop, the commissioner doesn't have a clue what it is alone what to say, then what is stopping me from getting a transcript of that days parliament talk, shopping at this same shop, selling it on eBay for twice the price. It's not illegal, if so why wouldn't there be an inquest on why you walk into parliament with drugs. Because according to the boss of police and the politicians they are not illegal. If so wouldn't those staffers be arrestable.
  4. santiago

    Vic builders back drug tests for workers

    So I gather in the construction industry if you have drugs in your system the protocol is "yeh mate take the week off on full pay". Yep I'm sure there supportive, send you off to a therapist 3 strikes and all that, nothing new there. That's all just to make you believe in that key word of support. So long as you believe that then the companies position is justified and is serving your needs then the core reason that your a worthless gimp valued at $250 per day and expendable, and now manipulable, why even worry about testing.
  5. santiago

    Lyric of the day.

    Now I would walk a thousand miles And I walk walk a thousand more Just to be the man who something your door Durr nunda dada undu dud dud dud dum dum da da da Repeat verse dum dada da da da By, those two guys in glasses from somewhere years ago. I love it when the fans spend years deciphering song words, thinking its a big hidden riddle. Eventually the singer says it was just random words strung together with no meaning. The secret meaning was that it was embarrisassing to admit there was no meaning. That song I posted above kinda makes me I'll hearing it now in my head. It reminds me of closing time at some mainstream city pub, everybody stinks and faces are red from booze. The song comes on but everyone sings and knows the lyrics to a song that is trivial and the main passage is dumms. But I'll be critical of lyrics for a few paragraphs. If I'm honest. Mayby once apon a time great warriors sung of hunting tales and warring tribes. I get the origination of lyrics as a word of mouth tribute with sounds. I play guitar badly myself and sung a few pitiful verses about some love memory. A typical song is like a sandwich. You can have a sandwich without bread. The music is the bread. Then you gotta put something in it. It's curious how a cheese and tomato sandwich tastes better that a cheese, pickle, ice cream, mustard and carrot sandwich. Lyrics are like that filling. Less is often more and truth and universitality as opposed to, let's face it ,self indulgence and ego. There must be, what - 50 million songs out there. Really, truthfully. If your going to believe one lyric you have to believe them all. Or vice versa refuse to listen but instead listen to the music. I know personally, another persons idea, another persons meaning has no meaning to me. The worlds 300 odd national anthems. The tears and passion they evoke but once again are all mostly just ideals and every country proclaiming to be the righteous ones. Arguably some of the worst lyrics around, which country wins the truthful banner slogan competition. I felt a bit tearful thinking of girt by sea just then and even tho many national anthems sound pretty much identical to Australia's anthem, nothing emotional at all. I totally forgot where I was going with this post. Cheese and tomato. And in regards to anthems, lyrics, etc etc. we don't have a world anthem. If the aliens turn up were gonna look pretty silly.
  6. santiago

    Menstruation as fertilizer.

    Yes I can see it now. A big factory in the future where period blood is extracted from female prisoners. A big vat of blood just waiting to be poured on the botanic gardens. I'm pretty sure tampons are 10 bucks or so, so it's not exactly more sustainable than a purpose mixed bag of fertilizer for about 10 bucks. If I was to be totally honest and I was that hard up I couldn't afford to maintain my pretty garden when my wage was about a dollar a day, I would probably just walk the streets and collect road kill if I needed blood specifically. Mayby some dog poo, go to the dog poo bin at the park collect that. Mayby the local hairdressers I could sweep up all that organic floor hair goodness. Perhaps start regurgitating my food, save a few meals there. If it gets to the point where you have to ask your mum or girlfriend, if you could borrow those red sticky things again, the lavenders looking droopy again it needs a boost, wow.
  7. santiago


    Some bloke got lost in the bush near perth for 3 days on a 3 day doof. It was front page in the west australian. They had a pic of people dressed like bums doing circle dancing. He almost died. I'm not sure how he didn't just follow the doof doof music. I'm assuming he saw the same thing as a million people did in perth and decided to walk back instead. I don't understand the 3 day thing, touch too hedonistic for my liking. Just asking for trouble really. Probably explains why he moved away from the music instead of towards it, unless he was just smashed and clueless. I'm sure the sun sets over the ocean in the west. Having prolly 20 kms to cover I'm assuming he wasn't a Boy Scout.
  8. santiago

    Vic builders back drug tests for workers

    Drug testing is a very very clever scam. We are lead to believe that safety and drug addiction and the subsequent "help' to beat your serious life problem are core reasons why it's a logical choice for society to become safer and use less drugs. Companies introduce drug testing as a means of income. Many years ago drug tests were created. Not to socially engineer you, unfortunately most people don't get past their own nose on that one and simply wail, me me me, civil liberties, it's not fair and all that self serving rubbish. Drug tests were created to make money like every other capital venture. But the product was just the tip of the iceberg. If you can fool people into believing, your safety, your life is important. People forget that no matter what the company slogan, work life balance and drug testing regime, it's got nothing to do with safety. Financial insurance mathematics has already deemed your probability of an accident. That loss is expected and covered for way in advance. You have a 1/2000 chance of having an accident today as a example. Probability always wins out, look at any casino to see that. But what happens when a drug free safer workplace still gives a 1/2000 chance in 10 years. Yes, drug testing doesn't reduce the probability. So what's the point. Tricking you into believing that you have a purpose in life. Drug testing can help you improve and kick the drugs. Companies have one reason, actually most people have one reason to wake up in the morning, to make money. You as an actual person are to a company, nothing, nobody, your a calculation of profit vs loss. When you eventually disrupt that calculation, and damage or cost the company, this was a loss. Today go work for a mine for example. You damage a vehicle and will get a piss test. If your company is fair, if you test positive you will be stood down without pay until your clear. No pay for 4 days divided into the probability of 1/2000. Yep, you just created a free accident for your company. Without drug testing, the company always pays. Every company will soon realise this and use drug testing as the double zero on the roulette wheel of life.
  9. santiago

    Money saving idea's

    The candle heater doesn't work that well I tried it. It's more expensive than traditional heating, it releases by products, it's deceptively dangerous and it doesn't really heat up a room imo.
  10. Bi carb works and is the only thing that can. Shoe sprays and deoderants only mix with the filth and make worse. Unfortunately bacteria thrive in an acidic environment ie your stinky feet and the dark moist habitat of your feet and shoe plus the normal acidity make foot stink grow. Turn it into a base, ie bicarbonate and it doesn't. Problem solved. Forget stockings and gadgets, just simplify it. Pour in an amount that equals your liking and vacuum it out next morning.
  11. It's hard to fly to space. The sun will run out one day. I step on ants killing them and sometimes you just don't know. Humans can't fly, without artificial means. Sharks eat animals including us. So do lions...and so on and on. Poo is a bad thing sometimes. Injuries. Break ups. Being the last one to know. Floods, winds and natural forces. Murder. Old age. Rampant consumerism. Going bald. Diseases. Scams Ghosts and supernatural forces eg magic, no proof or verification. Nightmares. Who is god. Car accidents. Life is too short. I'll probably forget but it would be good to add to the list over time. What is wrong with the world is a combination of many millions of problems. It's impossible to pinpoint. You can only answer it metaphorically. I think it could be as simple as the implied irony and sarcasm. Or factual. For the world to be running then many solutions outweigh the problems. Then it can be assumed that what's wrong with the world is a mathematical opposite at best to the solutions being run. Do you believe you can ever stop problems. Never. Nothing is wrong at all it's merely a equation that needs solving. Is your glass half full or half empty. The complete solution is the mathematical extreme. When in a thousand years you are alive, everything is algorithmed for you. Technology has advanced greatly. Your house is a giant computerised automatic centre. Everything is fueled by the grid. The house will cook your dinner and clean your floors. It will talk to you thru the grid. It will count every time you drop a fork on the floor, so it can pre calculate next years washing liquid allowance. You will work when you are meant to work because your house will electrocute you, it will be captured on millions of tiny cameras and fly bots will always be spying. Every single piece of data will feed a super pool of renewable potential energy which with billions of lab grown human brains will transform it into raw super mega delta energoid force. As the system multiplies, every variable event will be predicted with super accuracy. It has become free through slavery. Almost anything is real. Humans are happy, safe in life zones free from accidents and problems. Utopia is achieved. When death occurs, the robots remove our brains surgically and add them to the grid. Reborn without a body but immortal in the grid, always watching, alive in the grid. Eventually a billion years pass. The earth is now solid energy. It's core is about to be reborn, yet again. This time tho it looks to the stars. It spends a billion years planning, and another billion building and the last billion preparing. It has become god. Our sun starting to die triggers the mass release of pre programmed DNA to release itself from the grid. The grid reaches the total solution point and vaporises with the suns explosion. Everything matters, everything is counted. The formula is infinite time divided by time plus solutions minus problems. Random events. Is what is wrong with the world. Is the Big Bang a random event. If re birth is the ultimate goal then even a god may want to be reborn. Is god a futuristic super droid. Or is god a force. Is gravity god. Sounds hardcore and cold. A future pre programmed by robots. Is our pathway to heaven.
  12. santiago

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    Clash of the clans....the one and only.
  13. santiago

    MH370 MH-17 mass murder?!

    The problem is certain nike shoes have gps but airliners don't. They simply figured you can't lose a plane but it has happened before. All this proves is that the world isn't as advanced as everybody thinks. Probably some seal broke or a lithium battery catches fire, just like the Payne Stewart plane everyone falls to sleep, the plane flys off path and crashes into the ocean. Depending how it crashes the debris is variable, lots to none. It takes weeks to pinpoint a random ocean location and by that stage every debris is waterlogged and sunk. Everything sinks sooner than later. Mystery my ass. The worlds a big place and the world simply can't find the lost set of keys. The frequency of the black box was found out off WA. Now robot subs have to find a needle in a haystack 5kms under the surface most likely covered in ocean silt. Will probably never be found or mayby by private companies in the next 20 years. The simplest reason is often the correct one. Calm down folks it's just a lost aluminium bus under the water.
  14. santiago

    would you walk away from you job for $61k?

    It's only a job. The whole point of you being there is to make money. Now your being offered money on a silver platter and as a bonus you get to work somewhere else if your keen. Depends how old you are. If your 5 to 10 years from retirement then you might not be able to secure another job then it's worth holding on. But if your middle aged or young you can start again. Redundancy is a gift my friend.
  15. I did dream i smoked something and was high once. I was straight at the time. It felt real enough.