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  1. Teotzlcoatl

    Excerpts on Pituri

    I've got some seeds now but I am worried that it contains a lot of TSNAs (Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines)... that stuff that gives you cancer.... is this true?
  2. Australian_Dream this is why this topic is so interesting! Nobody really knows, we only have small little bites of information. If you decide to proceed be extremely careful! Thank you for the info Trout. If this plant was analyzed and it didn't find anything then most likely Australian_Dream won't find anything either. However there is still is a slight chance you might and since no poisonous compounds were found you can feel a bit safer about it but still be very careful please! I am most excited by finding medicinal or psychoactive compounds that are NOT mescaline but some other compound. To me, that is the most interesting aspect of this investigation. Trucha what is a Dragendorff field test if I may ask?
  3. Teotzlcoatl

    Trichocereus tulhuayacensis

    Perhaps I will go and visit the location near Huancayo! Anything else I should look out for while there?
  4. Teotzlcoatl

    Psychoactive Animals!

    Great info Seldom! Thank you!
  5. I wonder if these plants will ever get investigated. Due to me traveling a lot I can't keep these plants like I used to!
  6. Teotzlcoatl

    Psychoactive Flora & Fungi

    I will update this list again soon!
  7. Teotzlcoatl

    "Sacred Holly" ~ The Ilex Genus

    Let me know if you ever try it!
  8. Teotzlcoatl

    "Sacred Holly" ~ The Ilex Genus

    Awesome! Have you tried preparing it into a drink? Or growing it?
  9. Teotzlcoatl

    "Sacred Holly" ~ The Ilex Genus

    I am really interested in finding Ilex kudingcha seeds.... but this seems very difficult.
  10. Teotzlcoatl

    Lophophora Fricii "Liz"

    Beautiful plant! I wonder if it's still around out there?
  11. Teotzlcoatl

    Is this site dying out ?

    that's true discostu it is one of the only aussie sites, i just think its the best so id like to see it active and widely known!
  12. Teotzlcoatl

    Is this site dying out ?

    ya maybe make it slightly less Aussiestraliocentric (:P)? to me this is the best ethnobotany forum online... what do y'all think? if it's not this one then which?
  13. Teotzlcoatl

    Is this site dying out ?

    sounds like a decent idea
  14. Why is it called " var. mammillaris"?
  15. Teotzlcoatl

    Deleting albums

    ive got a gallery i want to delete too, how do i do it?