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  1. i noticed you were selling psychotria viridis a while back. you wouldnt happen to have any plants now would you?

  2. Chiral

    Spring Photoshoot

    The wierdo's...particularly the first weirdo pic mmm I have a couple just like them from seed about the same size as yours too...perhaps we got our seed from the same source...? don't ask me who i forget but it's nice to see someone else with em too....also have my first crested Peruvian from seed and will pot her out soon and giver her some spring time goodness. your camera work is getting better Bit...
  3. Chiral

    Chemical Shaman we will miss you

    I' used to be a very very keen rock-hopper...(rock fisherman) and the risks I took so often to get to a suitable ledge to fish from certainly seemed suicidal to others, yet as it where, I took the risks with rods and heavy bags, to jump and land, mostly on green weed covered ledges and low lying platforms that waves washed up on occasionally...so I can see and feel how Denis had to do what he did, I would have definitely wanted to do the same thing, there is something about getting to rock surface that you can see will give the best vantage point or view or access, it's an addiction of sorts, can't tell you the amount of times I've come undone and slipped and thought oh shit I've done it now..!! I'll hazard a guess and say Denis is a Sagittarius, the free spirited reckless type, who constantly looked for greener pastures, risks aside it's something that makes us happy..people like Denis are never afraid of dying and live for the moment. I seriously doubt after reading Torstens roundup that any drugs or suicide had come into play here, he was gunna get to that platform regardless, it had to be conquered, also another trait of the free spirited type. Thanks for the post T in my mind even though I never met the guy I know and love the type and feel a warm smile upon me when I read your post.
  4. Chiral

    Outta here!!

    One of the nicest and true to soul members ever encountered on this site, I'll miss you seth, stay safe travel well and don't look back. Where you are going is going to be one hell of an experience and one thing I would take with you when living over thee is your guard, it can be a tricky ordeal over there for lengths of time and some have even said that even after living in SE Asia for 40 years they still hadn't worked out the locals and have a clue about their mechanisms of culture and family attributes.
  5. Chiral

    Shulgins last interview and Aleph1

    When used in a time and place where legal, Ct7 acted as real beauty at low dose daily at around the 7-10mg range, it acts as an anti depressant of the finest kind. Ct7 full blown exp's can start at around 30mg and upwards and a number of 50mg exp's with additional top ups via insufilation although painful, are extremely full on, the Ce and Ci are more recreational in slightly different ways but they don't seem to work like the 7 does daily at 7-10mgs as anti depressant. for Ce or Ci it's pretty wild at around 20mg and certain hard heads have had balls to the walls visuals at 15-18mg with vacuum cleaners turning into people and moving around the place selling tickets to gig goers amongst other oddities.. Ce has quite a long ramp up but the plateau at 20-25mgs can last for a solid 8 hrs, same with Ci, one thing of notice is the very gentle and steep drop off to baseline with a minimum of fuss. Cti is an unusual one as visuals lack the full colour spectrum and can simply all be in black and white with tinges of purple at times. The c series all seem to synergise quite well with other phens, even opiates feel so much better and different when used in conjunction...think mdma before the peak when you get THAT feeling of empathy and a strange calm and numbness takes over your body and time appears to be of no relevance. and alcohol like tequila can be a whole new wondrous exercise in recreational relation and thought processing. Can't imagine THC would work well into the C's experience then again THC has never really worked to any degree for a few full stop so that is still out for adjutication. The miracle half dozen ( C series) certainly have their place now in history as compounds to work with at varying safe dose's successfully and provide the user with different psychedelic landscapes and plains to work amongst compared to traditional or the more established psychedelics such as mescaline or acid.
  6. never ever had any problems with rot...i cut on an angle and in general winters here are quite dry spring is when it rains most i find and humidity and warmer weather encourage rot faster than cool and dry.
  7. Chiral

    Positive / Negative Rating

    hey no fair....I'm gunna have to go off and make some cheeky ass comments somewhere again now to get my red back...ahhh then again I could and might and just did positize you mwahahahahah. :devil: :devil:
  8. Chiral

    The best of Chemical shaman...

    wasn't there a thread started by ronny simulcram called something like ..who wants to ejaculate on his face" ...something like that...I couldn't work that one out for ages till it explained to me recently and then I burst out laughing.
  9. Chiral

    Positive / Negative Rating

    Is there a prize for the most negatized and most positized members at the start of solstice...if not I'd be happy to put up a prize for each section....LMFAO that means I'd only be having to give away one proze to the positized winner, No way can y'all beat me I'm on a minus 15 negatized platform...only select chosen ones get that many red smarties...I feel sooooo special, can't wait for the awards night... please people note down your member status/reputations here so we can see who is winning each division, and on December 21st summer solstice the prizes will be awarded. prizes to be confirmed and notified in this column in the not too distant future.
  10. Chiral

    burqa bann

    When living in London for some nine years apart from using the brilliant public transport system my only form of transport was a pushy...I've ridden thousand s of miles around London on a bike over the years, I used to love it, especially tripping or molly'd up...I once rode from Holloway down to Brixton for a psytrance party on the friday night and then rode back the next morning after consuming god knows how many earth print blotters and a hundred hash spliffs...the feeling cruising back through the city at dawn tripping and smiling like a lunatic was just sooooo damned cool fun.
  11. I think it did do something to me on a subconsciousness level, mind you ...and this is sooooo poignant at the moment ( chemical Shaman) but I have always lived for the moment and do not fear death or hold back on anything due to fear or some strong attachment to this world...it makes you appreciate that you can go at any tick of the clock and if you spend your life playing it safe and holding back, not taking the gamble, not going for it then you get smacked by a bus or drop due to a health condition then one might wish they had actually lived it up a little. Sure family and friends worry or will cry if you pass on, but what does that matter to you, that's their problem, I've been the black sheep wild child in my family since day one, the title fits so play the role. My sister and mother and father are all so very very conservative and in my eyes they haven't even lived...my sister and mum have often when we se each other comment on my lifestyles with things like...don't you think you should be settling down and taking it easy, why do you always have to be doing stupid or crazy things all your life...? my sister has said many times she is so jealous of my life as she has led the most hum drum existence and did the good girl mortgage, hubby 2 kids 3 bedroom brick house in a sterile suburb where all the houses look the same and everyone knows each other and their idea of living is going over to each others house's to watch footy and drink beer. When I was hit by a car the imagery viewed seemed incredibly slow like, was as if I was sitting comfortably legs crossed on the floor like a child watching cartoons...as the imagery came my mind would say .."oh yeah hey I remember her" or awww that was so funny, I was 18 when this happened so watched from 18yrs back to 6yrs old which was a lot of footage and memories to view and recall in the space of perhaps 1-2 seconds, yet it felt like half an hour...compression of time and or some type of speeding up of the minds actions to recall and show all the old data....a type of recoil of all data back to a point of birth, what happens then with it and where would it go...? incredibly interesting topic near death and death it's self. with regards to ketamine I view that space as somewhere before here...a waiting room or void that is not bound by time or friction, a place that exists before birth, that's why it feels so amazingly serene and almost familiar. man people bag out snorting etc...try smoking it...that is wayyyyy wayyyy heavy, particularly when mixed in the same pipe with DMT and some MA...oh yeah you read that right...that shits for maya warriors chasing sun gods with swords of flint slicing through the time holes and loops of friction. not unpleasant but what is difficult is to try and prepare yourself for what is about to happen if you do load up the glass dick with that combo...individually you know what to expect but mix the 3 and your heart races as you have no idea which path you will ripped down or hole into.
  12. I was hit by a car point blank doing 60ish klms hr side on ..one second i was riding a push bike, then I was under the car and heard screaming, the motor over revving and the pungent smell of oil and fuel..my life falsh before me, akin to watching what world war one soldiers would have watched in those scene's you see in old black and white war films. It was incredibly clear and seemed almost slow and beautiful as I watched my life rewind, showing me everything I'd done, all I had been with and known, I was dieing and all my mind wanted to do was show me what I'd done before passing on...it truly was an incredible experience, peaceful and without fear. The visions stopped abruptly at around when I was 6 years old, I then felt pain and the realization that death had not come for me this time and I indeed did need some help to be extricated from underneath this car, main issue being me being pinned to the ground via the exhaust which was hot and burning my skin. Incredibly I did not break a single bone but was very very badly cut up and bruised, laid up in bed after hospital treatment for 3 weeks before i could move again...the doctors told me that because I was not stiff or rigid from expecting the impact that my body was able to take the hit and blow rubber doll style. I will tell you this...that was a near death experience, I've two others and they are absolutely nothing like DMT or any psychoactive or psychedelic I've ever come across.
  13. Chiral

    burqa bann

    problem solved.
  14. Chiral

    Ayahuasca Information

    Ahhh the el supremo of list making has endowed us with yet another a beautiful chronological page of wisdom. Personally I like your lists and simply take from them what I need, there's really no need to have a go or nit pick certain inaccuracies weather they be right or wrong. I don't know about all this it must be hardwood and aged woody vine to activate the light properly, one only need try making a brew with the leaf to notice that it will act as Houston's launch pad for take off to THAT PLACE.... Having not quite got the ratio's right yet maybe somewhat frustrating, but once the measurements are found then the rest will be history...being so vigorous and throwing so much leaf every year is a plus then no one ever has to hack away their trunks or twisting hardwood sections. 1& 1/2 part caapi leaf 1 part viridis leaf 1/2 part carthagenis 1/4 part delosperma Are we ready for lift off yet...?
  15. He truly was a character and a larakin...one needs no further proof than his posts in this thread.. http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=11314&st=0 feel free to post links to any other gems of his here when you come across them so we can have a read and reminisce.