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  1. DreamingNagual

    2010 Sub season

    The Last expedition to local Patches was unfruitful! Will be heading out tomorrow for another look as we have had some nice rain & a good cold snap over the last week! Will post results tomorrow!
  2. DreamingNagual

    Racing tips.

    Told ya so
  3. DreamingNagual

    Racing tips.

    Randwick, Race4 No8 Herculian Prince No4 Basaltico.
  4. DreamingNagual


    Hello Folks The folowing Books are available. Howard Marks Dope Stories. The Golden Triangle, By Paul Bonnecarrere. UnderBelly, A Tale Of Two Cities. Chopper, From The Inside. Crazy Diamond, Syd Barrett & the dawn of Pink Floyd.
  5. DreamingNagual

    2010 Sub season

    Very Nice Quelho I am heading out for a look tomorrow. We have just had some good rain & bit of a cold snap down here last week.
  6. DreamingNagual

    Nookers are snitching.

    I was not going to get involved openly with this but I cannot hold my tounge In the current fiasco with Outlaw bike organisations an Law Enforcement organistions Any HA or other club chapter Member for that matter (And there are a few that are members here) with half a brain would not be using a carrier service or Web Forum to make open threats of violence and forwarding IP Adresses, Details of personal Trades etc on a forum well known to be monitored by LEOS! Any Member or especielly a Non Member or Probate found by the club involed to be using their Name and or club details in this manner would nin no way endorse it and would certinatly be VERY unimpressed with the person involved, And would not let that person go on unchecked and dealt ith on the matter. We all know Leo watches this and other similar sites and I am sure that the OP, after refering to Being inolved in an Outlaw Organisation, using Safe Houses, Openly Requesting certain Cacti and other Items, Would in no doubt be drawing more attention to themselves by Leo From their own Stupidity by doing so. As for SAB being a drug manufactue site! Pffft get your head out of yor ass and fuck off out of here, As you certainly have no respet or compehension for the True Vision of the ethno community and what it stands for! SAB is IMO Oneof the top 3 Most Trusted Harm Reduction and Research Information siteS Unrivaled on the hole WEB! You request Certain Cacti from a lot of people and then Pull out the guns when you claim your own son has done nothing but the same you have done youseelf, An address and requests has to be given out by your son to these members that the alleged drougs were supposedly sent by!! The same thing your have done youself. And correcct me if I am wrong but isnt that fraudulantly done by using a So called Safe House Address? Great Role Model Your setting for your boy there buddy. You have No need to use a safe house if you have nothing illegal to hide yourself am I right? Slow Down Dan, Cos You are diggin a very deep hole for yourself! And I am sure a lot of members hre would agree and be wiling to show their support for SAB in the same way I have tried to convey here! I could go on but i am prolly just End Rant!
  7. DreamingNagual

    Nostalgia Thread

    BMX Bandits FTFW My 1st real girlcrush:wub:
  8. DreamingNagual

    Nostalgia Thread

    Pifall it was Meanies! I loved those Magic Pen Books too. Also had Jet Hopper and Turbo Panther, My brother & I would race but mine alwaays got interference from 27meg CB's & went all over the place on its own!!
  9. DreamingNagual

    Spiralling sky light baffles experts

    What about CERN, Didnt they fire up the LHC? From the site, "Last night the LHC accelerated both beams to 1.18 TeV with 2 bunches per beam for the first time." "LHC beam commissioning continues, aiming towards higher intensities at 450 GeV." It same time as Obama is there getting a Nobel. Out withthe tinfoil!
  10. DreamingNagual

    Post a random picture thread

  11. DreamingNagual


    Movie on SBS Just started, "Apocalypto" As the Mayan kingdom faces its decline, The rulers insist the key to prosperity is to build more temples and offer human sacrifices. Jaguar paw flees to avoid his fate. Another discription of the movie is, A hunter taken prisoner by Mayan Warriors & bound for the sacrificial alter tries to escape & return home to his wie & son.
  12. DreamingNagual

    Question to Nabraxas...

    Dont forget another long lost prayer that made it around the forums a long time ago! "Ooo amaag oos"
  13. DreamingNagual

    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    Starting Again with >>>>>>P.harmala seeds, Datura seeds "Unidentified"" Tas papavar<<<<<<
  14. DreamingNagual

    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    Thanks seth, >>>>>>>>gets P.harmala seeds, Datura seeds "Unidentified"" Tas papavar<<<<<<
  15. DreamingNagual

    Nostalgia Thread

    Anyone Remember this Classic?