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  1. t st tantra

    Adelaide Ethno Meet 2nd Sunday of each month

    should be there about 2.00 t s t .
  2. t st tantra


    hi again friends, i intend to make it here a few times a week after being totally off line ever since my partners stroke in mid november.......have some giveaways and trades coming up as i reshape my life to deal with new circumstances..... my partner is progressing well in rehab with home visits each week end.crainiotomy still to be reversed,left arm and leg each only have a few % feeling and function but we are very hopeful of good recovery, which may take up to 2 years....... bye 4 now t s t .
  3. t st tantra

    Szygium Gidjibang- gejebong

    sorry my bad ,other thread still in ethnobotany http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19018 t s t .
  4. t st tantra

    Wanted: Brug. pollen.

    according to the experts you can only successfully pollinate a sanguinea with another sanguinea,an arborea , a vulcanicola or a flava..... t s t .
  5. t st tantra

    Szygium Gidjibang- gejebong

    this should be in the aust natives section where there should be a recent thread. ask planthelper to move it.... t s t .
  6. t st tantra

    manitou rolling tobacco

    maybe because it is only leaf and not stem or midribs as filler? or just a better quality of tobbacco? t s t . american spirit perique is my current fave!
  7. t st tantra

    Adelaide Ethno Meet 2nd Sunday of each month

    ega flyers available at the next meet or contact me.... t s t .
  8. t st tantra

    Aquilaria sp

    i think they are fairly common garden plants? t s t .
  9. t st tantra

    smoking mixtures

    heimia tips or passiflora capularis flowers ,properly prepared...... t s t .
  10. t st tantra

    smoking mixtures

    this seems highly unlikely, even orally the amount needed to kill is too high and you would be sick or space out before ingesting enough to die? t s t .
  11. t st tantra

    Coleus blumei

    for some reason,maybe the colours of iresine , i expect the effects of coleus to be similar to the amaranth family. my memory of smoking each is somewhat similar.....my amaranth thread is in ethnobotany i think...... t s t .
  12. t st tantra

    Heimia salicifolia

    appears to be a heimia of some kind....they seem fairly variable..... t s t .
  13. t st tantra

    Ashwagandha, the rest of the plant

    i read whole plant used for pain relief. t s t .
  14. t st tantra

    Psychotria 'Nexus'

    i suspect from talking to someone with reasonable experience that nexus has similar or even greater amts of actives, they are just different.70% the spice content of viridis plus opioid and nmda agonist alkaloids..... t s t .