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    Jealous Slander

    My friends and I have been clued onto some pretty massive patches before purely with the intention of draining the main vein. As you're standing there suddenly you notice one... two... ten... 50?! oh wait this shit just keeps going... omg!
  2. Distracted

    Mind machine for my birthday, anyone else tried?

    Stanislav Grof has a great story from his first ever LSD experience, it's in the preface of his book 'The Holotropic Mind' Here's a youtube video briefly describing it...
  3. Distracted

    More Standardized Cactus Pricing

    I reckon $20 is a pretty good price.
  4. Distracted

    Jealous Slander

    Never heard any story of any sort about you.. This thread seemed to me completely unnecessary but oh well. Have fun!
  5. Nice background music, needs more substance if it is to stand on its own.
  6. Distracted

    Is this a tricho? Peru X Pach?

    Something about the spines and their colour don't look right to me.
  7. Distracted

    The Random Thread.

    Need to blow nose... only two useable objects within reach are cat or clean underwear.
  8. Distracted

    couple questions by 1st time fungi grower

    BRF tek? Are you sure you didn't just grow some mould?
  9. Distracted

    Help IDing 27 Picture Album

    Row 1 photo 3 Haworthia truncata photo 4 Haworthia cooperi Row 4 Photo 3 Haworthia cooperi
  10. Distracted

    Medicinal Cultivation Laws

    I can picture the youtube videos now! "10 types of mushrooms THEY don't want you to know about!" Good luck, pretty sure i've seen lions mane for sale by a known shop... but don't quote me on that.
  11. Distracted

    Name change notifcations...

    Funny how times change, I used to be called Chiral!
  12. Hi! At my job I make a lot of coffees and have access to a fair amount of coffee grounds, way more than you'd ever need unless you're doing some commercial operation. Used coffee grounds are a great source of nitrogen for plants or for growing mushrooms(although all my mushroom cultivation attempts using coffee grounds have ended up in trich contamination, coffee grounds contam very easily) I have no idea if anyone would be even remotely interested in this but it's free fertiliser PM or post here This is mainly for Adelaide people, if you think shipping is feasible and you'd like to pay for postage I can send some for you but that seems weird to me. I won't ship to perth though, no-one else wants to and I don't want to be the odd one out.
  13. Distracted

    Sterilitily and grafting

    Hi! So i've done about 20 loph to san pedro grafts in the last month, have used the same blade for everything and haven't sterilized it once. I haven't noticed any bacterial or fungal infections. Any thoughts?
  14. Distracted

    The Random Thread.

    Yesterday I ate 12 tacos.
  15. Distracted

    Will this seedling survive?

    Weak genetics deserve to die to preserve the long term life of the species. Except for humans apparently, every human is very unique and special.
  16. Distracted

    Flower photo heavy 2014 season

    Here's a picture from Christmas
  17. Distracted

    The Random Thread.

  18. Distracted

    How long after rooting...

    I've done plenty of grafts that have been cut that same day. I personally haven't noticed a big change in growth from rooted vs non rooted but haven't paid too much attention. I thought that the graft could get nutrients from the stock as soon as it has taken, it certainly can absorb water and plump up, that's my final indicator of when the graft has taken. edit: i only have experience in loph grafts though Also as far as harvesting pups from a mother used for stock, anywhere from a bit more wide than a 50c peice to a robust thick san pedro. The main thing to do i've found is to graft to a stock that is actively growing, you can graft to older stock but your success chance diminishes significantly, speaking from experience.
  19. Distracted

    Stimulant use for ADHD sufferers.

    The ADHD sufferers i've met and talked to claim they do not get 'high' off their medication. I found this study, has a lot of interesting elements to it. From data gatherered from the Raine study which is still ongoing Long-term outcomes associated with stimulant medication in the treatment of ADHD in children
  20. Distracted

    Youtube vids

  21. Distracted

    Youtube vids

  22. Distracted

    Does this sound good for cacti?

    Generally the older the soil the worse it is I thought... hence why Australia has old barren soils, depleted of their nutrients. Cacti seem to grow anywhere.... I wouldn't spend big money on land used to grow grapes hoping my cacti will grow 20% faster.
  23. You can re-use your hat to cook food.