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  1. Chainsaw

    Amanita Muscaria QLD

    I also tried the ones from Happy High Herbs years ago now and got no effect. Can't remember how many grams were there but ended up eating the lot. I took them over few hours though waiting for effects before eating more
  2. Chainsaw

    P. Viridis leaf curl

    Fungas gnats got mine and ate root system away. Similar symptoms... didn't suspect pests either. Also from SEQ.
  3. Chainsaw

    caustic soda

  4. Chainsaw

    caustic soda

    Thanks everyone for your input... much appreciated My question actually relates to an amine which I understand is basic so the sodium carb wash would be appropriate yeah? The procedure I read mentioned only an acetone wash...would you wash with sodium carb first then acetone or other way round? And if I understand the list of contaminants correctly, most are salts which would be soluble in water and discarded when separated from the solvent layer before adding acid? Apart from some heavy metals which hopefully aren't too dangerous at low concentration?
  5. Just curious whether anyone knows what the other 2% consists of in 98% caustic soda...and if it was used for an acid base extraction would it contaminate final product?
  6. Chainsaw

    Whats new at Wandjina Gardens

    How big/ what size pot are the black ayahuasca?
  7. Chainsaw

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    cheers...nah they definitely pans then. i always noticed the veil remnants on mature ones but wasn't actually sure what the veil was for if it was on younger ones. Just had bit of a read about it...good to know
  8. Chainsaw

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Picked a nice little pile on weekend. Didn't see any mature cubes but after reading previous post by R.C. stating cubes are out and about, think I may have mistaken quite a few young ones for pans...oopps. They were removed nice and delicately at least so hopefully they'll keep on fruiting. Look out cubes, ill b back...and this time hopefully I wont spend longer looking for my keys I lost in the field than I do for shroom's Can't believe I found em' ​
  9. Chainsaw

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Thanks for the heads up . Was planning to head to the mountain 4 a look around on da weekend. Got my hopes up now of finding a heap of big fat gold ones instead of the one lonely one a couple weeks ago. Was plenty of the Pans I think they are but IME don't compare to the cubes.
  10. Chainsaw

    Various Tricho Cuts

    Bags the Eileen tip if available still 😊
  11. Chainsaw

    Sausage Cactus for sale or trade

    Thanks for recommendation and pics zed. Hope 2 grab meself a piece!
  12. Chainsaw

    Khat seed for sale, Catha edulis

    Mine emerging now bit after 3 weeks just as I was starting 2 give up hope 😊. Seems my seeds always wait 4 me to give up hope b4 they pop their heads up.
  13. Chainsaw

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Couple I found today on Gold Coast hinterland. Hopefully lots more 2 come... Bring on the rain
  14. Nah. Tried 2 climb Tibrogargan but chickened out when I got 2 the vertical cliff face... even though young kids were passing me with no fear whatsoever. Have 2 give it another go one day. Would be up 4 kayak sometime if u no some good spots.
  15. Looks like I've been drinking catsear tea. I thought they were dandelion aswell.