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  1. random

    Beeswax candles for sale

    Do they have lead-free wicks?
  2. It was cool to meet some of you today and thanks for the gifts and conversation. Not sure who anyone is on here and i'm not usually very social.. but yeah it was good so thanks again.
  3. random

    Is this Solanum torvum?

    Yes plant in pic is Solanum torvum.
  4. random

    Youtube vids

    ahahaha interesting and weird.
  5. random

    Youtube vids

    Very cool.
  6. random

    Post your track of the day

    If this song don't get you dancing then gtfo. Well, I will always be a part of that darkness, although I'd say it's pretty equal to my light I'm pretty far from knowin' anything, but I do know a couple things: What I want and how I'm gonna get it What I want and how I'm gonna get it
  7. random

    Youtube vids

    Pretty interesting.
  8. random

    Youtube vids

    Awesome little bush clip on harvesting Wild Parsnip (Trachymene incisa)
  9. random

    don't cha hate it when..

    Don't cha hate it when the pot plants you just repotted with nice fresh soil get the shit kicked out of them by your chooks looking for a new place to dustbath..and half the soil you paid for gets kicked onto the lawn where its impossible to retrieve.
  10. random

    TV series worth watching..are there any?

    I have no idea what this means ^ ^
  11. A minimalist living on bliss, with the last of my cash ...

  12. random

    TV series worth watching..are there any?

    Gimli, I want my $35 back.... This Black Sails is a bit disappointing. Um yeah....nah.. I hotspot my phone to even go online. Don't even have a phone line at my place letalone broadband LOL Some awesome suggestions I'm gonna go out & get. Thanks everyone for helping me waste $$ on superficial entertainment!!!
  13. random

    Youtube vids

    Wtf is he doing with his hands. You made me watch that waterboy, I've dodged it on twitter until now ..I can't un-see that madness.