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  1. Bought some petri dishes, thought Id ordered smaller, turns out I was wrong. Who wants them? Make an offer.
  2. teonanacatl

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Good hunting! Impressive. If anyone wants to trade let me know.
  3. teonanacatl

    Books and vacuum pump for sale

    Pump is gone, pihkal and tihkal have an interested buyer. The rest are available.
  4. Make an offer for each. All in good condition. Vacuum pump has never been used.
  5. teonanacatl

    Books and vacuum pump

    Haha MG I literally have never read them since I got them, keeping the ones I do use though just hoping they go to someone who will use them. Joshwaa mate I think I bought it for $70.
  6. teonanacatl

    Books and vacuum pump

    Make offers. All books are in good condition. The vacuum pump is new and never taken from the plastic.
  7. teonanacatl

    Carvings of mine

    Yeah CrayZ they are for sale, pm me on here or go to www.facebook.com/larridinyacarvings
  8. Nice, where at in Tas, good cheap land there
  9. teonanacatl

    Carvings of mine

    Some new stuff, realised I hadnt posted here for awhile! The chrysalis and loph are works in progress.
  10. teonanacatl

    For sale- Oryzalin (Used to induce polyploidy)

    Still have some available.
  11. teonanacatl

    Stingless bee hives for sale

    Small hives are $40 for a single brood chamber or $80 with a honey super. These small ones are designed for the little bees (3mm) that live in your house walls and steps. Great pollinators, don't produce much honey though. Large hives are $120 and come with a honey super. These are made for the larger native stingless bees (5mm) that mostly live in tree hollows and sometimes in houses. Great pollinators, attract bird life and produce up to 2l of yummy honey/yr. These are new empty hives. postage depends on location but max is $50 southern nsw. *picture is of hives with bees in, small one is single chamber, larger one has honey super on.
  12. teonanacatl

    Oriveda mushroom extracts for sale.

    Edit again- if you or a family member have cancer and want to try these then send me your addy and which packet youd like and Ill send them out for free. Just want them gone to good homes.
  13. teonanacatl

    Oriveda mushroom extracts for sale.

    Discounted price- pm me with an offer if its still too exxy.
  14. teonanacatl

    Growing purple yams

    Ive grew yams in this bed last year and they were all normal purple yams. I dont fertilise, but I planted pigeon peas around the edge of the garden this year but doubt that has increased the nitrogen that much. The "purple" yams are growing intermixed with the other ones, so I guess it might be age.
  15. I need help, some of my purple yams this year grew lots of shooting stems but not many tubers, and the bulbils and tubers produced are not purple. I'm wondering if they need two years from bulbils to produce tubers? Or if some suffered bug damage to the roots? Or perhaps some are not purple yams? I did some keying whilst they were growing and they all keyed out to be Dioscorea alata, so I'm perplexed as to why the different growth. Pics attached. Purple yam with good tuber development Not purple yam, note the many shoots forming but limited tuber (there are multiple plants in this picture)