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  1. Brendo

    Loph pup sale

    Yeah sorry I should've included a bic or something in the original pic. Probably should have put the ad up the day they were cut instead of callousing first as the three smaller heads are shrivelling up so no point mailing them. Offering the main head for $50
  2. Brendo

    Loph pup sale

    New price $80 for the lot 4 heads total
  3. Brendo

    Loph pup sale

    Hey guys, The stock for this graft rotted so I've chopped the pups off and rescued the main head. I don't have time to re-graft so am selling 'em. They were attacked by scale at one stage however made a full recovery and will continue to grow out of their scars Main head is $80, two medium $15 and the smaller $10 Otherwise $100 for the lot w/ free postage.
  4. Hey guys, Was wondering if anyone could tell me much about these three plants. I know they're in the Peruvianus/Macro area but not much more.. If they look familiar to you or whatnot I'd love to hear your thoughts. Would like to get some rough background info on what types these are.
  5. Brendo

    WANTED: Crawling cactus

    Yeah man, Thanks for the offer though mate I appreciate it, no need to ship internationally though. I'll just try my local nursery
  6. Brendo

    Wanted: Macrogonus

    Hey guys, I'm chasing one or two Macrogonus cuttings. Specifically fat blue ones with larger aeroles. Happy to set up a trade or pay cash, shoot me a pm
  7. zed what makes you say "not as many of the cuzco-like features" ? What other features would you say identify a cuzco as opposed to what we see here? My understanding is cuzco and knuth are basically the same except the Knuth is much more knobbier, if you will. The spines turning white as they age scream cuzco to me, however I guess this is also a trait for knuth. I can't see if the spines become bulbous at the base further down as OP has not included any photos of the older spines close up.
  8. Brendo

    WANTED: Crawling cactus

    Chasing any kind of hardy crawling cactus, e.g. Stenocereus eruca etc.. All I really need is one cutting. Happy to pay cash or work out a trade
  9. Brendo

    Thick, Chunky Columnar Cacti?

    Check all the Bunnings' in your local area, I've found several Terscheckii's there across the years.
  10. Brendo

    What's wrong with my Mimosa Hostilis?

    Seasol should be fine. It can be applied to foliage so I'd spray all the leaves at either sunrise or sunset. Considering you've already fed it recently, I'd recommend diluting to 1/4 the strength you'd normally use.
  11. Brendo

    Artemisia annua (sweet wormwood) hunt

    You got malaria waterboy? Couldn't find anything on google regarding it's uses other than that. Or is it for pain relief?
  12. Brendo

    Babaco 'Champagne Fruit'

    Hey guys, I decided not to chop the tree down for cuttings, it did however sprout a pup a few months back so I'm going to cut & root it. If anyone is interested in this plant shoot me a PM https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babaco
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking to sell these 3 mid sections cuttings, two Bridgesii (20cm) and one Pachanoi (26cm). They're all rooted underneath so you can log them straight away and start making pups or plant them upright and ignore the roots on the side if you wish. Looking at around $15ea or all 3 for $40 - Pickup preferred but I'm happy to arrange postage at buyer's cost. Interesting trades considered