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  1. Contemplations recently got a great feature article in Forbes Magazine online edition. https://www.forbes.com/sites/benjaminadams/2023/12/21/contemplations-confronts-the-psychedelic-experience-in-australia/ Contemplations is also now available to watch for FREE on Tubi, which is a free Advertising Video on Demand Platorm. https://tubitv.com/movies/100012943/contemplations-on-the-psychedelic-experience
  2. Contemplations is now available to watch on Amazon for just a couple of bucks to rent it out. People can watch it also in the UK and the U.S., other countries will come if we get enough views and reviews over the next month. So please do review (although I'm not sure why people cannot leave reviews from Australia atm!) https://www.primevideo.com/region/fe/detail/0RYE81E8VZ21U0W9HJTSAIAR3C/ref=dvm_src_ret_au_xx_s Our first review popped up on the U.S. Amazon site. -- Great job Julian, thank you for creating a movie about psychedelics for psychedelic explorers that does not go through the elementary explanation and uses of each psychedelic before skimming the surface right before rolling credits. Great insights, powerful experiences, and practical knowledge for those looking to go deeper and the ability for these plants and fungi to bring awareness to humans that may just save us all from ourselves. Bravo!
  3. https://www.contemplations.film Contemplations is a 2 hour documentary distilling the wisdom of experienced psychedelic explorers in the Australian scene. Interspersed with deep “contemplations” about the psychedelic state, are animations depicting some of the deeper and most interesting experiences that people have shared.
  4. folias

    Origins of changa/inhaled xhuasca

    A lot of this I think kind of talk is just a kind of variant of tall poppyism, just offhand comments like "nah man, it wasn't him, me and me mates were smoking that shit back in 96" Maybe some people were smoking DMT with an MAO like ayahuasca vine or leaf before 2003. But I never actually heard anybody when presented with changa, say, "oh yeah, I've smoked DMT in a blend of herbs with an MAOI before!" or anything similar to that. It was just so new, that most people just didn't get it or initially just treated it as a curiosity. For floyd and co, the ultimate DMT joint actually did have THC in it aka "the luxury joint" I changed my definition of a luxury joint to contain primarily ayahuasca vine with no THC. Floyd and co got onto the 50/50 vine combo when dreamtime became a "thing". There was one guy in europe, the main guy producing DMT for the scene there, in 2005 he was very skeptical about changa, but eventually came around and that became his thing. Before that, he was already sometimes soaking DMT in parsley. Around that time, my friend showed some changa to the biggest psychedelic drug mafia in the Netherlands, and she said they didn't get it at all! I got the idea for the mullein and mint from a guy who said they were the best herbs to smoke DMT with, but don't think he infused DMT into them. There were people doing stuff like this, you can read some rando internet reports about it, but it was just one off. There wasn't too much DMT going around in the early 2000's anyway, let along people infusing it into herbs or adding MAOI's. Even at Enthnobotany 2 that Torsten organised in early 2002, the only DMT going around was from my friend Daryl who was switching on people. One of the people he turned on was Jeremy, who went on to find DMT in many species (including acuminata) in WA. I remember Jenny from the states trying to buy DMT at intra cortex festival in 2003, and she said she could only find half a gram for some exhorbitant amount. I would go to psy festivals in 1999 and I was the only one with DMT there. The main point is, there was a community of people around at the time who saw Changa emerge and become more popular and become a "thing", and that happened through my efforts all around the world.
  5. Contemplations will be screening over the east coast of Australia over December, with screenings in Byron Bay 11th of December, Brisbane 12th December, Sydney 15th of December and Melbourne 21st of December. “Contemplations: On the Psychedelic Experience” is a documentary based on over 50 interviews, distilling the wisdom of experienced psychedelic explorers in the Australian scene. Interspersed with deep “contemplations” about the psychedelic state, are animations depicting some of the deeper and most interesting experiences that people have shared. Will we will have a 10 minute intermission in the middle, followed by a Q and A with the director and some of the people featured in the documentary. https://www.contemplations.zone
  6. folias

    All done

    Me too! Let me know. I have paypal and cold hard cash.
  7. folias

    MMA on Four Corners tonight

    If anyone is "trying" to engage with me about anything else, they are not doing a very good job. I haven't heard anything about anything else, not a whisper of any other communication. If you would like to communicate to me something else or whatever the present communication/rumour is, please do let me know.
  8. folias

    MMA on Four Corners tonight

    Obviously, I was ambushed. They even imply that very strongly in the piece. my fb post from 5 years ago is me ruminating on metoo and some unfair accusations and me explaining that. I didn't need to do that. The producer hadn't even read that post, I doubt the reporter did either. The whole thing is truly embarrasing for this country, I felt really ashamed such ignorance was being pushed out of the national broadcaster and I think a lot of sensible and intelligent people agree. I'm not sure people are buying this at all, as it just comes through as a hatchet job, even my enemies are unsure it seems to me. I haven't gotten so much clear hate, because what is being levelled against me is so murky and unclear and in an unfair manner. It is not cool when you are accused of being a "bad guy" on national television. The really bad people are the moreons who went and cried wolf four corners. I know who they are, and they are not even people who believe in the power of psychedelic medicine, and grinding their ax against me is the most important thing for them. I'm making a response video which I'll post here when it is done. What do they say? any publicity is good publicity, that appears to be true in this it appears to me.
  9. I've recently posted the crowdfunding for the "Contemplations" documentary-series on indiegogo. There you can watch the 4 minute video about this project. The result will be a 5 hour exploration, which has distilled much of the wisdom of the Australian community into a kind of a guidebook to these states. Please support this project with a pre-purchase of $20 of the finished result, which will be released in April. I've also recently started a youtube channel into which will be posted sections from the interviews that didn't make it into the final cut, but are nontheless wonderful.
  10. folias

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    Now I have spare seed packets from the Philipines, 7 pods most have 2 seeds in them. $7 you can send me a paypal. Message me on here!
  11. folias

    Phyllodium pulchellum

    I have spare seed packets from the Philipines, 7 pods most have 2 seeds in them. $7 you can send me a paypal! Message me on here!
  12. folias

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

  13. folias

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    Some people are saying the arkham botanicals seeds are not phyllodium.
  14. folias

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    A place to buy pullchellum seeds from the UK and also a guide to growing! https://www.arkhamsbotanical.com/shop/seeds/phyllodium-pulchellum-angels-locks-seeds/ https://www.arkhamsbotanical.com/cultivation/how-to-grow-phyllodium-pulchellum-from-seed/
  15. folias

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    I was doing a google search on Phyllodium and found that someone is selling the seeds on ETSY of all places, harvested in Thailand. Seems legit! https://www.etsy.com/listing/668953332/phyllodium-pulchellum-from-thailand