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  1. ENtiTY

    White seedlings

    This year i have germinated a few cacti. Had a batch of pach that had 7 albino in 45 odd that germinated. Also had quite a few lophs. Interestingly they started life lighter green than their companions and after i left them in a spot where they got a little bit to hot they went white. Another went variegated red and stayed that way.
  2. ENtiTY

    Acacia burkittii germination

    Perhaps they would respond to smoke treatment. Many native species require it to break dormancy.
  3. ENtiTY

    favorite pach

    Looks almost identical to a piece of KK339 the universe manifested my way today.
  4. ENtiTY

    favorite pach

    Beautiful! Does this one have a clone name yet? Is it available anywhere? Ecuadorian pach are my favourite Tricho's.
  5. ENtiTY


    ? Bridge clone
  6. ENtiTY

    Cactus pics

    You have some beautiful friends gerbil. Thank you for sharing! Love the PD pach x psycho0! If your ever offering cuts I would surely be interested.
  7. ENtiTY

    seed grown weirdo

    The birth place of a legend! I expected there to be more posts lol. I'll take your word for it regarding your records that it came from bridge seed Ferret... but if I put money on it I'd say its from the SS02 X [Juul's X peruv] batch. Grafted growth has the SS02 bridge look, its got that hulking head of the JG scop based clones and the short spine epidermis that matures into long spine like on peruv. I can see them all in there. Whatever the parentage, shes a beaut mate. Def on the wish list!
  8. Be careful. Its surprising what things are fine for human consumption but toxic to dogs. Grapes for example are extremely toxic and can kill a dog very quickly. This includes dried form like in buns and cake. Also poisoning symptoms may not be evident until its to late. 10mg/kg suggests a low tolerance to the material.
  9. Solubility issue. Warm liquids hold more of a soluble compound than cooler liquids. You will need combine MCT with another liquid that has a greater solubility of CBD isolate if you want higher concentration solutions. 10mg/ml is what I have read for CBD isolate in MCT. You should also look into turpenes for use with CBD isolate as they increase the absorption of cannabinoids.
  10. ENtiTY


  11. Aired out their nethers for repotting. batch 1 batch 2 Only 4 more batches to go. Leaning tower of lophipop. Shall un-lean it tomoz.
  12. ENtiTY

    Acacia burkittii germination

    Pathogens perhaps. If using boiling water treatment try sowing in an inert medium like coarse sharp sand that has been nuked and let cool to room temp. Otherwise once the seeds are soft after treatment you can pull one apart carefully to see if it is healthy or a shrivelled soggy mush inside. If its mush your seeds are junk. If healthy then its probably a pathogen in your soil mix.
  13. ENtiTY

    Acacia burkittii germination

    Not tried burkittii but I have grown many other acacia. Personally I prefer to sand some of the seed coat away before hot water treatment. Not to much, you only need to break the very outer gloss coating, so you can see a bit of a flat spot. Seeds will swell if the process is successful. Much more reliable than just a hot water soak.
  14. ENtiTY

    Looking to buy ephedra

    From my experience years ago, Ephedra are not really that difficult to germinate. I germinated and grew 5 species form memory. Like all plants they requires certain conditions to germinate, all you need to do is provide those conditions and the little tackers do the rest. The reason Ephedra has a reputation for being tricky is due to the seeds viability dropping off over time. To get good results you need fresh seed, or at least not old seed.
  15. Yoink! vvvvVV Gets 20 Phyllodium pulchellum, 50 Acacia concurrens, 20 Acacia acuminata, 25 L. will seeds VVvvvv