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    gardening,aquaponics,aquariums,bushwalking,movies,animation,music,weightlifiting,homebrewing,nature,animals, LIFE!!!

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  1. don juan

    Loph seed ploise

    Oh yeah and cling wrap or keep lid on and don’t open it for about 6 months or whenever u wanna get them out
  2. don juan

    Loph seed ploise

    Takeaway container or plastic picnic cup in the past I’ve just used a good seed raising mix and sprayed maybe 50 ml of water over the mix just sprinkle the seeds on the top brother I think it’s called takeaway tek method
  3. don juan

    Loph seed ploise

    After some loph seed if anyone’s got some to sell cheers
  4. don juan

    Narrow leaf catha

    Is this planthelper?
  5. don juan

    Narrow leaf catha

    Searching for a narrow leaf khat plant cutting or seed cheers only pure narrow leaf no mixed variant
  6. don juan

    FOR SALE - Sceletium tortuosum - Plants

    Can vouch for infinity big healthy plants just got mine in the post :)
  7. What variety of choc Berry’s u got?
  8. don juan

    Butea superba

    Even just info of why there’s only monosperma seed and no superba seed would help I’m after info more than anything as there’s nothing on the net?
  9. don juan

    Butea superba

    Hello just wondering if anyone has any Butea superba seed for sale there seems to be a lot of monosperma for sale but no superba any help would be much appreciated thanks
  10. don juan

    Lophophora seeds

    I'm keen if still available mate
  11. don juan

    wanted: lophophora seed

    Check in the seeds for sale section man there's few people selling them
  12. don juan

    Loph seed 20$

    Hello do u still have any loph seed for sale?
  13. don juan

    khat seeds

    Thanks psiphi but am after the other 2 strains 😄
  14. don juan

    khat seeds

    hello all i am searching for khat seeds mostly pink,white,red if anyone has any and willing to sell them to me would be greatly thankfull cheers