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    Wanted: lophophora williamsii seeds

    Not seen birds steal them but ants will eat the pod where it forms once it ripens. Sometimes they eat the pod around the seeds and leave the seeds in a pile amongst the loph pubes, other times they drop the seeds over the side of the loph to move them out of the way as they munch through the fruit. Its interesting to watch but a pain in the butt if you want to collect the seeds. Once the ants know the fruits are there they move in and setup shop. As for number of seeds, there are a few variables that effect this. Self pollination produces less seeds than cross pollination. Self pollination only works with northern forms and the seeds produce clones of the mother plant not new genetic individuals. Genetics. Some individuals just make bigger pods with more seeds. Age. The older the loph the bigger the seed pod and more seeds in it. When a loph first starts flowering and fruiting it may only produce 1 or 2 seeds. Sometimes the first pod can have no seeds ar all. In terms of monetary value, a things is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Seeds with pure genetics from locational varieties are of greatest value and desirability. But that requires more work and a purpose built setup to do properly than open pollination seeds.
  2. Can help you out with Delosperma bosseranum seedling, Brahmi cuttings and some Phyllodium pulchellum seed. Delo bos is a dang weed lol. The Phyllodiym likes warmth and humidity so best if you grow from seed, take away tek works brilliant. Find their a bit temperamental where I live. Had a dozen seedlings drop over winter. Brahmi is a bit of a weed as well if you find the right spot for it.
  3. Here is the website mate. https://www.trichocereus.com.au
  4. ENtiTY

    Salvia D

    Beautiful plant! Magical emerald green! Grew it for a few years. Really turns it on when you find the right position for it. I did eventually loose it due to circumstance unfortunately. Would love to share space with it again. Have the perfect spot for it. Could trade some fresh loph seeds from my own plants for a cutting...
  5. ENtiTY

    Ogunbodede´s Pachanoi

    Looks like I'll be buying some more misplant seed .
  6. ENtiTY

    Narrow leaf catha

    Preaching to the choir there mate lol.
  7. ENtiTY

    Wanted: lophophora williamsii seeds

    Wrong time of year for that mate. Mid to late spring and on into Autum I would think. Your asking right in the tiny gap in the year when the plants are dormant. Give us a yell when life again surges.
  8. ENtiTY


    PESA Please!
  9. ENtiTY

    Rocky cacti mix ins

    Zeolite is a material that has high cation exchange capabilities and is used to increase the fertility potential in growing media. In the case of the kitty litter it is simply baked clay. Coles also sells baked clay based kitty litter. I use it in my high mineral loph mix and they loooove it. Osmocoate potting soils used to be my go to, especially the cacti flavour but the last time i purchased some it was bulked up with tea tree mulch. Could smell it as soon as the bag was cracked. Terrible stuff. Not even good as a mulch. Hydrophobic and knits down together to form a water tight seal. I guess material availability changes with locality and other factors so it probably isnt always on the ingredient list but its something to watch out for. Another thing to watch is potting soil with ferts added. Seems to be all of them these days. Controlled release ferts arent in themselves a bad thing, i actually prefer and reccomend them. However, when they are pre mixed into potting soil, bagged, stacked on pallets, wraped in pallet wrap and then left sitting in the sun you end up with bags of poison. The mechanism that controls the release rate of fert in those small balls is temperature. The warmer it is the more porus the resin that is used to encapsulate the fert prill. Those bags get might warm inside sitting in the sun and all that fert dumps into the mix. There can also be a heavy burden of fungal pathogens in those commercial potting soils and often come with fungus gnats. You can still use the potting soil you just need to wash all the excess fert out. I usually find a fert ball and crack it open to see how much fert is inside. If it is mostly hollow then the fert has dumped and you need to wash the potting soil then add fresh fert.
  10. ENtiTY

    Lophophora any variety

    Seeds ya say... Lophs ya reckon... Better warm up me clumbsy ol thumbs i think...
  11. ENtiTY

    N. rustica seeds - Giveaway

    Yep yep! That's the snuff I'm looking for! Put me down for a pack of those pearls if it pleases. Thank you for the love ph7.
  12. ENtiTY

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Sheep poop doesnt have the mass. There individual pellets and dry out to quick. Maybe in a controlled grow situation perhaps. Pasturized horse manure is superior to cow manure when used in or as a spawn medium. Aged horse manure is light and fluffy and more nutritious. If you want to do a proper comparison (assuming it is legal where you live) it would be best to compare a single strain cultured clone as opposed to spores to get good data. Its all ready a know thing though. Anyway, if your out on a hunt, dont over look the horse paddock
  13. ENtiTY

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Or horses. Horses dung is actually better. A horses digestive system is not as efficient as a bovines so the poopy from a horse has more nutrition left in it. And cubes love it!
  14. ENtiTY

    my new ethno garden

    Wow! Super cool! How did the cappi and acacia fair mate? Been thinking of doing something similar.
  15. ENtiTY

    Caapi leaves please

    As title states, looking for some dried caapi leaves. If some nice traveller could help me out with 10g or more i would be very happy. Can trade some fresh loph seeds or that money stuff.
  16. ENtiTY

    Loph seeds any variety

    Always got open pol fruits coming on. Send me a pm bud.
  17. ENtiTY

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    Mysterious till you get to know it Time to sprout is fairly short if you treat the seeds correctly and provide the required conditions for germination. Within around 5 days all the seeds that are going to sprout will have sprouted from personal experience. This is the beauty of the hot water treatment, the swelling of the seed is the start of the germination process, you can see which seeds are ready to go and which need more treatment or are perhaps un-viable. If you sow the swelled seeds you are sowing seeds that have already started to germinate so the success rate is much higher. I highly suggest treating only a couple of seeds at a time so if you make mistakes you can learn from them and still have some seed to try again with. You got! :thumbsup:
  18. ENtiTY

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    Hey Pedro! Hard to say mate. If it were only a couple of days since sowing I'd say dig'em up and scratch'em up but since it has been a few weeks they may be germinating and disturbing them will vastly reduce survival. My fingers are crossed for ya mate. Maybe grab some more seed while their available just in case
  19. ENtiTY

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    Hi peeps! Great to see some interest in this plant! I distributed some seed of this plant back in 2008 and 2010. Included some germination tips in the OP for those interested. http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/topic/17008-introducing-a-new-friend/ First thing I suggest is a short (5 min or so) 3% h2o2 bath to kill any pathogens or mold that may have hitch hiked on the pods or seeds, followed by a good wash to flush the peroxide. Scarification with sand paper is usually enough to ensure germination, although a hot water soak can help swell the beans and give visual confirmation the seeds are ready to go. The hot water soak is not absolutely necessary though as long as the seed coat is scratched up goodly. Seedlings are particularly fond of humidity and warmth. As they get older they become more tolerant to the ambient environment. I'm in S.E QLD and have had to use a humidity dome to keep seedlings from wilting. The healthiest seedlings I have grown this year were using the take away tek, in the same conditions I used to germinate lophs and tricho's. Never had this problem back in 2008 and 2010 but the ambient humidity is much lower now due to the drought I guess. Neway, hope some of this rambling is useful to peeps.
  20. ENtiTY

    White seedlings

    This year i have germinated a few cacti. Had a batch of pach that had 7 albino in 45 odd that germinated. Also had quite a few lophs. Interestingly they started life lighter green than their companions and after i left them in a spot where they got a little bit to hot they went white. Another went variegated red and stayed that way.
  21. ENtiTY

    Acacia burkittii germination

    Perhaps they would respond to smoke treatment. Many native species require it to break dormancy.
  22. ENtiTY

    favorite pach

    Looks almost identical to a piece of KK339 the universe manifested my way today.
  23. ENtiTY

    favorite pach

    Beautiful! Does this one have a clone name yet? Is it available anywhere? Ecuadorian pach are my favourite Tricho's.
  24. ENtiTY


    ? Bridge clone
  25. ENtiTY

    Cactus pics

    You have some beautiful friends gerbil. Thank you for sharing! Love the PD pach x psycho0! If your ever offering cuts I would surely be interested.