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  1. chiefpsych1


    Looking great bro!!
  2. chiefpsych1

    Trichocereus seeds (sold out)

    EDIT - More seeds packs are now ready again for this same cross. Please let me know if anyone is keen. Thanks. Trichocereus Seeds Cf3 - Superpedro x Scop Juan (personal reference from the grower this beautiful giant came from). This is a recent cross I did in my garden this season. Freshly harvested & cleaned seeds, ready for sowing. Germination rates very good, recently tested. 10 aussie for 100 seeds + 2 for postage within australia (no tracking) + 4 for postage within australia (tracking) International orders at buyer's risk & postage depending on country. I've posted internationally before with no issues luckily so far. Pls pm me for orders & inquiries. Payment by Paypal family/friends or bank transfer. Thanks all.
  3. I'll have some seeds up for sale soon, just from the few crosses ive done this season. I was planning on selling them for $10 for 100 seeds. Ive sold all my previous crosses last season which were psycho x J1. Upcoming crosses il be releasing are some super pedro, scop, and urban tribe pach crosses. I'll make a post once the seeds are ready.
  4. chiefpsych1

    Trichocereus x Pilocereus hybrids

    Thanks mate! I have only a few seeds that germinated with the pilocereus palmeri x psycho bridgesii and pilo x scop. I'll graft a few up in the next month and see how develop
  5. chiefpsych1

    Herbs for pain

    Hi mate, sorry to hear about your issues. Just a thought if you've tried sceletium t (kanna). Ive tried it as a tea and in capsules before, and it seems to helped with pain and inflammation. Maybe worth a shot, sorry i dont have much to offer plant wise but i think it should be fairly easy to buy in australia in powdered form.
  6. chiefpsych1

    Trichocereus cactus seeds

  7. chiefpsych1

    Two Id’s

    Not sure about the 1st, but the 2nd definitely a pach imo. A beauty of a pach!
  8. chiefpsych1

    Trichocereus cactus seeds

    ** Updated Freshly harvested seeds from my PsychoO x J1 plants; #CF1 J1 (mother) x PsychoO #CF2 PsychoO (mother) x J1 $7 for 100 seeds, includes postage for locations in Australia ** Due to more interest im happy to post internationally at buyer's risk Pm me to work out the details, thanks
  9. Hey all, firstly thanks for the add into the group . Hoping to connect with like-minded people in this cool sacred plant space. My mate and I have attempted a cross with his pilocereus palmeri and my trichocereus bridgesii psychoO. Looks like its working so far, and fruit pod has formed. Hairy psychoO offspring would be cool lol. Anyone with any experience crossing these 2 plants before? Would love to see pics of bigger offspring if anyone is happy to share. Pic below of the palmeri with fruit. Most of my pics i post up on my Ig page 'matteocereus'. Thanks