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  1. Thanks for the advice guys, it is very much appreciated I went ahead and cut some leaves into 3rds and some into 4ths and then put them into trays and some I'm doing a water rooting because all my others have been successful this way. Planthelper, Yes you are right, my viridis leaf cuttings weren't in ideal conditions and I believe that mainly was to do with the heat as it was nice and humid in there. These ones will be kept at a nice temperature. Most other times I've just done Psychotria Nexus leaf cuttings and they've sprouted in the same conditions but we all know that Viridis prefers a more stringent climate, much to the dismay of the members who aren't further in the tropics Edit: By the way it's Psychotria Nexus that I'm making leaf cuttings of in case anyone was curious.
  2. Alright sweet thanks heaps for the heads up man. The leaves I'm cloning off are fairly big that if I cut it into 1/4 it would be roughly the size of ones I had done before but I just wasn't sure if there was another factor which would complicate things. Tell me about it, it's probably the biggest lesson plants have taught me so far. The last viridis leaf cuttings I made took 6-8 months to grow new shoots but they were looking alive and well so I knew that they'd shoot eventually. Also my caapi has taken best part of a year and a half to start growing properly, patience paid off when I got the joy of seeing it starting to grow
  3. I think the diagram is trying to show how the golden ratio is encoded throughout the structure of the dragonfly. Notice the faint lines between the 'zero points' in the wave and how they line up with changes of form in the dragonfly? For example the zero point for the largest phi ratio wave lines up with the change from the head/wing structure to the tail of the dragonfly. It is showing that each of the different parts of the dragonfly make up a harmonic whole in which everything is shaped to be harmonic with the proportion 1.618. The way it is constructed is that you have a whole, which is divided into the golden ratio, which is divided by the golden ratio etc. If a diagram of that type has a name I'm pretty sure it'd be a scale diagram. Here is one of a human which shows the ratios as a scale rather than as nested waves. I have read parts of this book and would recommend it if you're interested to learn more and are a reader; https://ia600400.us.archive.org/24/items/cu31924028937179/cu31924028937179.pdf There is also another book which you can freely download (~1000 pages from memory) which is another great book on phi and how it relates to living structures. I'll have a quick look through my library in the morning and tell you if I find it. I hope I've explained it so you understand something you didn't already rather than something you did
  4. Shamanistic

    Help needed, top heavy khat plant

    I had the same problem not too long back with an acacia. I just topped it before the start of it's bend hoping for the best and the best did happen - she looks great now
  5. Shamanistic

    What zodiac sign are you?

    Mutant, I interpreted escapism as ignoring ones problems by either ignoring them or preoccupying the mind rather than facing/accepting these problems.I interpreted escapism as ignoring ones problems by either ignoring them or preoccupying the mind rather than facing/accepting these problems. I'm not big on Astrology so I didn't know that escapism was interpreted as the want/need for time in seclusion because while I do enjoy a social life I LOVE my time to myself so you could say that maybe I do fit escapism but I personally would say introvert possibly but even that's not the best word. I'm not sure if other pisces are the same but in my alone time I reconnect with myself and my environment so generally my alone time is long walks up in the bush. I do know of a pisces that would probably go crazy if you sent them to go camping for a few days by themselves so from experience I know that love of alone time is not true of all pisces. I'd be interested in helping out with your Neptune enquiry, what is involved in generating a whole chart? Syner, I'm not going to try and prove that say pisces have one set of traits and some other star sign have another set because quite frankly I don't know this myself but I will say that I used to think the same way that you do about astrology until I thought of another way of seeing it. Let me explain what led to me being more open minded about it, I will stress that this is not to the point that I think all astrology is real because I think a lot of it is still shit. One night I was contemplating how mystics have said for centuries that everything is interconnected and I was trying to think of a way in which you could express this in a way which science could understand and therefore accept as a way to try and unify the world. As I sit there, fairly out of it I might add , with millions of ideas rolling through my head I was plucking the strings on my guitar, not that I am very good . I plucked an e note and felt the top string vibrate as I plucked another string and thought of harmonics and nearly as quickly as I thought of the word harmonics it hit me, what if everything in the universe is related harmonically. It could have had something to do with the reading of pythagoras' theory of a musica universalis (Musical Universe, but I just love to say it like that!) I had been doing a month or so before or my readings on Fourier Analysis that I had been doing a few days prior but to me it felt like a divine inspiration like I'd been let in on a secret of some sort. The next day I searched on the web to see if anyone had done much research into this. I found that they certainly had and one really interesting site I found was Ray Tomes and his Harmonics Theory. He shows that you can find commonalities between many cycles on Earth and cycles found in planetary orbits and this got me thinking about astrology. These aren't just in trivial things either, do a little reading and be amazed. Then I started reading a book called Sensitive Chaos by Theodore Schwenck which is about water and how the way living bodies grow is by the same 'laws' as that of fluid motion. It shows how the initial conditions of the movement of water within the cells of a newly conceived child shape many different things in our bodies. On that note I highly recommend the book to anyone interested in observing natural systems. Now I know this is a stretch but if something as subtle as the movement of the water inside the cells of a baby human effects in a profound way it's long term form is it not much more of a stretch to think that maybe something like a hormone, which could possibly fluctuate with cycles we observe in space, in the mother/father affects long term hormonal attributes in the human which would effect things like mood? Like I said it isn't proof but merely an idea in which one could view astrology as possibly having more of a reality than science will generally accept. Anyway enough of my ramblings which are getting more and more off topic. Get back to posting your star signs
  6. Shamanistic

    North Korea threatens US with nuclear attack

    I appreciate your point but something tells me that if NK had some revolutionary technology which would make them competitive against the West then things would be very different now. The only nuclear technology that I could think of that would ensure they don't get blown off the face of the Earth would be something like the ability to remotely disarm nukes while keeping theirs active or something that the west couldn't even imagine but then if NK had that they'd sell it to China and China would probably have ended the US. Like I said in my it's all pretty childish at the end of the day. I seriously don't get how we are all told as kids at school not to hit someone back even if they hit us because fighting is bad yet as you grow up that's all you ever see our world leaders doing.
  7. Shamanistic

    What zodiac sign are you?

    I'm a Pisces and would have to agree with every characteristic listed in FancyPants post on the first page with the exception of escapist but then again it's all in the interpretation. It'd be interesting to have a comprehensive data set of SABs zodiac signs. I wonder if there is something about Capricorns which predisposes them to not like to step out side of boundries and that's why there's not many here? Or maybe they're lazy and so they don't vote
  8. Shamanistic

    North Korea threatens US with nuclear attack

    I think NK would be very silly to start a nuclear war, they couldn't possibly have the technology to destroy the US/West like they have to destroy NK. It's almost like schoolyard politics BlownG, I'm watching that vid you posted and so far I find it very interesting, albeit somewhat hypocritical. I pretty much agree with everything that has been said in it so far (13 minutes in).
  9. Roots will come quickly but shoots can take a while. I put a leaf cutting in some soil like 5-7 months ago and only now am I seeing shoots which is a whole longer than other psychotria I've tried leaf cuttings with.
  10. Shamanistic

    Happy Birthday SYNer

    Happy birthday mate. Hope your day goes well for you!
  11. Shamanistic

    Tyndallization Question

    Yeah, I would never load the pressure cooker more than it is rated especially because it's about as old as I am. I think it's sketchy enough to even use the damned thing let alone with a huge amount of excess pressure in there. I think I'll just buy a new pressure cooker in the next few weeks but I want to mycologalise now! (Sweet I made a new word)
  12. Shamanistic

    Tyndallization Question

    Hello my fellow mycologists I soaked some grain a water/bleach solution and decided off handedly to check the psi I can get from my pressure cooker weight and found that it is only 5 psi which isn't the recommended 15 psi and so I didn't proceed with pressure cooking. It's been soaking for 3 days now and I was thinking that if I tyndallize I might be able to sterilize it but I've also heard of mixed success with it. I am letting the spawn dry out a little and planning on boil/pcing tonight so any advice before then will be very much appreciated!
  13. Shamanistic

    My cat died yesterday

    I am very sorry for your loss Ballzac. Saying goodbye to a loved one is tough, but we'll all be here for you
  14. Shamanistic

    Tyndallization Question

    Cheers for all the advice guys. Melange I weighed the pressure cooker weight and I measured the diameter of the nozzle then you can just calculate it as weight times 9.8 and then divide by the area of a circle with the same diameter as the nozzle and then times by a conversion factor to get the answer in pounds per square inch. This one is pretty old so maybe you won't be able to do that with newer models, not sure.
  15. Sorry missed your post bigred. The toothpick doesn't absorb moisture but does allow the cap to breathe and doesn't end up with sweat all over the print. Silica would work too, I'll have to give it a go next time
  16. I don't know if it's just been the mushrooms I've been printing but I've found that I get much thicker spore prints doing it with a toothpick. I've left big caps under a jar with no toothpick for 38 hours and had barely any spores on my print compared to when the toothpick is there but this could just be due to different specimens/species. So when you do give it a go feel free to let me know how you found the print thickness.
  17. I didn't see this mentioned but something I've found you need to do is put a toothpick under the glass jar so that the mushroom doesn't sweat as that will ruin your print. Until I knew this a lot of my prints would end up bad, after doing this I get really nice spore prints.
  18. Shamanistic

    Fire safe cigarettes

    I smoke cigarettes very rarely and when I do I never notice any adverse effects but the other night I had one. A bit later in the night I had really bad chest pain, had a slight fever and felt like I was getting the flu. I'm not positive that it was the cigarette that did it but it was the only thing I can think of that I did differently to every other day. You just don't know what chemicals your smoking in cigarettes these days, everyone would be much better off growing their own tobacco plants..but then the government can't tax you and big tobacco can't make their profits so instead you get your tobacco infused with a crazy concoction of chemicals to do a wide range of things but most importantly addictive substances are infused in the tobacco to make it more addictive than normal. Seems healthier to smoke some bud grown by some dodgy drug dealer sprayed with shit to make it weigh more, you're probably getting less chemicals than you would with tobacco anyway.
  19. Shamanistic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    I'd be very keen for a meet, uni has finished for the year for me so I'm free to do whatever but I recently got a new job so I'll have to give them a bit of notice. Blackbutt or king edward park sounds good glenrock reserve would be another good place because it's full of different plants but I'm not sure exactly how practical it is. Anyone know any good picnic spots at Glenrock? I agree, things won't be the same without toast. I hope you're having a ball up there!
  20. Shamanistic

    Should we have a sub forum for tek's poll

    If the tek section contained no teks for growing illegal mushrooms plus had teks for things other than mycology I'd think it'd be a great idea!
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    I study at UoN and don't personally live on campus but know some that do. Most of them love having a car but I wouldn't say it is required. I'd probably sell it and see how you go because you can always get a car here. As far as parking goes I've managed very well parking off campus or in the free parking down near the train station. I don't often not get a park close by and find I don't need to walk much more than 5-10 minutes to get to class, has saved me a fair bit of money so far plus adds to my daily exercise. If you need help when you get to Newcastle don't be shy!
  22. Shamanistic

    Sydney Meet Botanic Gardens Sat 20

    Is there any plans of a meet at ega as I'll be down there on Sunday and I'd love to meet more of you but won't be down in Sydney on Saturday?
  23. Shamanistic

    EGA Ticket - Origins Of Consciousness

    No, thank you BF! My weekend just got that much more awesome.
  24. Shamanistic

    EGA Ticket - Origins Of Consciousness

    Ooo yes please. Pm in progress