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  1. Bigred

    Led or fluro for seedlings

    I would just use normal fluro's they are cheap and reliable and work great i have been using fluro's on my seedlings/cuttings for 20 years
  2. I find the SAB fb group is full of dickheads and is turning me into a nasty person tbh i think it is facebook in general .One guy was trying to sell me a tek for his CBD extraction and years ago i gave away about prints to lot's of people i still get asked a lot to this day .The major problem is they think shamanism is only about drugs
  3. Bigred

    PGR experiments

    I use canna boost it contains Tricontanal but for the price it is cheaper just to run a extra light with co2 and to be honest i only saw a reduced flower period not the claim of a 30% increase in yields
  4. Bigred

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    hi all was after a cube print to check out with my new microscope
  5. Bigred

    We were under DDoS attack

    I have not been able to get on the site since it happened
  6. I have been trying to get on the site since sunday .If you don't hear from me i will be at the camp
  7. I sometimes half wake up and can't move my legs or arms its like i'm paralyzed.Does anyone ever get this like it feels i'm half in a dream and half in reality
  8. Quasi-J are you a new member or did you have to start your profile from scratch
  9. What gossip this is a open forum and we are all one big family if you have a issue with people talking crap about you talk to Torsten he is great with these matters If you fly into brisbane i'm sure Sharxx will give you a lift
  10. No luck hunting this weekend spent 6 hours tracking a deer ended up being a old stag (property i hunt on trophey bucks are to be left alone ) going again this weekend so hope to bag a nice one as i picked a few up on my trail cam
  11. Bigred

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Damm a few window lickers in this thread lol