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  1. Louza8

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    How'd people go today? Saw a couple of cubes and I think couple of pans but not much about. Lot of effort driving and not much reward, oh well. I try to avoid any direct line of site from the road or farm houses to avoid being seen and this very much limits my spot selection, how do you guys manage on that front?
  2. Louza8

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Hopeful for a look in a couple of days...good bit of rain and humidity with nice temps still...not sure if the rain will be enough
  3. Louza8

    Ids please

    Awesome, thanks mate.
  4. Louza8

    Ids please

    1. Cereus? 2. Cereus?
  5. Hi, looking to study some fungus spore prints for microscopy purposes only. In particular looking for psylocybe spp. spore prints, cubensis spores would be interesting to look at. Also looking for what microscope is recommended to assist with study. Can trade a trichocereus mut if that is preferred, otherwise happy to compensate for time/effort. Kindly.