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  1. Hi mate, do you have photos? I'm in Perth. Thanks. Edited for replies
  2. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    I am keen.. can someone who is going message me to add on fb so I remember?
  3. Hey there.. need to sell these cacti! Trichocereus bridgesii var. cristata (crested) Trichocereus bridgesii clones 'Kai' and 'Cliff' Trchocereus terscheckii (Cardon Grande) Trichocereus peruvianus 'MG Red Spined' Trichocereus macrogona 'Sausage' (Matucana) Trichocereus bridgesii monstrose (TBM) Lophocereus schottii monstrose Trichocereus spachianus Trichocereus pachanoi (REAL San Pedro) Message me!
  4. chilli

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Anyone know of any Bunnings that currently have Acacia acuminata?
  5. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Who is ready for another Perth meet? Trade some plants, chill in a park, make connections. I've missed it.
  6. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Let's make a meet happen sandgropers, it's been too long.
  7. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Was just wondering if there was a meet coming up, count me in I'll have some cacti cuttings to trade.
  8. Saw this mentioned on disinfo, apologies if it's already been posted. Source: http://www.gnosticmedia.com/McKenna-Agent Seems legit.
  9. chilli

    Free Trichocereus hybrid seed!

    keen too simhanada
  10. Hi Thelema! how could we be the same person? since a person is defined by their limitations and exclusion persona is Latin for the masks actors wore in dramatic plays maybe all living things are expressions of the same consciousness maybe it's just electric monkey meat spazzing out illusions generated by our biology what I don't get is if our brains like all life are products of dualistic processes and we therefore inescapably perceive everything in dualities aren't dual/nondual states of mind another duality? at the very least we can say all life emerged from the interplay of opposites the bright hot shafts of father sun penetrated the dank primordial mists of mother earth and life emerges at the continuing, fragile meridian of harmonious interplay between the two our local syzygy parochial expression of the dyad so how could we know anything when these dualities are what our brain is built from? I also want to know if to be 'all one' is to be literally al-one... are all distinctions illusory?
  11. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Keen. Second sunday of every second month... 14th April?
  12. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    is anyone still there? thinking I might swing by if I can bring the 'pup'?
  13. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    keen as a bean! will make every effort but not definite
  14. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    keen as a bean! will make every effort but not definite