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  1. Hi mate, do you have photos? I'm in Perth. Thanks. Edited for replies
  2. Hey there.. need to sell these cacti! Trichocereus bridgesii var. cristata (crested) Trichocereus bridgesii clones 'Kai' and 'Cliff' Trchocereus terscheckii (Cardon Grande) Trichocereus peruvianus 'MG Red Spined' Trichocereus macrogona 'Sausage' (Matucana) Trichocereus bridgesii monstrose (TBM) Lophocereus schottii monstrose Trichocereus spachianus Trichocereus pachanoi (REAL San Pedro) Message me!
  3. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    I am keen.. can someone who is going message me to add on fb so I remember?
  4. chilli

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Anyone know of any Bunnings that currently have Acacia acuminata?
  5. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Who is ready for another Perth meet? Trade some plants, chill in a park, make connections. I've missed it.
  6. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Let's make a meet happen sandgropers, it's been too long.
  7. Saw this mentioned on disinfo, apologies if it's already been posted. Source: http://www.gnosticmedia.com/McKenna-Agent Seems legit.
  8. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Was just wondering if there was a meet coming up, count me in I'll have some cacti cuttings to trade.
  9. Can anyone give me more info on what these are? Best I can find is Cereus Peruvianus f. Tortuosus, but only because it's growth habit is the same as the C. Hildmannius f. Tortuosus, which looks quite different... whatever it is, I want one.
  10. http://www.ted.com/talks/eric_x_li_a_tale_of_two_political_systems.html http://blog.ted.com/2013/06/13/a-tale-of-two-systems-eric-x-li-at-tedglobal-2013/
  11. chilli

    Free Trichocereus hybrid seed!

    keen too simhanada
  12. Hi Thelema! how could we be the same person? since a person is defined by their limitations and exclusion persona is Latin for the masks actors wore in dramatic plays maybe all living things are expressions of the same consciousness maybe it's just electric monkey meat spazzing out illusions generated by our biology what I don't get is if our brains like all life are products of dualistic processes and we therefore inescapably perceive everything in dualities aren't dual/nondual states of mind another duality? at the very least we can say all life emerged from the interplay of opposites the bright hot shafts of father sun penetrated the dank primordial mists of mother earth and life emerges at the continuing, fragile meridian of harmonious interplay between the two our local syzygy parochial expression of the dyad so how could we know anything when these dualities are what our brain is built from? I also want to know if to be 'all one' is to be literally al-one... are all distinctions illusory?
  13. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Keen. Second sunday of every second month... 14th April?
  14. I was thinking about this after reading bit's thread on his new crests he picked up in Auckland, which came from the Castle Rock Cactus Company in Christchurch. I visited them recently, and really they do have a hell of a lot of crested pachs there! We are getting a camera shortly, and I will go out there again soon and take some photos. His private greenhouse is amazing with an unbelievable massive crested astrophtyum and a beautiful single column Lophocerus shotii monstrose. Anyway, it got me thinking... there are quite a few people back in Aus who have expressed oh, shall we say, extreme interest in obtaining a crested pachanoi, and it seems as if they do not exist in Australia, except possibly in some old granny's backyard somewhere, so I wondered if these people would be interested in putting their dollars together and importing a square meter footprint of crested pachanoi from this greenhouse. Thing is, a year or two ago the owner was very reluctant to let even one go, and I really had to cajole him just to get a small one, but he said come back in a year. So now it is a couple of growing seasons later, and they have sent a few around NZ, and I have personally just bought 5 or 6 in my latest trip out there... still, he would only let me take two of the larger ones, but I think this is because they are pretty overgrown, and would easily make three or four medium ones, as well as a healthy root so it is not very good business sense for them to sell them for $15. Okay, so the point is I'm fairly sure they would sell a bunch of the small to medium ones quite happily, and I reckon people back home may as well buy them and give their existence over there a massive headstart, as NZ obviously has no shortage! Personally, I want these funny fellas to be around over there cause I would miss them if we ever move back home... not as much as I would miss my wife or my balls if I had to leave either of them behind, but quite a bit nonetheless. A couple of years ago Rev and I were looking into importing a bunch of TJG from here, and it looked like it would be fairly expensive but the scariest part was that they could still end up destroying them for some reason, and the money would be wasted... but the thing is, if enough people over there are genuinely interested in obtaining a specimen or three, it really wouldn't be that much of an outlay per individual. Of course, it would be possible to just try discreetly posting small cuttings over there, but the problem is that apart from being completely dodgy, the little cuttings have a low chance of survival. So what do you guys reckon? I can think of at least half a dozen of you I reckon would jump at the chance... fucking cactus heads.
  15. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    is anyone still there? thinking I might swing by if I can bring the 'pup'?
  16. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    keen as a bean! will make every effort but not definite
  17. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    keen as a bean! will make every effort but not definite
  18. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    keen as a bean! will make every effort but not definite
  19. I thought about this thread this morning and remembered that song I thought your name came from bogfrog, and then I remembered it also mentioned being full of bees: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wpB5kBQo6w I am The only one Can ride that horse Th'yonder I'm full of bees Who died at sea It's a wonderful life It's a wonderful life I wore a rooster's blood When it flew like doves I'm a bog Of poisoned frogs It's a wonderful life It's a wonderful life I'm the dog that ate Your birthday cake It's a wonderful life It's a wonderful life It's a wonderful life Neat huh?
  20. What I meant is I think the unconscious largely determines everything we notice and make connections between, so maybe you notice the bees when you are in a certain frame of mind. That seems more likely to me than a direct chemical effect, and also explains the way reality seems to conform to our moods and thoughts. Maybe it really does, who knows? What I do believe is that when stuff like this happens, the best place to look for understanding is inside yourself. If I have bee dreams and I notice bees a lot I would ask why? The answer will be very personal, which is why you are in the best position to know it.
  21. I think it is much less likely to be bee pheromones affecting your dreams than it is your unconscious.
  22. I am about to repot some different Acacias and I started wondering about the symbiotic fungi it grows with in the wild.. the ones I am about to repot are acuminata, cyclops and floribunda and I have a bunch of random others coming along. So I am not sure if all species are supposed to benefit from this fungus, if it is different fungus(or fungi) for different species, where to get it or how much to use. From what I can gather, these may be the relevant fungi: Scutellospora calospora Glomus intraradices Glomus mosseae and they may benefit a range of Australian natives? so basically I am wondering does anyone in WA have a chunk of the right kind of mycelium for this in some dirt? and don't tell me to go scratching in the dirt to get some, unless it just grows everywhere under any random natives (does it?). Is it best to add it when repotting, or can I go ahead and repot and then just dig some in the soil when I get it? Any help or advice welcomed about the repotting generally, so far I am doing it moist and with some seasol Thanks
  23. it is a vague, poorly defined term, but it is usually used to refer to anti-social personality disorder or you could say if you have extremely high empathy you cannot possibly be a sociopath.. a douchey cunt, maybe, but not a sociopath
  24. chilli

    Insight into human nature.

    Yes but he implies he has the ability to dramatically control or alter what people think and do against their will. If he really did, I doubt he would be doing it on his little TV show. From what little I have seen, he is entertaining but I would certainly question how genuine most of his more impressive stunts are.