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  1. The world is a sad place when you're sad about it. Mind control, terror, fear, negative energy, the universe has plenty of these, it is infinite. Sad though it may be, whatever transcendental intent is behind such acts.. it may well be to keep you in your hole of righteous judgment, OR offer you the liberation of divine forgiveness. Empathy for the victims and all that it has affected with compassion and action to remedy such a hurt is essential, getting upset over the inhumanity and injustice will have you digging a deeper hole trying to find the unattainable concept of deliverance of justice. Seeking justice usually manifests more injustice through the tendency of myopic victim mentality which projects more evil through the inability to forgive and exorcise said demons. ^^^Easier said than done, emotional strings are wrapped tight.
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    Chemtrails over Newcastle

    Now the tin foil hatter will say that due to the spread of conventional contrails lingering as they do, this is the perfect cover for dumping toxins / metals / whatever it is that they're spraying. The idea that a small amount of water vapour could cause a chain reaction of condensation always seemed to make sense, although I would always discount this logic for that dreaded feeling that the powers that be are intent on poisoning me. I still maintain my paranoia that there may well be malicious intent (control trip) behind at least some of the phenomenon. I saw the strangest thing on youtube (cbf looking it up now) where there appeared to be a darkened line through the clouds on the same trajectory of a plane apparently spraying chemtrails, like it was following this path. There was discussion on possible holographic projections to explain this weirdness, it didn't seem to make any sense in any case. A while later I saw the same thing with my own eyes, I've got no idea on an explenation. Anyone ever see anything similar?
  3. +1 from me. The little green thing disappeared when someone decided that post was worth negatising.
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    thought for the day.

    The thing is I think self sustainable living to be a much more pleasant alternative then slaving away to feed a system that doesn't support you. We accept our rations from nanny state and barely scrape by, where living in harmony with nature we would all have abundance. A wage is a pathetic replacement for real autonomy. It is a hypnotic spell, no more. Sure it is a hard spell to break, but if possible we could much better manage the land and use resources more efficiently. It is a lack of purpose or meaning, a lack of self actualisation that we medicate with the capitalist distraction, like it was some kind of great thing worth supporting, we all know we're wasting our lives away feeding the system, but it seems that this is the only way. We distrust the liars and thieves in government yet believe them that this is the only way. Cognitive dissonance is a powerful tool. Tripsis, by your own admission it is our over consumption of resources and bad land management that is the issue, not overpopulation. It is not that we are overpopulated per se, only that this wasteful way of living is exacerbated with a larger population. The crazy thing about nature is that it feeds itself, instead of rampant parasitism, a symbiotic relationship would accelerate exponentially into over abundance just as we have accelerated towards scarcity through the habit of over consumption. 2c
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    Youtube vids

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    tst tantra

    Great to hear things went well! Haven't seen you at a few meets was getting a little bit worried, then saw a recent post of yours and figured is allgood! See you at the next meet!
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    The Communist manifesto

    Link This article is most definitely geared towards those wanting to distance themselves from conspiracy theory like it was the diagnosis of insanity. [1] I'm not too sure about immunisation, mercury injections can't be good though, and don't get me started on fluoride. Colgate ads that market the fact it's still trusted by Australians and their dentists, they market the trust! Since when is toothpaste such a hazard we need to know we can trust it!?! Unless the conspiracy theories are right?! Unless they're compensating for the fact so many distrust "fluoride toothpaste" - It doesn't say "contains fluoride" fluoride is it's market appeal! Trust it, it's good! Winfield Nicotine Cigarettes, now with extra flavour! [2] Watched Sin City last night, thought this was apt: The whole facade is a house of cards, everybody (who counts) will do their bit to uphold this illusion. You do not need total collusion by all involved parties, only those who count, the rest will fall in line, I mean if all the data and models say one thing, who are they and their identity as pillars of truth in society to take down the whole illusion? (group mentality seems to go against the inquisitive mind of a scientist, maybe not a career scientist though) I guess we still believe them after doctors market cigarettes and dentists still say fluoride is safe. To trust a scientific authority nowadays is tough to do, they've sold out their credibility far too many times, it is little wonder why scepticism is so prevalent in todays age of hyper-communication and information. ...having said that, the sheer volume of information may mean the investigation itself has less depth. I'm undecided on our role in climate change, I dare say stopping the few football fields deforestation per second would have a greater impact on mitigating c02 evils than a new wealth redistribution plan. Balance is and always has been the key. [3] Conservatives are as a general rule conservative, They're all about sustaining their grip on control with all our wealth they've conserved. They are afraid of risks, such as investments in green technology and decentralised (read: no control of supply and demand and profit) power. At the core of it it is the necromancy of ideas that have long ago had their flesh rot away that we keep on consuming which is the cause of our illness. Here's some food for thought, grow your own! You might have nutrition, or try the new shit burger at McDonalds! [4]...good question, why is there no public debate? Why doesn't the media cover this issue? It's better to be safe than sorry, It's a good "insurance" policy to arm yourself to the teeth lest the billions of oppressed people around the world thanks to you try to take the power back. An insurance policy against our own projected mistrust through our own manipulative, coercive and outright violent actions; if we can't trust ourselves to be civil, we cannot trust them. If we have the ability to destroy then by golly so do they, so lets just remain in a high tension stale mate state instead of throwing down our arms and working together. Instead of playing country against country and population against population and class against class, so that some players enjoy themselves and we're left up shit creak, INSTEAD of that... I dunno, comradeship? community? anarchy? I don't know, just a few ideas because these dead ideas are making me feel sick. Oh and on that note fuck Communism! In the form of autocratic dictatorship and centralised state control... um no thank you, I mean it's a nice offer but I've got all my friends who want to work together without being forced to... oh shit nope, you've suckered them in too with your fear mongering. It's good to collect nuts for the winter but the kids don't want to share! Why?... Fear of lack of abundance. Fear, it can fuck right off! [5] There was a time we didn't lock our doors. [6] "rather than wait for the sanction of the UN [or the Australian publics consent] John Howard pursued the course of action that he felt was right. Given the imagined threat of weapons of mass destruction, delay, we were told, was not an option." LOL great argument there! Does that mean we should do something against this imagined threat too? They had expert intelligence, even though many a crackpot conspiracy theory website knew the deal before any plane hit any tower, iraq was always part of "the plan". The world population was also very aware of the injustice of said war and marched en masse in protest against it, only to have it go ahead anyway ...because of Howards and co's gut feeling? give me a break! So some massive corporations made some money (a killing!) through the suffering of helpless innocent people, based on a hunch. It's good that now we have expert scientists with their expert advice to guide us. Inconclusive as the issue may be, we're told it's settled, there is no question. I recall some newscasters with the same conviction about WMD's. I'm a bit baffled that a pro-trust-government article would throw in such an argument that just says "trust them even if history shows us they're full of shit" I'm a bit lost on the logic used there. The most recent public example of data being twisted to suit the needs of the controlling military industrial complex, is used as an argument to trust their conclusions again now? [7] To be honest just because they're massive research institutions, a self serving politician and a massive raper of natural resources, I don't feel they have any extra implied trust. I also probably have less trust in anyone that agrees to have the label of Lord, self righteous fucks think they're better than me!? Pisses me off as much as "Honourable" politicians. ...Oh wait that's right, it's not who they are or what they call themselves, it's what they're saying! I haven't bothered listening to the lord yet, I just felt compelled to respond to this right wing article about left wing ideas with a middle finger fuck off [8] I'm a stoner so feel free to dismiss this as I don't have a suit and tie on as I'm typing this... I'm serious, If c02 saturation in our atmosphere is such a life and death issue it might be high time to legalise hemp (which would remove the need to remove trees). Maybe a society of stoner growers won't feel the need to jump through the hoops of the system, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the costly distraction from real life that is capitalism, maybe tending the garden would be more life affirming then being a cog in a machine? These are some real green solutions, good for sustainability and conservation, not good for sustaining the conservatives control, so you won't hear it from them. The most obvious god-given solution is the devil to them, even though they'll admit to smoking it to get your votes. I think the biggest deniers are conspiracy deniers, coincidence theorists is the term of derision I tend to use to tell myself I'm right. The dots are everywhere hidden in plain sight, it seems connecting them is the scary part. Ignorance is the result of actively ignoring scary things. Buy up the patents to novel technologies so that they're never released. Suppress herbal medicines through restrictive legislation, tire away your populace with economic slavery, dumb them down and weaken their resolve with bad food and television. = Profit for some and slavery for many. The only economic solution is to turn over the tables of the money changers!
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    radio music

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=252gw4kdyLg ^^^Listen to lyrics!!! The music industry may as well be an arm of the military industrial complex, the old brainwash the masses to gain total control trick. *sigh* Also, that song was epic synchromesh! Cheers for sharing!
  9. The Dude

    radio music

    Pop music is a weapon of mass distraction, causing inaction a weapon of mass destruction. Wouldn't be all that bad if it wasn't so popular. They call it the Music Industry, its products are the lobotomised minds of the listeners going through it's assembly lines. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4Bwv7kNj9U ^^^This guy is amazing! Some songs I'm sure the conspiracy heads will enjoy
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    radio music

    Pop music, as with all pop culture is part of the massive conspiracy to lower standards of art to be all the more mediocre and pathetic, to sell us our bread and circus at a lower cost to the manufacturer. Cookie cutter music is great if you can have people hooked on monotony and sell it as cool and exciting. I guess why the OP was angered is that by pointing out the sameness of two specific songs they imply that the rest of their playlist is brand new unique awesomeness. If you can manufacture such a Stockholm syndrome and placebo effect that the people exposed to this "music" start actually believing it's good. They start to enjoy their conformist prison of mediocre unexciting monotony and get back on the treadmill, you see the music is just a symptom of the machine that is systematic, organised and mass produced. Give me some lo-fi garage rock with soul any day over a musical masterpiece that follows all the right rules to get them hooks right into your brain and have it stuck there for ever! pop music is only popular because it's catchy and the ego bullshit is what we then go around thinking too, there is a reason why life imitates art. It is one thing to raise awareness and have a catharsis and then there's hiding in the ego games that pop culture promotes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv2qLOiioPc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRkA6zugNMQ I've got no trouble with sex and drugs and rock and roll, I don't wish to censor music, like all art it's only real art if it's real! It's just that the themes of pop music instead of being any kind of look in the mirror that is art, instead of any kind of re-appraisal and self reflection, it is now merely nodding your head to the beat, marching to indifferent drum, while adopting all the ideals the elite has there planted for you. It's not a matter of think of the children, it's think for yourself! Music like all mind control is especially insidious because it's seen as so harmless. Music to me is one of the most magical things in existence; I think it's of supreme influence and significance.
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    Very unique style!
  12. I like the direction this thread is heading... I'll wait for Psylo to share more of his bad taste jokes first I think.
  13. Different perspectives of the same thing. I guess that any mythology or ontological framework is valid, they validate themselves; seek and ye shall find. For the record I do not see a "scientific" world and a "spiritual" world, I know they are one and the same, yet both perspectives give a different view of the world. I've always maintained that it's best to have both eyes open. The scientific world view is limited by data and pattern recognition, and it's own self-consistent formulas. It is the linear rational world we habitually remind ourselves of (for orders sake) during our waking consciousness. When we slip into dream we allow the world to breathe without constriction, from this perspective what is seen as "fake" is the limiting filter of reality, which ironically is the only proof of anything real within said filtered view. Beyond rationality and logical consistency is not beyond truth. The spiritual is always a matter of personal interpretation, hence it needs not be retarded by the need for proof, or logical consistency. Demanding said validation is shouting down the mystery that you yourself are whispering to yourself and may have you believing that such a reality does not really exist if it cannot survive the onslaught of questioning. Like any relationship, if an idea/entity must defend their existence chances are they'll disappear from your view. You can only receive insights if you are receptive to them. As far as ego control trip goes, you remain correct and a novel potential of being remains false. We're all pretty defensive of what is, for all intents and purposes our whole reality, a pre-written reality is abhorrent to our ideas of free-will, and therefore ignored, yet a lack of personal responsibility is also attractive to some and a reason for embracing the idea, which is also off the mark. As always for me the answer is the mystery and the paradoxical entanglement of free-will and determinism is a satisfactory unanswered answer for me. It is nice to be out of your mind; you are free to interpret as you wish, to listen to all possibilities without the unconscious defense mechanism need to censor, filter and sanitise reality.
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    It has to start sometime
  15. A sense of rythm! Perfect! We can all play our own instruments but we have a place in the larger song. Now do we play in time or not? You will always have free will, some people will never have a sense of rythm though.
  16. Well, that's the whole idea right? To interperet it through OUR perspective. The relationship of heavenly bodies to us, the time/place our spirit was birthed within the context of the rest of the material world (all from the same spirit origin), like all of existence it is only a matter of perspective. It's not important that the real shape of these constellations is not how we see it, it's all about HOW WE SEE IT. Astrology is not a technical science, it is a spiritual endeavor at understanding, it's mechanisms are that of spiritual interpretation not to be recorded as physical measurements. Without awareness of these million billion trillion quadrillion stars their spiritual significance is nil. Astrology is an imaginative and interpretative investigation of the unknown, through its visibly cyclic manifestations, it is an attempt to divine or imagine the psychic processes that are reflected in the known cycles of the universe that we are aware of; their physical manifestation as cycles in relation to our terra firma is attempted to be understood as a reflection of psychic or spiritual movements. It is NOT a science. No spirituality can be seen as that, however the modalities of investigation get just as technical and there are known techniques that may as well prove this as an empirical reality, a valid perspective. The experiment found what it was looking for. Self validation is not proof of anything to those with an open mind and a wider perspective of the possible. You can only see what you can see. You see what you want. A spiritual mystery that transcends logical and known rules is something that some shy away from. Astrology is not something one calculates as forces of gravity from star systems light years away, nor is it guess work, it is intuition; a holistic perspective using mythological motifs to paint our collective existence. It is a perspective of non-linear causation, that the universe suggests its own existence. "The stars impel. They do not compel", there is room for spontaneity within the clockwork, chaos always remains, it is determined to - The twin example: Each twin has their own free will, their own volition, their own interpretation of the clockwork within which they abide. IMHO we are all totally enmeshed in an ineffable synchronous machine, that we can personally interpret in infinitely creative ways, Astrology doesn't interpret the story for you, it just reminds you what page you're on in a book that writes itself, yet was always already written. There is no objective ground of being, everything is relative - so the constellations aren't about their real shape, it is only their perceived shape that is important to us; in an infinite universe knowing all possibilities is impossible, you focus on your own connections. The interpretation is not a physical calculation, it would be more in line with tea leaf images or looking through entrails for a message. The conclusions are far from rational or logical, so don't look at it that way. [edit] relative reality, true and false are absolutes that don't interest me much, dependent on context and perspective everything is relatively true or false.
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    omg amanita

    =OFF TOPIC= Mutant, next time try a couple grams in a tea with some kind of vitamin c, like a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Both tea and vitamin c are anti-oxidants which protect the actives and the acid seems to extract it or pre-process it for digestion so it comes on quick. Tea starts a lot quicker and is usually much more intense and of a shorter duration (although it might not feel like it). The method seems to be the closest thing to dmt I reckon, direct experience of communion with the logos. Low doses are perfectly fine for getting used to the space, it's just quite interesting the sort of perspective one can get by ingesting only a few more grams, tea seems to be the most effective and least nauseous method. (especially with vit c).
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    Ghost city appears above xin'an river

    Yeah, my bad, I didn't know about "the aukiman link" until you mentioned it, nor did i see you clearly refer to his post in your original comment.
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    Ghost city appears above xin'an river

    Thank god for rationality. I still think that this whole reality is a projection of sorts and that there may well be a possibility of witnessing another dimension intersecting with our own, or that sort of thing (whilst not on drugs). Who knows, I guess it's best to keep the reductive operating system loaded up lest others think you're gullible, or because you don't want an alternate reality (another dimension) to influence your own, I entertained the idea, I entertain a lot of ideas though.
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    The legality of JWH in australia in the past

    lol, yeah it's probably true that drugs weren't the right choice for santiago, what with all those sorts of insights.
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    Climate Scientists Recieve Death Threats

    heh.. that won't happen. Trusting the government = Stockholm syndrome. They are our captors, not servants, but it's for our own good remember. The science is settled, now it's a matter of deciding how best to sell this idea of wealth redistribution. Whoever said something about reducing our military spending and using that to fund green energy was on the money. R&D into green transportation and the whole idea of war for oil won't exist anymore and there'd be no need for the military spending and no more neo-colonial fascist control trip... oh wait, what do governments do again?