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  1. chnt

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  2. Edited for you mimzy, but for you I can deliver. Say hi to your parents, nice peoples.
  3. Moving house and in also in need of $ These babies have been with me for 3 years now and this is quite an emotional decision, alas... They were purchased by me at around $20 per foot, I think... I may decide to keep a couple, but if you're interested make an offer. The choice and price is yours! I can take better pics if needed, thanks. Located in Perth, WA, south of river for now, pick up is preferred, should have stipulated previously, arigato.
  4. chnt

    Hi, how are you?

    I may have looked good in the past, but now I just look simply stunning! 😉 Such a chunt right? Thinking of you 😘
  5. chnt


    How fascinating! So much to say, so much so. The mind is infinite, its potential is limitless.
  6. chnt


    Absolutely loving this new one, tell me more, tell me more! If personal growth gets you off and you're looking for a challenge that can only be described as orgasmically scandalous!, then may Vipassana enter your conscious faculties. Oh how it's been a pleasure, so much so. 💋🌹
  7. chnt

    Hi, how are you?

    Smooth endoplasmic retinaculum Myopic organismic curriculum Intrepid redefinite telomerestorascertion One would like to establish exactly what is referred to as commotion. Reading your comment made me hard Quarterflesh... Hi Alice, very interesting to say the least, just wait for the film adaptation's release. Love you too Thunder 😘
  8. chnt

    Hi, how are you?

    I'm fabulous. I like the universe and coconuts. I hope you're well, especially Ethy, absolutely love you Cheshy ❤️ Peace, Love, and Magic Chnt
  9. chnt

    Post a random picture thread

    shinigami love apples