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  1. Seldom

    meme loves

  2. Seldom

    meme loves

  3. Seldom

    Cold showers

    still have cold showers every day, it's still a little death every morning, and i love it does anyone else do this ?
  4. Seldom

    Define God

    yes we all do
  5. Seldom

    Quotes of the day.

    "how bout usin' ya fucken indicator mate" - Australian proverb
  6. Seldom

    don't cha hate it when..

    when you rub your head and dandruff goes in your eyes and your eyes water but it's really not from the dandruff it's just because life is sad sometimes
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    meme loves

  8. https://www.facebook.com/549407148511768/videos/vl.863380057079088/792954847490329/?type=1&theater&__mref=message_bubble
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  10. Seldom

    don't cha hate it when..

    when you're doing all this stuff at once, and something ordinary happens, and you saw it but didn't care enough to respond, and you go back to doing what you gotta do, but it's not the same, and you try to tell them but it's no use, you just gotta breathe in & out, even though it will never be the same, you still need to sit down, reflect, but it doesn't impact your life or your choices, and deep down you don't care that it doesn't, you need to do it anyway
  11. Seldom

    Quotes of the day.

  12. Seldom

    don't cha love it when...

    taking a woman on holidays is like taking a sandwich to a restaurant
  13. Seldom

    Why are we here?

    i am here to play KoЯn to my dmt plants, smoke blunts all day & do sex stuff https://video-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hvideo-xtf1/v/t42.1790-2/11932705_792959244156556_479951076_n.mp4?efg=eyJybHIiOjMwMCwicmxhIjoxMzQ0fQ%3D%3D&rl=300&vabr=87&oh=d84318a52670ad875ab7ab5d654b5938&oe=55ED4A0F
  14. Seldom

    plant spirit rant

    i log in just to give this man propz ^^ and also to say, that the concept of plant teachers has one that has had enduring influence on the way I choose to relate to life . this type of animism isn't as easy to discredit as people may think. it's important to remember that the west has no monopoly on understanding what it is to exist in the world. We've evolved to be attuned to the narrow spectrum of phenomena that's enabled us to pass on our genes, nothing else. we exist at a strange scale, largely ignorant of really small shit like atomic, subatomic and molecular phenomena, but incredibly small when considered within a context that includes other planets, stars & black holes. the capacity to perceive truth is not a biological necessity, and can indeed in many instances be a hindrance to human flourishing. and the difficulty of surmounting that old Kantian distinction between things as they are and things as they seem, the Platonic distinction between appearance and essence, subjects that know and act and objects that are known and acted upon, these aren't easy ones to get around for those that are born into Occidental culture. the technological capabilities that the west has used to increase interconnectedness is not to be sneezed at, but neither is the internal investigations undertaken and mapped by aboriginal cultures all over the world. 'because science' is not a sufficient reason for discrediting world views whose foundations are incomparable with ones own views. the only thing i can say for sure is that, well this is how life appears to me. but words are blunt objects. what really interests me is how it appears to other people . the more different, the better. i know what the scientific conception entails because i've been involved in utilizing its methodology in an academic context for going on 7 years. what i find really fascinating is for example the Australian indigenous beliefs that the world is sung into existence through the song of human consciousness. In western philosophy Bishop Berkely was the first to formulate the problem of whether matter produces consciousness, or whether consciousness is primary and its existence generates matter. this problem is yet to be solved in physics, and is known as the question of the 'observer effect'. Aboriginal narratives about what it is to exist in the world should not be accorded an inferior status of 'myths' or etc. we in occidental culture have our own that are just as entrenched, and as paradox notes the idea of a self is principle among these. people always speak from the depth of their own ignorance, and i'm drunk at the moment but the OP is a prime example. taking psychedelics is about dislodging certitude. it's not about receiving information from plant teachers. plant intelligence is completely alien to our own, and has nothing to do with knowledge. but plants are teachers. it's not about empowering yourself, it's about dismantling the sense of having a self. psychedelics show that a self isn't a necessary precondition to having experiences. if you take the right ones, you will have incredibly vivid experiences without needing to have a self. you may discover that the very notion of having a self is implicit in the system of exchange that are slowly extinguishing the life force of the planet. the self is a grammatical fiction inculcated by a society that wants you to sell the better part of your day, the better part of your life, and leave you burnt out and too frail to . . i dunno. it's not a good idea to post while drunk. but i do get the feels when i hear ignorance . 'plant teachers' aren't real. nothing is. "whenever its name has been anything but jest, philosophy has been haunted by the question: what if knowledge were a means to deepen unknowing?" . etc etc