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    Eileen cuttings for sale

    I have 9 x 30.5cm (1ft) Eileen cuttings for sale. 3 tips and 6 mid sections. Very fat. I'm selling them at $40 each + postage.
  2. The Dude

    Eileen cuttings for sale

    Two tips left
  3. The Dude

    Eileen cuttings for sale

    My pleasure! Gotta spread the love! =D
  4. The Dude

    Eileen cuttings for sale

    All cuts are still available minus one tip.
  5. The Dude

    Eileen cuttings for sale

    coolname, I'll put one aside for you. Any cut you want in particular?
  6. The Dude

    Eileen cuttings for sale

    Well, all I can say is they are very healthy cuts and Eileen has a very strong personality indeed. I'll do them for $30 each + postage.
  7. The Dude

    Eileen cuttings for sale

    Yeah, sorry 'bout the photo quality; phone camera is a piece of shit. $40 each. I don't know what the going rate is nowadays, I figure that's a fair price. Desperate for cash though so give me an offer ...a reasonable offer.
  8. The Dude

    Is my vine of the dead dead?

    So I've neglected my B. Caapi and it looks to be in a pretty sorry state. I wonder if simply watering it more often will save it? I've been adding Seasol too. I thought perhaps I need to prune it so it has a chance to properly rehydrate. Any tips guys? Thanks! -Dude
  9. The Dude

    Banisteriopsis caapi Propagation 101

    Do I need it to callous.. or "heal" before putting it in water?
  10. The Dude

    Banisteriopsis caapi Propagation 101

    Great thread! Cheers for all the advice which I'm going to need right about now. I've got a pretty young caapi in a pot. At the base it might be almost a centimeter thick. Last night I accidentally knocked over a support rod, and noticed this morning that it has almost snapped off a part of vine that's about 15cm up the plant. It's about 5mm thick at this point. The break is just before the vine started branching off into many smaller shoots, rapidly dcreasing in thickness. It's spring time and it's hailing here. I guess there's a high RH but it's far from tropical weather at the moment. So my question is, what is the most I can propagate from this if it's getting really thin at the top? Last summer it shot straight up a couple metres and there's a couple long thin vines that I guess are unusable? As far as mediterranean climate goes, is there any consensus on L shapes vs T shapes? If L shapes are the go, where exactly do I cut it and how exactly do I plant it? Apologies for n00bness.
  11. Most cults like Scientology and Catholicism are allowed to go on, some are so dangerous the government must stop them! http://carolmoore.net/waco/
  12. The Dude

    Amazing movie

    A bit boring but plenty of good conversations, like a Jim Jarmusch movie. Pretentiousness is in the eye of the beholder, it's just some philosophical conversations, like you would have with your friends whilst stoned or tripping, with a cool disjointed visual style that does (for me) evoke the feeling of a dream. Not a movie I rush back to, but definitely one I'd watch again. I remember hearing a couple samples from waking life at a trance party, the crayons, and the idea that we're in a living dream, and can do whatever we want. These truths come to us from time to time, then we fall back to "reality". Such movies (or samples from them in a track) can be a timely reminder of our infinite potential - which this amnesiac reality often distracts us from.
  13. Of course that's just a Sagittarius thing to say. I thought the "virgin on the ridiculous!" was quite funny, and laughter is always helpful. Of course it's impossible for me to leave a one liner, so don't you worry, I'll come up with a hilarious and helpful rant just for you ...I'll try to anyway Astrology is quite fascinating, to me it all comes down to the paradox of free-will versus determinism. "the stars impel, they do not compel" It's a bit of a tightrope balancing between the forces of free-will and destiny. I think that only by trying to become conscious of the unconscious patterns influencing our lives can we harness this fate forming energy and create a more self directed destiny, or at the very least know where we're going a bit better. "I don't believe in astrology; I'm a Sagittarius and we're skeptical." --Sir Arthur C. Clarke Oh yeah, and for any Christians out there who associate Satan with the goat, remember that Jesus was born in Capricorn... Then they sacrificed him.
  14. The Dude

    Adelaide Ethno Meet 2nd Sunday of each month

    How'd it go? You still going to be here next month Bush Turkey?
  15. I've seen a lot of Mandelbulb videos but this is on another level! Awesomely animated gradients and some real nice transformations, nice and subtle, not overly dramatic. Music complements it well. So when is the DVD for sale? ...screw dvd format, I need me some Hi-Def crispy goodness!
  16. The Dude

    wandjina gardens

    ^^^Can't you check the IP's being a mod?
  17. The Dude

    ebay find

    Diffusa sounds quite interesting. It would be nice to have a few mature specimens for sure! If I had the cash I'd jump on that! Especially considering they're mature growth in the ground without grafting!
  18. ...Not that this is any way relevant but no I don't live with my mum, and we get along fine. The thing is she doesn't censor what I have to say, and then when bought up on said issue, tell me that my issue stems from my dislike of her, so I don't need to tell her she's committing the strawman fallacy of distorting/making up what my real position is and attacking that. ...so no, I do not "drive her nuts with this shite" I used to think you were alright incog, I don't know why you felt the need to post that. The saddest thing is that it wasn't even funny. For someone that you consider worthy of as much attention as a freshly eliminated turd you sure spent a lot of time writing that hilarious response. Cheers for comparing my "fruitloopery" to a turd, awfully nice of you. It's a shame you do not see any sense in my writings, but that is not my problem, and I think your dismissal of my opinion and calling it shit was a little bit rude, but hey, conspiracy theorists are fair game. Sorry eatfoo, it's this thing called ego that keeps me coming back to defend it. Then again I guess I don't need to defend myself from such a low caliber attack.
  19. The Dude

    Unveiling the Truth

    The bar guilds was quite an interesting read. Their ceremonial black robes convey power, a sinister and intimidating power, all of it a myth, subconscious coercion. The part about harvesting souls makes perfect sense, for they attempt to make you give up your free will through fear. That being the spiritual dimension of their ceremonial dramas which scare you into submission. Seeing as these are all quotes, could you please post the source of the information?
  20. Incognito is not a girl. I know he was being sarcastic, his old man used to be the "grand poobah" of some lodge. So as long as their secrets are not revealed, him and his mates would be happy to be here, however by bringing up the big c word, he now obviously feels that his boys club will not be welcome here. ...that being the explained version of the sarcastic comment.
  21. The Dude

    The Dudes Cactus Sale

  22. The Dude

    The Dudes Cactus Sale

    5 large San Pedro rooted in pots. They've been a bit neglected lately and look a bit skinny but should fatten right up if you look after them. Ready to put in the ground, although the pots they're in are quite small so they will need to be tied to a post as they will be very top heavy until the roots get bigger. 1. San Pedro, 106cm +65cm########- $95##$85 2. San Pedro, 106cm +65cm########- $95##$85 3. San Pedro, 115cm +2x45cm######- $100#$90 4. San Pedro, 117cm +42cm & 31cm#- $105#$95 5. San Pedro, 122cm +62cm & 17cm#- $110#$100 Photos to be added soon! Pickup from southern suburbs of Adelaide. Postage would be bare rooted and would cost a bit so I'm not paying for it, but you're free to if you want
  23. ...it just pissed me off that you dismissed my concerns as nothing more than a personal dislike of you and a need to publically vent or something. I think you're a champ, for putting all this money, time and effort into this website and associated community, and on the couple occasions we've met you seem really chill, so it upset me that you reckon this difference of opinion is cuz of me disliking you. ...Meh Incognito... so what's their problem exactly? They won't join the forum if there are certain discussions they don't like? Don't worry, discussions about their special boys club are at an all time low, the conspiracy theorists have been shown the door, or at least made to feel really uncomfortable, so your dad and his friends can join now. ...also, what's so bad about my post that it deserved two negz? ...I mean really, show me where I wrote anything abusive or misleading or trollish. "Ah, forget about it!" <--said Sicilian mafia stylee.
  24. Sorry to bring this up, let sleeping dogs lie and all that... I just really didn't like this post of yours T, so decided to leave the forum for a few days which turned into a nice break anyway. I still feel I need to address this. ...perhaps, in that case instead of shutting down a theory, and the members who support it for being unstable, because of its presentation, try to mediate this and get to the truth of the theory by giving your perspective. If you (wholly or partly) agree with the content just not the style of the post, then you do yourself and the community a disservice by dismissing it and shutting it down without explenation (unless its a personal attack on someones state of mind). ...I guess you can blame the proponent as instable when they get defensive over people attacking them personally, (instead of the theory itself... we all know that fallacy yeah?), and by extension cast doubt on the theory because of peoples natural tendency to defend their ego. I never said you did, although by generally dismissing conspiracy theories as the fantasies of paranoid and unstable people, the argument may as well extend to me for entertaining some of these theories. Now who's paranoid? How many ASSumptions can you make in one paragraph? Wow! First of all this whole thread started over people taking disagreements personally. I disagree with you on a certain issue and now apparently I dislike you and the way you run the forums and I miss no opportunity to state so publically... If it wasn't for this public statement of how my concerns are nothing more than a personal dislike of you, thereby dismissing them as anything more than a petty grievance, I probably wouldn't bother with this here rebuttal. I really like you Torsten, you're a top bloke and all that, I'm just critical of what I don't like, don't take it personally. I only positise or negatise after I've read a post, cheers for calling me a slow reader! So you disbelieving my reading speed is not abuse this time because a couple other people can read and rate posts quick too? so you don't have to be crazy to believe in conspiracy theories... but if you're crazy you are much more likely to believe in conspiracy theories, ergo, if you entertain/believe in conspiracy theories chances are high that you're crazy. Those conspiracy theories that I promote are sane, all the other ones I dismiss are the crazy ones What's my issue? Freedom of speech, ad hominem logical fallacies, people trolling conspiracy threads and then blaming the OP when the thread turns into a shit fight ...but mostly, I just don't like you Torsten and needed to say so publically! tbh, I'm not all that phased by the phasing out of conspiracy theory discussions, I find it hilarious that this community would take such a restricted approach to investigating the possible hidden realities around us, but to each their own. I'll stick to plants and occasionally expressing my dislike of Torsten from now on, I don't want to step on any toes and discuss taboo subjects. I just needed to "please explain" to answer your request, and defend my position as a real concern, not "being argumentative and jumping on the bandwagon" or simply a personal dislike, ...and to think this all started because people took disagreements personally.