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  1. ZooL

    Khat and road side drug tests?

    Thanks, I have sent them an email querying about wording and whether such a request is likely to succeed, depending on their reply if there is one i will give this a shot.
  2. ZooL

    Khat and road side drug tests?

    Also dea in lions tale, will that trigger a cannabis result? Is there some way to use FOI or somthing to find out exactly how and what is being used in road side testing to make some copy of it i wonder?
  3. ZooL

    Phalaris spp?

    I,m no grass expert so cant give a solid ID, my house is surrounded by fields with phalaris grass and i think to get a solid ID* you would want a close up of where the leaves touch and wrap around the stem and of the patterns on the seed head before it flowers. I think p.brachystachys would be the most useful but i think it's unlikely you would find that growing wild but i could be wrong. From memory though i think trying to make use of it is more hassle than it's worth due to all the other stuff in it and trying to separate that out, there may also be some stuff in there you may not wanna concentrate down. But there may be better teks and methods now since i looked into that.
  4. I got no idea what kind of bird this one is, all i have to offer it atm is some homebrew cat food i make that is basically canned dog food, chicken egg, and canned mackerel all blended up into a paste in a syringe thing. it seems happy with that but not sure how it goes with nutrients it need or whether i'm gonna be around in hour ever many hours it starts sooking again. I plan on doing what i can for the most part but just have a bad feeling its all gonna come crashing down eventually. I guess the little bird today will survive if it does whether me or my efforts collapse in the long run.
  5. How much effort should i take on? I am currently caring for wayyy too many cats that i inherited from my somewhat catlady mum, when she got sick and i was caring for her i made a promise that i would look after them when she was gone, she said it was fine to put them down if need be(they are mostly reject cats with one issue or another so re homing for most ain't realistic) but i promised to care for them to put her at ease, i could see she was torn between wanting them cared for and not wanting to burden me(I have had my own issues and her not wanting to add to that was clearly a factor). I'm not religious or any woowoo inclined so realistically any promise i made to her is null and void as she no longer exists, but i still have an empathetic response for the cats i took responsibility for, I have recently started letting 2 of the elderly cats live in (my) part of the house as the cat area is a bit hectic(no fights and clean enough down there they just prefer it up here), means they will get a better last days but even more effort for me(cleaning mainly), as i got home today i see a bit shy of a fledgling bird running to hide near my car port( here it wont last a day ) so i take it inside. It adds to the hassle. This is a "philosophy" post in the creativity,spirituality and philosophy section so I'm just venting i guess and no there is no actual answer, just questions to ponder.
  6. ZooL

    whaT DID you learn from SAB forums?

    Before i came across SAB all i knew of people that took/used substances from nature for one reason or another were pretty much just "deadbeat druggies", SAB has shown me that some people in to taking/using some substance from nature for whatever reason may very well be extremely intelligent and likely very productive people.
  7. ZooL

    Free plant id apps

    Are you sure plant https://identify.plantnet.org is unlimited free? I have a memory of using that one and having to use a proxy after hitting some weekly or monthly limit. But i likely never made an account or used an app and would have just used the web version so may have just been that, it was also a few years back so may be different now.
  8. ZooL

    Free plant id apps

    Anyone have any good free plant id app or site suggestions? The place i live has a big garden, like 1.5 acres kinda things with many different plants and trees. Who every used to live here must has been a really avid gardener or owned a nursery or something because there are probably more than 1000 different plants, I have used a couple plant id sites but end up getting through a couple meters and then they want me to pay before i can more, some i could use proxies to get a few more free ones before being asked to pay again but that was just a mess around. Are there any free ways to do this or am i gonna have to pay?
  9. ZooL

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    I was talking to someone recently and realized how important it is to just honestly say where your current view point stands at the initiation of the discussion to avoid wasting an annoyingly long amount of time for no reason. If say there was a house that either was or wasn't on fire, and you have two people disusing how much effort they should be apply to putting out that fire, one will always try drag the result to nothing because they think there is no fire, the other will try drag the result to everything because they think the fire will consume their house if not put out.
  10. Some dude i know ended up with a bunch of immature weed(a grey mold and odd whether issue) a while back, not super immature but enough where the smoke was kinda harsh without mixing with tobacco. He had an idea to make some alcohol tincture kinda thing but only had a small amount of vodka at the time, he mixed little vodka with water assuming there would enough alcohol in the mix to extract all the good stuff. Let about 20gs of decarbed bud matter submersed sit in a jar for a couple days, couple shakes here and there. Drank have the liquid after that, was nice but more like 1 g than 10. For some reason he never discarded the bud matter from the extraction attempt and after noticing the mild effect from the tincture fail he dried the bud matter and smoked it. Apparently it was by far the smoothest smoke he had ever smoked, much lacking the flavor expected but the kick was still there. The abv of the water/vodka mix would have been about 10-15%, he assumed that this would have been enough to get all the goodies. What has happened here? enough alcohol to soak up most of the fats,sugars and the like but not most of the thc?
  11. ZooL

    Dentist syringe

    My thinking was just more about the inconvenience of transport and disposal of "sharps". as in your kit, just the syringe, you sterilize and re use this, dump the cartridge after use. no sharps spoilage or transport issues. I am not seeing any real issue of sterilizing a full metal syringe.
  12. ZooL

    Dentist syringe

    Was at the dentist the other day and noticed the syringes they use, they seem like they would be useful for mushroom growing, as in just buying/trading spore cartridges for them and just sterilizing the metal syringe before use. Is that a thing? I know you can just buy spore syringes, but something about just cartridges seems more convenient.
  13. ZooL

    A strange season?

    Is it just me or maybe just where i am but this winter has been odd for mushrooms? There is a pine plantation i pass through daily and for the past few years at least(since i been in these parts) the road adjacent was awash with the orange of saffrons but this year they showed up a little early but only were around in small numbers for a week or 2, then nothing. Then i went to a place where at the time there would/should have been thousands of subs, i saw 4. Have also noticed in my paddocks and yard its been a lot different, even yellow strainers there has just been one or two little patched when once they were everywhere? That's not to say there aren't any mushrooms about or in high numbers, just not the usual suspects.
  14. ZooL


    I have noticed that weed can make getting to sleep much easier but can also make deep sleep/rem sleep somehow less effective at whatever it is doing. I have noticed the same thing with most "sleep aid" things. As in easier to achieve sleep but you gain less from it. I don't think most "sleep aid" things are good in the long run.
  15. ZooL

    Post your track of the day

    I have forgot how to embed vid here