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  1. That's a lovely specimen! I wish I had a photo of the TBM I saw in South Africa that was bigger than a car. Now that was a "huge" TBM. Not shitting you.
  2. I should have been a bit clearer. Can you cut and paste the text of all the ATCGs in those screen shots? In order for anyone to use them they need to be in text format. Otherwise I'll have to transcribe from the .jpg screenshots into text, and this is tedious and prone to errors. If you paste the DNA sequence text in here, then I (or anyone else) can cut and paste to use for downstream analysis.
  3. The 99% similarity to P. cyanescens needs to be considered in the context of which locus you got sequenced, and there seems to be some confusion about that. The letter says TEF, while the chromatograms say ITS4. As mentioned, ITS is ideal for this, as it is the most widely used locus in molecular species delimitation. Species-level difference in ITS is typically 3 - 5% depending on the taxon. Can you upload or PM a text file of the sequences? This is the easiest way to work with the information. I'd be happy to help you make the most of this.
  4. Sure guys. I will PM now.
  5. We have a fair few Saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea) seed. If anyone wants any, get in touch. Happy to just mail some out, but would also love anything you might have to spare for exchange. Germination with takeaway tek works well, we are getting outstanding germination rates. Growth for this species is however SLOOOOW. It's a very special species, and a "pass-it-down-to-your-kids" kind of cactus.
  6. MORG

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway

    Thanks mate. Much appreciated!
  7. MORG

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway

    Yes please! And thank you very much!
  8. MORG

    Peres, rooted or unrooted

    Hi all, Looking for some Pere cuttings. Can anyone help me out with trade or $$? I'm about to put down a bunch of seed, and keen to graft some. Morg
  9. Can any soul out there send me some woody B. caapi cuttings so that I may strike them before the cold hits? Would love to get 5 - 10 stem cuttings if possible. We can talk cash or trade. Please get in touch if you can spare any material.
  10. Thanks sagiXsagi. This ID request was lonely for a while. I'll check out the Gymno database in more detail in the hope of ID-ing this thing. Only one around though, so I'm afraid there'll be no fruit.
  11. I have just been alerted to this fairly new PhD thesis titled: Genetics and phytochemistry of Salvia divinorum from our very own Southern Cross University. The bottom lines are: 1) Genetics shows international collection of S. divinorum accessions to likely be of a single clone. 2) Some chemical variation exists among samples (rosmarinic acid and salvinorin A). 3) Chemical variation therefore likely to be environmentally induced. I've scanned the genetics part and it looks solid. Although nuclear DNA evidence would have been good to see. Have yet to have a close read of the chemistry work (and is less my expertise), so I'm not sure how good the science is there. There is also a nice job done on a literature review covering natural history, ethnobotany and phytochemistry of the plant.
  12. How are you all on your Ephedra ID? I've looked for a key but can only find regional ones. Can anyone ID this plant for me?
  13. MORG

    Meet up: Melbourne

    So I just moved to Melbourne. I haven't been round the forum in a very long time... but I remember a couple of old-timey usernames. Maybe one or two will remember me. Anyway, I hope to come along and meet some of you soon. I need to restock some plants after the mandatory moving-house-clearance. It would be great to meet some new plant-heads.
  14. MORG

    Some supple pereskiopsis

    Does anyone have some rooted and supple pereskiopsis? None of that old woody stuff. Looking +/- 6 plants. I've got some bebeh cacti that could do with a graft. We can talk cash or trade.