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  1. Slocombe

    Legalisation of kratom

    I would suggest it's more an extremely low risk tolerance driven by politics and community attitudes.
  2. Slocombe

    Free Iresine herbstii cuttings

    Does erowid still add things to their experience vaults? Might be good to document given it's traditional use, even if the experience is "no effect"
  3. Slocombe

    Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata

  4. Cocaine is clearly the only responsible choice...
  5. Slocombe

    whaT DID you learn from SAB forums?

    First lesson was that DMT occurs in the bark of many acacias. This would have been around 1998 or 1999 and the forum looked very different back then (pretty sure it was still SAB).
  6. Slocombe

    Kambo gone wrong?

    I've just been reading about this (in fact, it's my reason for checking SAB today). In both cases it is clear the organisers decided not to bring in medical assistance when they clearly should have (and were probably hoping these people would just pull through so they could avoid outside scrutiny and some difficult conversations). This Guardian report on Jarrad Antonovich is saying that after his death, one of the people involved told his partner that he died "beautifully" and that “the koalas were making a special sound known to the Elders when the land accepts a spirit”. Dickheads.
  7. Slocombe

    Salvia recognita

    Cheers, but hoping for domestic.
  8. Slocombe

    Salvia recognita

    I'll throw my hat in the ring for S Recognita seeds. Good for a seed swap, or $.
  9. Slocombe

    Photos of mushrooms prints please

    Hey, here's a picture Suggest you caption it "Portobello Mafia". If you get sick of people asking what it means, set up a QR code pointed at this link and have it tattooed somewhere else on your body.
  10. Slocombe

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    SAB did sell a product called 'Zonk' that worked amazingly. It hasn't been available for some time (or so I believe), but you might find something of interest in its ingredient list (pasted below). "Contains extracts of Scullcap, Blue Lotus, Hops and Celandine."
  11. Slocombe

    Site offline?

    Yep, I got the 404s, so it's not just you. Can't claim any insight into what the issue was.
  12. Slocombe

    Scott Morrison has dementia

    Today, Scott Morrison said that the jobseeker rate (formerly known as Newstart) was $46 per-week. He's cooked, time to put him in a nursing home. https://www.news.com.au/national/federal-election/prime-minister-scott-morrison-wont-rule-out-election-deal/news-story/234ac33d95b393185e9c7e4490d21343
  13. Slocombe

    Scott Morrison has dementia

  14. Came across this, thought it was interesting. Not sure where to put it, but it doesn't seem to belong in the chill space. Google podcast link.