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  1. Fezza

    Spore print for those starting out.

    I've got a few prints (Chitwah) to giveaway (or swaps welcome too) - DM me if you're interested.
  2. Fezza

    EGA's Psilocybe subaeruginosa Reference Guide + Videos

    Such a good video and accompanying resources - thank you!
  3. Fezza

    Spore print give away

    Sent you a DM
  4. I'm more concerned about my password or payment details being transmitted unencrypted in clear text for all the internet's routers to see.
  5. Fezza

    Spore print give away

    UPDATE: someone helped me out - thank you --- Call out for just one spore print (for microscopic viewing purposes) please. In return, I'll gift ten in about a month to 10 lovely members here. I also just donated $20 towards The Corroboree server fund for good measure. You know I'm good for it
  6. Fezza

    Are spore print legal in Australia?

    I looked up those microscopes - they look pretty decent for the price, and would do the job just fine. Unfortunately sold out in SEQ, but I'll keep my eyes open for others. The same brand (Smithsonian is available on Amazon and Ebay, but for nearly twice price), so I'll wait for the next Aldi rounds.
  7. Fezza

    Chasing edible (gourmet) mushroom spores

    Hey @rottenjonny, thanks for the offer mate. I'm not quite ready/setup for a grow at the moment, I'm currently setting up an outdoor kitchen and facilities (shower, preparation area and garbage recycling) for outdoor living. Once that's done I'll get those delicious edible growing again.
  8. Hi @Torsten I'm a lot more security and privacy concise these days, and I've noticed all the links in this forum are not linking to the encrypted URLS. SSL is available, but not enforced, is there anyway for your to enforce/push it? I'm somewhat concerned about DMs, login & payments pages.
  9. Fezza

    Chasing edible (gourmet) mushroom spores

    Nice work on the enoki clone - All things I grow in my yard are from the supermarket too (the best genetically modified seeds ever to exist on this planet - and the farmer paid a hefty price for them). I just put down all of the seeds I've had stashed from last season, so I have nothing to give you ATM, but if anything comes up, I'll be sure to let you know. I've been experimenting with fast growing fungi for food recycling in combination with my little beasties, but I'm keen to get some edibles growing too - I find Asian supermarkets keep good fresh exotic mushroom stock that can be cloned. But if I get my hands on anything good I'll be sure to let you know. Keep growing things
  10. Fezza

    Are spore print legal in Australia?

    Flash from the past! I watched the Paul Stamets' fantastic fungi on Netflix - then I fell asleep and had a dream: In my dream, after watching the docu-film-over-use-of-CGI brought back all those memories of dreams I had of those magically mushroom growing and experience days, when I was in Uni. This was a dream, so I won't talk about this anymore. Then it got me to thinking the same question I had back in 2006 - and Google brought me here! 15 years later, and how things have changed - but not the law, but hopefully soon, then I can stop dreaming of things to write about, and experience them first-hand instead.
  11. Fezza

    Outdoor grow tip for Aussies

    Have you tried mixing in (addition) some straw? I'm thinking it will provide you with more bulk that's not expensive, but provide the mycelium with more of those woody fibres. Experimenting by adding this mixture around trees/plant's root system will also be a win-win, as the mycelium and plant's roots will work together to exchange nutrients.
  12. Fezza

    Spore print give away

    Nice work OPP.
  13. Fezza

    Sub Heaven

    Wow - such a beautiful sight. Nice work.
  14. Fezza

    Spore print for those starting out.

    Bump!!! Hi, I've been a little inactive - but now I out of the woodwork. I'm putting a call out for a spore print or two - I'm getting back into studying spores with a microscope! Thanks, FEz
  15. Fezza

    isopropyl alcohol

    If you are after the medical grade Isopropyl alcohol go to a pharmacy, 500ml retails for about $25. But I'd rather stick to what DOM said. 1 litre of metho retails for a couple of dollars. You can even put it in a spray bottle. I'm rather intrigued though, why have the 30% water? why not 100% metho?