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  1. I've been trying to get scop pollen off here for years and it's always a no go. Why I'm stoked my other one is flowering. And yeah they've all been kinda neglected for a long time got a little tough for a while, the small scop was actualy hidden in long grass/weeds till a week ago when I noticed the flower bud poking through the top, spending a month off over xmas to garden and clean up shit. Though "hulk" often has a bit of a sucked in look even when pampered.
  2. Moses

    Monstrose pup?

    update of this plant so far it's staying kinda lumpy, may have me a new semi-monstrose.
  3. Hiya peoples, been a long time since I been here I have a couple of scops flowering at the moment that I'm hoping I'll cross . can't rmember what member gave me this but I've had it a few years and this is the "hulk" had far less time but a monster of a grower. here's both together, big size diff. hoping I get multiple flowers open on "hulk" so I can cover them all with the others single flower.
  4. someone needs to make and market someway of demonizing coffee and get that fucking banned, imagine the shit storm if the latest "dangerous" street fad could be traced back to being a coffee extract that any kid can get hold of and make. you certainly aint a grumpy olg guy EG, you would have to be brain dead to not be outraged at humanity
  5. Moses

    Show off your freaks

    sorry for poor pix just quickly took them this morn on my phone, plan on repotting alot of plants over the xmas break so will get better pix then. semi monstrose bridgesii, (large pot and small in front) (back left)whiora Xpach,(bck mid)scop,(fr right) knuthianus X (frnt left and small pot in front of that)borzicactus. all else are grafts of the knuthianus X, some very unstable.
  6. As much as i wanted to attend this (cos I aint seen none of you guys for over a year) life has again thrown a curve ball and it's not going to happen so all you people have a great day and hopefully I can attend the January meet (seriously need to give eileen a trim so need to give away some choice pieces). Dave..
  7. As the title says looking for bitter and bottle gourd seeds a young indian guy at work was asking as he can't find them anywhere and I recall seeing them here so if you've got spare gives a pm. thanks
  8. Moses

    Vandals take axe to Botanic Gardens (VIC)

    they should be jailed for the exact amount of time it takes for the damaged plants to grow back to original pre-damaged size , and fined the value of replacing fully matured specimens.
  9. Moses

    Enneagram personality typology

    5w6, fairly accurate
  10. Moses

    Told you you need to electrocute them!

    http://www.lapshin.org/cultivar/list-e.htm the link above gives a list of interesting articles and there are a number invovling radiation of seeds to get coloured mutations etc.
  11. Moses

    trichocereus growers guide

    worth pinning to the start of the section i reckon , cheers for the read tipz
  12. Moses


    not euphorbia resinifera they have quite square ribs
  13. Moses

    Show off your freaks

    crests huernia aspera euphorbia lactea and nerifolia euphorbia handiensis cereus "akira"/trich grandiflorus sold as both??? hamiltons peruvianus hildewintera aureispina(front), borzicactus samaipatanus(back right) unknown crest unknown crests
  14. Moses

    Show off your freaks

    the variegates- icaros peruvianus whiora X pach scop knuthianus X borzicactus samaipatanus grafted knuthianus X(centre), knuthianus X (front right)
  15. Moses

    Police brutality @ Mardi Gras

    even the new clip where he swings at the cops shows a scuffle already in progress with the police already outnumbering him, so it still proves nothing he may have been defending himself from what he considered an unjust arrest. The body slam was def wrong but the whole story is far from being "out"