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  1. chilli

    SAB cacti updated

    Damn, I am having trouble finding out what can and cannot be sent to WA. I remember there was a thread a while ago but haven't had any luck finding it yet.. anyone know the one i mean? if I order seeds will it just not allow the order if they aren't allowed in WA or do I need to figure it out and risk getting the fee or whatever?
  2. I haven't buried drugs for gnome powers to get in them, but I am in the process of digging up a pet rat that was buried in a pine box in a plant pot for the last 10 years, I wonder what she will look like? I hope it's not too disgusting, I want to keep the skull if I can. Or will it be rotted away beyond recognition? Okay that was seriously off topic, sorry.
  3. chilli

    Eileen's Ginger Beer plant recipe

    Does anyone have any recommendations about converting the original recipe to use fresh ginger instead? how much fresh would be equiv to 2tsp dry? Thanks.
  4. chilli

    smoking v vaporizing

    coool had never heard of that, do you just keep it lit while you're using it? lol looks like a wick.. 'hey what's that druggo doing with that crack pipe and a wick of some kind? TASE THE DRUGGO MUZZA CUNT!' iolite is cool for stealth but a gradual gentle high as it just doesn't get as hot and is conduction so it doesn't get the thick vapor of some others, also tastes a bit butane-y.. I imagine a lot of this might be improved with the new one (wispr). I am keen to try the Puffit, I love stealth, nothing better than sitting there getting stoned in front of cunts and no one is any wiser..
  5. chilli

    smoking v vaporizing

    Thats sucks... but wasn't there something about different batteries you could get that worked a lot better? If I got one I would scope out a stash of those as well. With the iolite you need to tote butane for multi day trips but it is readily available. I actually have just paid serious attention to it this week because my bros say they can't afford a vaporizer and I'm like 'can you afford $50?' and then I started wanting to try one.. I realized if it worked as well as others say the GlassVG works it would be awesome as it solves problems of breakability of GVG and fuel of iolite, MFLB etc (although technically you still need to use butane lol).. portable, simple and a fraction of the price of anything else worth spending money on.. just not so great for stealth, so depends if that is a factor. If it works as well as you say then for that price it's worth having one no matter what I reckon. Puffit looks cool how it recharges from USB lol... imagine a solar vaporizer? or nuclear?
  6. chilli

    how old is too old?

    I would generally try to avoid eating mold, but you'll almost certainly be fine.
  7. chilli

    my collection of CPs

    Wow, I love that Nepenthes, wish I could find some around here.
  8. I lost my phone today and I feel disconnected and free, like life is much more magical but it was sad because a family member's dog was getting put down and they wanted me there and couldn't get in touch in time, so.. phones are cool, and not phones are cool
  9. chilli

    AuShaman Associated

    jesus fucking marys bloody gaping hol-y invisible sperm eating gnostic revelation of god on a stick in an electric chair UFO in the sky we all love reptyle too
  10. chilli

    AuShaman Associated

    God never really did like man anyway At least not after they started walking around On their hind leg(s) And talking on the telephone Of course poor God's point of view wasn't easy now (to) understand He had invented man from dead things At that time there were no grave yards to rob So He had been forced to use dead worms, some sea weed That had laid out on the beach for quite a while For quite a while. At that time man had four legs and no telephone A major mistake came when God decided that man should think (A trait that He'd long desired for Himself) What God no doubt intended was For man to think about Him And that was important because God just wanted to be Just another normal deity Deity Deity Ty Ty Ty Ty Ty All that God wanted to be Was just a normal deity All that God wanted to be Was just another normal deity All that God wanted to be Was just a deity Just a normal deity All that God wanted to be Just a normal deity All that God wanted to be Just a normal deity All went well for quite a while Man was a wonderful creature With long rich engraved face Four fine legs ending in five mini-legs And a coat of satiney hair And large genitals His thoughts were pure and Full of wonder The wonder part was God's favorite, (at least at first) Because that's the part that gave Him His Identity Identity Identity Identity Oh, it was so wonderful for God Man's... Man's questions turned to visions And visions gave God [- From :http://www.elyrics.net/read/r/residents-lyrics/godsong-lyrics.html -] All kinds of exciting things to do Someday He would be a God of wrath Reeking havoc upon undiscipline mankind And at other times He'd be a God of love and compassion Of course these were all things that man had invented So God had a hard time getting the full grasp But... One of His favorite things Was man's believing in Him, and then not believing in Him One of His favorite things Was man's believing in Him, and then not believing in Him Believing in Him, Not believing in Him ...Believing in Him, Not believing in Him .......Believing in Him, Not believing in Him ...........Believing in Him, Not believing in Him ...............Believing in Him, Not believing in Him ...................Believing in Him, Not believing in Him .......................Believing in Him, Not believing in Him ...........................Believing in Him, Not believing in Him ...............................Believing in Him, Not believing in Him ...................................Believing in Him, Not believing in Him .......................................Like some hide and seek game ...................................Over ...............................And ...........................Over .......................And ...................Over and Over ...............Believing in Him ...........Believing in Him .......Believing in Him ...Not believing in Him... Not believing in Him? I think He liked believing in Him much better... But I'm not sure... [email protected]
  11. chilli

    happy birthday whitewind

    I believed I would die at 27, it was just a morbid fear cloaked as dread certainty nut maybe it is part of growing up? Anyway, glad to hear you had a great day whitewind, happy birthday.
  12. chilli

    Should we have a sub forum for tek's poll

    But creating a forum for those buried teks will bring them out of obscurity, and necessitate a lot of deletions. Actually I am not sure if this applies outside the cactus forum, but when I bumped that thread, the mods had to delete the info in them to conform to the forum rules. So, I actually killed off a bit of the forum by bringing that info to the front page (luckily I think I c&p the crucial info to a thread at nans), and what you are suggesting is bringing all legally dubious teks to the front page of their own subforum. I actually don't know much about the subtleties of forum rules and the law, maybe it isn't legally dubious and my whole reasoning is wrong, perhaps a mod can answer your questions better.
  13. chilli

    Happy Birthday tipz

    haha more like appreciation and gratitude. tipz is one of few members here I can actually say has given me anything with no personal interest when I was starting a new garden, and staunchly refused money. I feel like I owe him, and do not expect or want anything else from him (okay maybe sex ). I know there are a lot of very genberous people here, but in my own experience, when other people talk about all the generous members here, I think tipz and a couple of others. I also know he has been extremely helpful to a lot of members here, and that his passion is for the plants above all else. Plus, he is just a nice guy and seems to get a long well with anyone, a rare feat. Now THAT is crawling LOL jk I just found it a bit strange that on his birthday, with everyone wishing him the best, you would call that all into question and insult everyone with your cynical remarks instead of wishing him happy birthday as is customary. It makes me genuinely happy to simply know these cacti are here and being propagated by hands more skilled than mine, and I am in no rush to get hold of one and become notorious as the guy that killed crested tbm's for WA. and I can happily say I would turn down a crested Saguaro to make that point (ie I would happily say that hehe). sorry for shitting all over the thread with my verbal incontinence have a great birthday year tipz
  14. chilli

    Plant allies ?

    What is the soil like generally? if this is the only soil you have tried them in and you have varied almost every aspect then that suggests to me it may be the problem. another thing I didn't catch is whether you have tried them in different environments, what kind of humidity and light theyt get etc. Do they actually die, or just drop some leaves and keep growing? I should point out I have no practical experience other than gently coaxing a couple of little plants from leaf cuttings, so I am just analyzing what you have said so far and throwing out some questions. I am extremely interested because I would be heartbroken if I got these to grow to the size of yours and then they died for obscure reasons.
  15. chilli

    AuShaman Associated

    Well I predict you'll be waiting a long time (I can predict the future too, we are all gods here btw, human divinity is old news). The irony is that I have the creative and design skills you are looking for, and some experience with building websites, but I think that I would have to have very little self-respect to work pro bono for someone with your whiny, rude attitude and sense of entitlement. I have already made suggestions which could have helped but which you seem to have selectively ignored to your own detriment. A lot of people have taken that position, and they all look like stupid cunts now. The future has a way of rearranging itself to defy such confident predictions, and the gods have a way of using silly arrogant fools as puppets to play out hubristic archetypes as a lesson to the rest of the little godlings. gl with it. I like you too reptyle, always have, but you are your own worst enemy. When you get your god head screwed on straight you might get more out of me and find you are not so frustrated with everything not going according to how you think it should.
  16. chilli

    Should we have a sub forum for tek's poll

    it would be nice of course, but from what little I know about legal issues the forum faces some of the info on this site continues to exist only because of its obscurity I found that out when I was guilty of meganecrobumping a thread about alkaloids in cacti and EG whipped my ass so good.
  17. chilli

    Happy Birthday tipz

    Nah, tipz is a legend around here anyway.
  18. chilli

    How to start, sourcing plants?

    pm me with addy and I'll send you a few little things too.
  19. Typical jwerta, you even need a lift to the end of the world.
  20. chilli

    No grass lawn?

    I started a Chamomile lawn over there not long before we moved, it was spreading quite well. always wanted to have a little patch like this: http://camomile.whit.../image/home.jpg
  21. chilli

    Happy Birthday tipz

    hope you're having such a great time you don't read this for weeks
  22. chilli

    A little competition

    Shit that complicates things (which you no doubt knew tipz ) because now I have to decide whether there will be any bidders thinking it is two plants. :S
  23. chilli

    AuShaman Associated

    :D LOL reptyle you are losing your cool, you keep coming on here asking other people to do stuff for free that you either don't want to do yourself or don't want to pay for.. why not just use a free website template FFS? that's probably what the one you linked to is anyway. it's amusing how you think you can't be wrong about the future, I wonder what the gods think of that? LOL :D
  24. chilli

    A little competition

    Cool comp tipz! I think the comp ends Thursday, auction ends Sunday?