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  1. Heretic

    DMT story in MSM

    I am guessing that DMT and possibly 5 MEO DMT are naturally occurring tryptamines , harvested and isolated for sale on the DNMs . The 4 - subs , etc , are probably synthetic , originating in Chinese , etc , labs for sale in the west on the DNMs .
  2. AFIK psilocybin , LSD , psilocin , etc , have NEVER killed anybody , despite some huge doses being taken , and in fact are noted for their lack of toxicity ....
  3. Heretic

    Brush Turkey problems

    Not sure how I feel about shooting pelicans ,,,,, Really cool looking birds , but I can understand how they might de - stock a dam quickly . Did they ever return , and how did the venture wind up ?
  4. Heretic


    Psychedelic research should never have been stopped and the substances banned way back in the 1960s , mainly because of the offensive [ to governments and the majority population ] and ludicrous activities of folk such as Leary and Kesey , etc ,. The " acid tests " , and 1000s of kids who " turned on , tuned in , and dropped out " ensured prohibition and brought about the end of legitimate scientific research , despite a great deal of positive and very beneficial results from the legit study and treatments .... [ for example , Leary"s research on criminal recidivism , before he lost the plot ; or Osmond"s treatment of alcoholics with psychedelics that produced very positive results . These are but two examples of a huge amount of documented positive research data .] Fortunately , MAPS and other organizations seem to be making some gains in one day again being able to conduct legitimate psychedelic research . With the benefit of hindsight and genuine researchers , the mistakes of the past are unlikely to be repeated . Hopefully these amazing and beneficial substances will be treated with more respect and dignity than previously instead of sensational inebriants , and perhaps indeed really prove to be a benefit for humanity after all ...
  5. Heretic

    it's a good new fashioned book burning!

    Just ludicrous ..... really , how pathetic .
  6. Heretic

    Possible bad batch of Kronic

    When I was young [ many , many years ago ] dropping a trip or having a smoke was NEVER lethal .... but nowadays with all the analogues available that are masquerading as the genuine article things are becoming pretty scarey . I suspect all the " synthetic " drugs such as the NBxx type and cannabinoids , and other RCs are merely produced and marketed as a means to circumvent drug laws for LSD , cannabis , etc , .... Tragically , this clearly demonstrates the futility and stupidity of the current drug war .... after all , neither LSD or cannabis , unlike the legal RCs that mimic them , have never killed anyone .
  7. Heretic

    Black Portuguese Millipedes, control methods

    Yes , thank you for the suggestion...... I will get a cat and keep it inside at night to [ hopefully ] prevent bird kills .
  8. Heretic

    Black Portuguese Millipedes, control methods

    A good suggestion ..... Chooks are the only animals I have seen to eat cockroaches also ; as with the millipedes , they love roaches too ! Wish I could find something to control Indonesian house geckos !
  9. Heretic


    These posts always sadden me so very much . Condolences to family and friends . RIP
  10. Heretic

    From Medical to Recreational: The Road the Regulation

    Change of the current ludicrous policies is inevitable , but sadly will probably take a long time in Australia with our ignorant negative attitudes and timid politicians and governments . Countries such as Portugal seem to have got it right ; and after all an individual taking a drug is a victimless crime ..... All that our current drug laws have achieved is to have created a situation that is a God-send to criminals involved in illicit trafficking , motivated only by the enormous profits and attainable wealth that is only possible by prohibition . Clearly prohibition is a dismal failure that only benefits criminals .....
  11. Heretic

    Raising A.Phlebophylla

    ^ [ # 204 ] Too much water ???
  12. Heretic

    Phone scams

    I suspect ANZ has received more complaints regarding this " phishing " scam , as now on-line correspondence from the bank [ statements , etc ] have a warning stating that the bank does not send such SMS messages and that one should report them to the bank and not to respond to them . Don't know how they do it , but these people must have accessed all of my phone and and banking details except the bank PIN numbers . Yesterday I read a letter in the Qld Sunday Mail of someone calling for a cashless society as a solution to drug trafficking and other organized crime , as there would be data records of all financial transactions ...... but I doubt it would be feasible or work because of the electronic scammers who seem to a step ahead of the financial institutions .
  13. Heretic

    Phone scams

    BEWARE .... Last week I received a SMS advising that my ANZ is blocked because I need to " verify " some of the account details . Contact reply details were provided to a http address . My bank is nearby , and I was really pissed that my account should by blocked , I went to the bank branch to complain and sort it . As is transpired , the account was not blocked and the message did not come from the bank . I was advised that it is a " phishing " scam that would try to access my account once I had replied to the scammer . The bank told me to never reply to such SMSs , as they never send them . Must admit it looked legit , and I was fooled by it - just lucky it was easier to visit the bank instead of replying to the SMS . Be careful folks - so many crooks out there trying to rip us .... I am intrigued as to how the scammer got my phone number , or knew that I was an ANZ customer ......
  14. Heretic

    cacti seedlings turning weird color.

    This usually indicates too much light , ime .... Suggest partial filtering of the light source . I use the sun , and find fly wire quite good for cacti seedling growth once they're established . maybe a shade cloth when very young and tender . You need to harden them up gradually .
  15. Sorry if this is off topic - I usually add a sprinkle of trace element " micro mix " nutrients to any potting mixes that I use ... available cheaply at nurseries , etc ,... Since doing so have not noticed any deficiencies attributable to lack of minerals . Maybe once a year sprinkle a little boost , but with extreme care - a little goes a really long way ; like , a $ 5 pkt will last maybe a lifetime if you're using pots .