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  1. Hey, wassup, guys? So in this post, I'm gonna post an update in my container gardens but I'm also gonna need your help in ID-ing plants (but this isn't urgent or anything) and your help in solving some of my problems. The tallest one is Kalanchoe delagoensis. I have had this species for 3 years in a row now and it's on of the oldest species I got. There's a group of Clorophytum comosum on the lower right and the one that kinda looks like a flower is a Plectranthus amboinicus. Close-up shot highlighting C. comosum Even closer (P. amboinicus) Two variations of C. comosum one is still small and one is a lot bigger but got some of its leaves eaten by a lizard but it's gone now. Some sort of fern (?) ? It just came to me randomly Moss (?) and another fern (?) ? Again, these are random. I got the moss from my order of carnivorous plants as well as the ferns, I think. That's my really old Zingiber officianale. I'm not sure how old but I'm sure it's been more than a year. i'm actually waiting for it to flower. Any tips? Close-up shot of the base. P. amboinicus and the other fern (?). An Acanthocereus tetragonus cutting from a while back because the mother plant died from shade. It is about the same size from when I took the cutting until I moved it to a sunnier spot then the little pups (correct term?) came out. Barrel cactus (?). Oh look! Two pups :D Cactus (?) Wee! A lot of pups :D The tall one is a Salvia hispanica. It's the tallest Chia I've ever had. Klanachoe sp. on the right and Euphorpia hirta on the left. Sansevieria trifasciata? Doing well with an off shoot. Another variation of C. comosum. It's a bamboo (?)... I think. Doing pretty well, though. The other variation of C. comosum. This, too, got eaten by a lizard. It's the mustard I got from the principal as a gift on our retreat. There actually three the other two were frail but not anymore :D Orange? Calamondin? Probably orange. Hylocereus undatus the dragon fruit. They seem to by happy in that spot. Kalanchoe pinnata (veify?) Are those white spots burns? Bird's nest (?) There's something wrong here. They have white spots and the leaves are dying. S. trifasciata having two pups now and H. undatus seemingly dry. Black spots from the next picture Dwarf calamondin (?) doing badly. Any cause and solution? Underside of another leaf of the same dwarf calamondin (?) as above. C. comosum (left), Orange (?) or calamondin (?) (middle), and ??? (?) (right most) ??? (?) (middle, the one in red pot) and Orianum vulgare. I need (but not urgently, there's no rush on ID-ing) an ID on all those with (?) If you need help understanding my post, please don't hesitate to ask.
  2. RyanVolle

    Tree ID Help

    Yup, they're in the Philippines. While it's still overcast probably for the next few days, can you possibly give me tips on their preferred light conditions?
  3. RyanVolle

    Tree ID Help

    Hey, everyone :D I'm finally back and about from a grueling school year. What have I missed? Hope your plants are doing well. I will be posting updates on my plants when I get home and if it doesn't rain. My cacti are finally growing. Before, they were like plastic plants not moving an inch. Now that I've moved them to much sunnier location, they're actually growing like regular plants. In the meantime, I need some help ID'ing these trees
  4. camera was finally returned early in the morning today so i took a few pictures before going to school i'll take a few more on sunday, hopefully
  5. RyanVolle

    I'M BACK!

    Technically, yeah, apparently. I heard it somewhere but my memory might be so good. Thanks. hahahahaha
  6. RyanVolle

    I'M BACK!

    If by "inmates" you mean people with faces I am bored with, yeah XD Their faces are boring but thankfully their presence are not. I can't own a lawn until at least 5 years later My mom is in the process of buying land and we won't be living there until after I've graduated college. I've been up to sports, chess and volleyball mostly. CPs, too. I'm hoping to get some new cacti within this week to replenish the few but important that were lost.
  7. RyanVolle

    I'M BACK!

    Hi guys it's been a long, long, long while since I've been here. I've been really busy the past months (13 months, I think). Hopefully you haven't forgotten about me, yet. I'll try to make up with the lost time. So, How've you been? Have I missed something important? I don't even know where to start. quick CP update: (sorry for the crapy photo, it's from my phone, camera's off duty at the moment) N. Miranda's younger flower His older flower His basals: My old Sarracenia 'Scarlet Belle' She's old but still kickin' actually, she's one of me first gen. plants, so I'm quite proud of her for not being a b***h about her evironment [/url]
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    Prom... [in hell]
  9. RyanVolle

    Hylocereus undatus

    Quite unfortunately, i don't have that much cacti so far the only cacti i have are: P. scopia and A. tetragonus and a barrel cactus
  10. RyanVolle

    Hylocereus undatus

    A few weeks
  11. RyanVolle

    Hylocereus undatus

    My recent endeavors include H. undatus propagation :D
  12. RyanVolle

    T. cynea HELP!

    there's something wrong...
  13. RyanVolle

    ID help

    search: bucida result: not sure if this is bucida, if you can get a sci name, please do and the seeds (which I got from a nice lady at the Westbound Terminal where smaller versions of these were grown): and:
  14. RyanVolle

    my collection of CPs

    got 2 shipments: and Mr. V's usual freebie: im looking for containers for these and updates: