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  1. SirLSD

    Are these 'PC' pachanoi?

    From what I can see I would say they are PC. The neighbours I am not sure if it is straight Peruvian, but an interesting looking trich of some sort. any body else notice that PC can change the look of its spines depending on its growing conditions? It seems the harsher the sun and conditions the larger and more prominent the spines become. I have 2 distinctly different looking PC that were cutting from the same cactus.
  2. well I gave it a little sun this morning and the smashed out side has dried out on the surface ok so far. no squishiness or orange rot on that wound yet. I am worried that as the wound goes down to the centre growing core part (whatever that is called) that the orange rot that is on other surface spots of the plant, will infect it systemically from this central point out, and the whole thing will rot. I might take off one or two big heads tomorrow and see if they will callous without getting orange rot at the cuts. any advice? I was going to dust the cut surface with sulphur powder but cant seem to find mine. I have some phosphorous acid that gets diluted and sprayed on the grape vine to stop white powdery mold on leaves, but I don't know how it would go on a cut surface of the cactus. I also have some peroxide somewhere but again not sure how it would like it on the cut surface. then again a ER dr poured it in my messed up hand after a fireworks accident when I was a kid so it might be ok.
  3. this is my oldest graft. it was on a tree sized PC in the ground a few years ago. then cut down a few years ago and the short branch potted. it lost over a third a few years ago but the rest recovered. it hasn't been looking great this spring with small patches of that dreaded orange rot showing on little scratches and cracks on its surface. I was hopping it would come good this summer then I was going to cut off a few big heads and try to get them to root. despite having aweful luck rooting pups off it previously. but after 10-15 years on its stock it might be due for coming off. 2 hours ago it had a plank of wood dropped on it which hit the centre of the original head and tore it down the centre. what should I do now?? let it heal? split it up into the biggest pups and try to get them to root? take some pups off to root and leave the main one to heal??
  4. no pics YET. this scale type problem results in white/grey scale that is easily rubbed off with your finger. it has a little brown dot in the centre of the white scale. they flourish in shaded areas and result in large patches of brown scar tissue on the cacti. found in perth. what is the solution to this problem?
  5. wicked biological weapon. just give your soldiers the vaccination and then infect the enemy with psychedelic producing microorganisms.
  6. I am trying to contact mr b. caapi but he doesn't accept messages through this site and my computer sucks. can you please message/email me. thanks
  7. SirLSD

    addiction struggles still

    try everything before going on the program. its 14 years and counting and i cant take it back. there are things available that can take to taper down. program will only dig you deeper. are you in aus btw?
  8. SirLSD

    Interesting Mitragyna Species

    can someone tell me what is meant by "original kratom released" ?? did a "kratom" cutting do the rounds but found not to be kratom?
  9. SirLSD

    BIG san pedro in perth

    still plenty left for sale. bad time of year for it though. getting a bit of rot in some bits. will try to find a nice pic of it in bloom. was spectacular to see in person.
  10. SirLSD

    BIG san pedro in perth

    as of now I have a bunch of long 3m cuts and a bunch of short cuts. also have a stump with about 38 arms. plant it and give it a year and it should have 50-100 branches for you to graft your entire collection to. great grafting stock. just need a ute and 10 strong men to lift it. all offers considered. don't let the opportunity to get a nice 3m long cut for your collection.
  11. SirLSD

    Big L Caespitosa for sale

    damn that is nice for a seed grown plant. any idea how old?
  12. SirLSD

    BIG san pedro in perth

    ok people. due to the storm and my dad "gardening" with a machete there is now 40 x 1foot cuts over the road on the verge going with green waste that is getting picked up in a week or so. there is still plenty of long limbs out the back if people want to buy long lengths. once all cut down there will be a stump that if someone digs up will probably through out about 30 pups next summer. can people please message me with what they want and what they will pay. each order will get several free 1 foot cuts as I cant bare to see it go in a rubbish truck. halcyon- I just cut the growth and limb off. it has a bit of rot from dirt and leaves collecting on it and breaking down. needs a good wash once dry and then split down. will find a camera soon. its 23cm across the widest length and about 60cm around made up of about 10 main pups from 6-9cm diameter and a million tiny pips that I just pick off and bin but are fine for grafting if any pedro purchasers want free tiny pups. will probably split most of the 10 big pups off and try to get to root but never have any luck with big ones!
  13. SirLSD

    BIG san pedro in perth

    yes. still available and needs to go soon. this storm has already blown down a couple of arms and more will probably be down by the end of the weekend. so whoever wants to buy some needs to do it soon. next weekend would be good! ideally anyone wanting to buy pieces come and take what they want and whatever is left at the end will get donated to whoever it was that messaged me first. just to be clear its just the perth pedro going. any grafts on it I will be taking off and keeping
  14. SirLSD

    BIG san pedro in perth

    marklar, whatever is fair prices I will do. yeah pic sizes are a bit odd. not sure whats up. also odd growth on one branch: