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  1. is the rifat clone the main one here? what is it like in regards to the "red" or "white" or "green" etc. is there really differences or is it more of a seasonal thing or age of leaves or advertising/marketing thing?
  2. SirLSD

    Kratom Withdrawals

    was there anything about different stages of leaf growth? ie newly sprouted leaves from tips that didnt exist a week ago, vs leaves that have been on the tree for weeks or months vs leaves that fall off the tree naturally in winter when they go dormant? also does anyone know what the major bulk producers do for their international exports to the US etc? do they have people picking leaves like the tea industry does for tea leaves which are then dried and ground into a powder? do they remove the leaf vein/stem, or just grind everything to save time? i am interested as i believe they export thousands of kg of dried powdered leaf to the US and around the world.
  3. The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now. Yes considering how back pain tends to progress as we age I would think planting a bunch of trees would be a great idea, if it was legal. A responsible person should always try to grow their own foods and medicines. Even better would be to spread food and medicine plant seeds throughout government cultivated gardens. Imagine a country where people could walk down to the local park and pick fruit to feed their hunger, or medicine to treat their pain. A place for the community to meet, eat, swap recipes and produce.
  4. SirLSD

    Kratom Withdrawals

    i have no experience with kratom, but i would treat it like any other opioid to be on the safe side. i would never advise daily usage for more than a month. As someone with a serious opioid addiction, I can tell you that it is something that you do not want to risk messing with. Please take a few days off every week or two.
  5. SirLSD

    PC Pach

    never seen spines that long on a PC. though the spines can become longer and more pronounced on PC under certain conditions. i have some PC cuts that have been abused and neglected and they look very different to the mother plant the cutting came from.
  6. i am looking for poppy seeds for some attractive color flowers. red and white or pink and white. or a deep purple. not interested in the boring dull white with faded purple spot. what colors have you got?
  7. forgot to add the possible will caespitose
  8. pic 7 has a double headed will? and anther type below it?
  9. hi, i found these pics. i thought all were williamsii, and williamsii var caesipitose. but on closer inspection i wonder if some are difusa?? btw the flowers look much whiter in the pics than they do in real line. there is definately a light pink stripe down the centre of each petal.
  10. SirLSD

    Anyone in WA have spore-prints for microscopy?

    NOR or SOR?
  11. im sure there are. but the amount of time that it would take to grow enough plants large enough to get usable amounts of leaves off them without killing them would be extremely difficult. Im sure there are people here that grow one for conservation reasons. But I'm guessing it would take a dozen ten year old trees to have a self sufficient medical supply for you wife.
  12. SirLSD

    Are these 'PC' pachanoi?

    From what I can see I would say they are PC. The neighbours I am not sure if it is straight Peruvian, but an interesting looking trich of some sort. any body else notice that PC can change the look of its spines depending on its growing conditions? It seems the harsher the sun and conditions the larger and more prominent the spines become. I have 2 distinctly different looking PC that were cutting from the same cactus.
  13. well I gave it a little sun this morning and the smashed out side has dried out on the surface ok so far. no squishiness or orange rot on that wound yet. I am worried that as the wound goes down to the centre growing core part (whatever that is called) that the orange rot that is on other surface spots of the plant, will infect it systemically from this central point out, and the whole thing will rot. I might take off one or two big heads tomorrow and see if they will callous without getting orange rot at the cuts. any advice? I was going to dust the cut surface with sulphur powder but cant seem to find mine. I have some phosphorous acid that gets diluted and sprayed on the grape vine to stop white powdery mold on leaves, but I don't know how it would go on a cut surface of the cactus. I also have some peroxide somewhere but again not sure how it would like it on the cut surface. then again a ER dr poured it in my messed up hand after a fireworks accident when I was a kid so it might be ok.
  14. this is my oldest graft. it was on a tree sized PC in the ground a few years ago. then cut down a few years ago and the short branch potted. it lost over a third a few years ago but the rest recovered. it hasn't been looking great this spring with small patches of that dreaded orange rot showing on little scratches and cracks on its surface. I was hopping it would come good this summer then I was going to cut off a few big heads and try to get them to root. despite having aweful luck rooting pups off it previously. but after 10-15 years on its stock it might be due for coming off. 2 hours ago it had a plank of wood dropped on it which hit the centre of the original head and tore it down the centre. what should I do now?? let it heal? split it up into the biggest pups and try to get them to root? take some pups off to root and leave the main one to heal??
  15. no pics YET. this scale type problem results in white/grey scale that is easily rubbed off with your finger. it has a little brown dot in the centre of the white scale. they flourish in shaded areas and result in large patches of brown scar tissue on the cacti. found in perth. what is the solution to this problem?