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    mycology,gardening,cacti,cooking,walks,plants,media,aquaponics,being anti tony "human feces" abbot and his team of goons,trying be be as happy as possible with what we have

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  1. spacemonkey

    wanted to buy/trade edible fungi spore print/culture pack

    the list is a general guide i am happy with a mixed bag or prints
  2. hey there folks, im looking to get my hands on a collection of spore printscultures to save myself jumping around the web and making multiple threads looking for specific fungi. i have a button cactus pup cutting i can trade that is about the size of a 5c coin or can pay $50. i am looking for just a few basics oyster(various) enoki lions mane portobello shiitake lingzhi maitake swiss brown. thanks guys all the best!
  3. spacemonkey

    Assorted Trichocereus tips and catha edulis for sale!

    cath still available?
  4. spacemonkey

    BIG san pedro in perth

    still available?
  5. spacemonkey

    cactus id please

    need to get an id on these please sorry for the lack of pictures
  6. spacemonkey

    New federal import laws

    exactly this everything is a weapon if you try hard enough, im not a psycho i think violence/anger/swearing should be the last resort to solve a problem, extremists of any kind hinder a cause more than anything. but i still have a very legal machete and a few legal baseball bats and mre packs and other things just in case(im a bit of a natural disaster/social breakdown prepper its always good to be ready and prepared for anything cyclone season in broome will show you how fast things can break down, ^^^^^was a bit off topic but this is a great example of slowly chipping away at a peoples freedoms and liberty's until they have nothing....boiled frogs
  7. spacemonkey

    khat seeds for sale

    yeh im in the market as well(was going to post a thread today). obviously after the don gets sorted
  8. spacemonkey

    ephedra seeds please :)

    hey dude read the forum rules and you will have more luck and use Google for legal status of stuff people on this forum get super high up on their horses and don't really like new people trying to learn for some reason from what i'v seen people don't want unwanted attention brought to the forum, and they don't want to help a random kid get high this weekend. and also because some people on here are just rude dicks that think they're all new-age hippy.and it scares a lot of people from posting. this belongs in seed exchange btw, trading something will help too have a good one
  9. spacemonkey

    anyone heard a new good song?

    don't know if its new....but its new to me haha
  10. spacemonkey

    anyone heard a new good song?

    this is good
  11. spacemonkey

    New federal import laws

    so when do we storm the castle and Bastille?
  12. also take away that dudes dog, its not a lab rat for him to experiment on
  13. i am soooooo sick of this synthetic crap being available to people and people using it cause its legal/less risky/easyer to get. we are going to have a generation of brain dead zombies because we stopped them using something less harmful and natural, very scary sickening times
  14. looking for some large podded pap. somnife seeds to trade if anyone can help me out drop a pm i have lots to trade

  15. spacemonkey

    various seeds to giveaway

    my girlfriend was looking for some holy basil! can grab those please? (pm'd)