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  1. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    The 2nd ?! . I’m flexible. Will wait for others to chime in
  2. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Anyone up for an Autumn meet? I can bring a gas cooker and stuff for coffee/tea. A camp heater would be good?! Wonder if there’s any kerosine heaters around, remember them? Let’s throw some dates around.
  3. Amazonian

    Plant Swap Melbourne EGA

    I must say I was surprised at the turn out of the Plant Swap. Since there wasn’t much response in this thread I was unsure of how it would go, but it was a success ! . Lots of people and lots of plants, impressive plants too!. Thank you to all those who participated in this and made it what it was There was expressions of interest in the Melbourne plant meets we have so I’ll make a post in that thread and see if we can get a date together .
  4. We’ll here’s to another great EGA. The day went splendidly . Very well organised . Thanks for a great day EGA team.
  5. Amazonian

    Drying and curing N.rustica

    Pat Uri has a few posts about tobacco curing ,interesting read. (He was/is a very amusing character, missing his presence ) He’s also made posts in this thread... I think there’s more but my device and time restraints limits my search.
  6. Amazonian

    Plant Swap Melbourne EGA

    Getting closer! I’m all geared up for this event. I hope to see some new faces ( and familiar faces) at EGA this year
  7. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Well that was a pretty good day! . Thanks crew
  8. Loved this ^ . So many things I don’t know , always something to learn when it comes to nature.
  9. Amazonian

    Plant Swap Melbourne EGA

    I should also mention that the plant swap area is located near the main car park for easy access and storage.
  10. Amazonian

    Plant Swap Melbourne EGA

    Hey fellow SABers, just a heads up that at the upcoming EGA on Sunday, May the 12th, there will be an opportunity for us to have a plant swap and catch up as a community. The Plant swap will be held in the garden space just to the side of the Springvale city hall and will take place during the lunch break of the symposium, 1pm to 2pm. Word is there will be some outdoor furniture and coffee cart on the lawn also to keep us caffeinated. People are welcome to bring legal trades to share with the community, plants, seeds, cultures etc to trade/swap with each other and exchange plant knowledge and cultivation tips in a hands on fashion. It's a non-commercial trade space so please keep that in mind and bring goods to swap or give away, not sell for profit. As a general rule, if you haven’t been to a plant swap before, it’s not a free for all, you need to communicate with the plant holder/owner before you take ownership of any goods as it may be earmarked for someone else, or may have been traded already that day. Common courtesy is the key you SABers know this already. But yes maybe bring some free plants to give to newbies – that's always a good idea. It might be some people's first plant swap/rodeo, so let's lead by example and initiate some new blood into the art of plant swapping. If you don’t have anything to swap, you're still welcome to join in, there’s always something to learn and see and some cool and knowledgable people to meet. Also please let others know about the happening. So join us in the garden, common plant heads, grab yourself an EGA ticket, get engrossed in informative lectures, learn something new from workshops, check out the stalls, attend the plant swap, meet like-minded people, engage in exciting conversations and let make a great day of it this May Check out the EGA webpage for more info about the day as well as review the fantastic plant head program - www.entheogenesis.org/garden_states_2019
  11. Amazonian

    Hyllus gigantea male.jpg

    I wasn’t sure if it was a tattoo or an actual spider
  12. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Yep, good to go.
  13. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    A few of us can’t make that ^ day, but if it suits everyone else, so be it . What about the next weekend? .. Etherealdrifter , are you in ?
  14. Amazonian

    Just out of curiosity, would you rather?

    They say ignorance is bliss. Lol. I think I still prefer to live with the truth, as shit as it is.