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  1. #1 I would say a Cassia of some sort ?!
  2. The SAB store has plants for $10 each?! . I haven't had much luck germinating Passiflora seeds and i would defo go the plant option if I was to persue growing these vines again
  3. Well, I did try to organise a camp for the immediate future, but there wasn't a lot if interest shown, so i left the conversation and I can't add you raver buddy . Maybe someone else can add you . There is likely to be a camp later in the year, but I won't be trying to organise it. Lol. Perhaps we can set a date for a plant meet in the next couple of months. I'm flexible on dates so others can make a date, and if there's enough interest then it'll be a goer.
  4. Buddy , the Jack Russell, is both a devil and an angel. Lol. How is your dog going fancy pants? Oh, and by the way, happy birthday
  5. It is done . I'll add to the pm list over the next few days .
  6. Aw gawd, I did look at that photo when you first posted it, but I forgot. What did you say was good for elziemers again?! Lol.
  7. Have you seen this tree in flower Alchemical? I'm wondering what colour it is. I paid a lot of money for a pink flowering form only to find it was a white flower . I went back to the nursery and complained and all they offered me was another tree at a cheaper price, so I bought it. A few months later, it flowered, it was white also. Lol. The nursery had closed down and so I couldn't go back and complain again. I've bought some seeds from eBay and recently germinated a climbing version with pink/purple flowers *fingers crossed. Bauhinia are nice looking plants, the leaf shape is neat and the flowers are very orchid like . Thanks for sharing Alchemica . Great info .
  8. Yeah let's organise this camp. We can generate a group PM for the nitty gritties ( exact location) . I'd rather it not be toooo far away, distance wise . As I'm a mum, Mother's Day isn't a good time for me to be away from home, also Easter weekend isn't great either. But if it's suits everyone else, then so be it, I don't mind, I will make the next camp.
  9. It's good to see you encouraging meets there like you use to do here as a Melbournite Sharx. We had a meet yesterday, and we used the 'community picnic rug' ( donated by Sharxx many years ago) lol. I hope to see you at a Melbourne meet one day soon mate.
  10. Well, you and I have seen each other before , just never met. Lol. But yes, after I submitted my last post, I realised I could have added more.... It was great to finally MEET you Yeti The food was awesome today, greatest combined feast ever. Thanks everyone
  11. ^ The pavilion came in handy with Melbourne and its sun, rain, sun, rain hey?! Lol. Good to see you all again. .
  12. My take on that is that this Saturday's meet is instead of one in March. We don't usually have meets with only a month in between, but, if there's enough interest, then there could well be another meet organised for March. (I'm out, just say'n) I'd like to organise a camp .... which we keep talking about but never actually do it. Lol. I reckon we should make some plans at this coming meet. See you all on Saturday. A tad rain is forecast, so it might be a sunscreen and an umbrella day. Edit: and yeah, Melbourne Botanical Gardens
  13. I'm due for an arvo away from my hermit cave, so I'm up for a meet. I have no commitments in the coming weeks so I'm flexible as far as dates go.
  14. I just looked at that function again, and it auto set itself back to corroboree after I logged in, so you can still view the forum as you normally would ( I think, lol)