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  1. And so TI should be a trusted trusted member. Lol.
  2. Yeah, at 3000 posts you can no longer change your user name. You become a trusted member.
  3. Got my seeds today Thank you Gimli
  4. Hmm, gee, i dunno. I was thinking about it. Hmm, I spose you could twist my arm.... Ohhhh, alright, I'll go ! . Lol. ( been looking forward to another outdoor EGA since the last outdoor EGA) I hope your smuggling your jacks in gem?! For those of you still thinking about coming along, I highly recommend doing it. There will be no regrets.
  5. I'm still unsure if I'll make it to this meet. It'd be good to meet some new people and give Yeti a traditional 'new to Melbourne' initiation ceremony (< involves naked swimming around the lake using a cactus for buoyancy , lol) If I don't make it, there will always be a next time. I hope the weather is great, especially for you yeti, it'll be cold if the suns not out. .
  6. Happy birthday GoT ! . I hope your Mrs is still making you awesome catus cakes. :) 

    1. Amazonian


      Oh, can't ^ edit?! *caCtus cakes, not catus cakes, lol. Meh. He will know what I mean :P 

  7. Don't cha love it when.... You get your monthly instalments of fun facts from your sanitary packaging.
  8. FUCK indeed ! . I had 2 plants takon from my yard a few years ago and it really pissed me off, and it made me feel insecure..... Your feelings must be 10 fold . There are low lifes in this world. Like, I'm just shaking my head. Maybe be we can try and build your collection up again. Would you like me to send you a small Loph' ? But you may not want to give out your address anymore to receive anything. PM me if you would like me to send you something. I hope the thieves get outed. Best wishes mate.
  9. I'd like to contribute a few things for the raffle. At the moment, things I have to donate are, .... ..1 tie dye t-shirt ( size medium) ( pastel rainbow colours) ..a few cactus rubbers (no, not those kind of rubbers,,,,, The eraser kind) ..a cactus tea towel. ..some psychadelic pendants ..a cappi and hemp key ring ..ethno related magnets um, I will find a few other things between now and the dead line. All items are brand new. Looking foward to EGA....Tick.
  10. Hi Amazonian,


    Thanks for the post on the Melbourne Meetup thread.


    Yes, I'm planning on a meeting the Sunday right after the EGA 2017.  I'll be running a workshop or two on practical gardening at EGA, and will promote the Melbourne Growers Meetups to the attendees.


    Would love for local growers to meet a week or two BEFORE EGA, so we can plan for this membership drive thingie (above).






  11. I have family commitments this weekend, so I'm out. Maybe we can have a meet in December before or after EGA and hopefully we can get some interstaters attend .
  12. We be proud to have you as a fellow Melbournite.!!! When yous are settled in, maybe a plant meet might be in order. Best ts wishes for an easy transition.
  13. Hmmf, overcast here. The above link says the meteor shower could be seen tomorrow night too?! Anyway, I'll leave my curtains open tonight and perhaps I'll see something. Can I make a wish on it, you know, like a shooting star?, couldn't hurt right?! Lol. Edit. Ok, so a metiorite and a shooting star is the same thing?! ( why don't I retain information , lol)
  14. I havent forgot about your belt, im just a shit trader 

    1. Amazonian


      It's ok, I'm not due for a belting. Lol. 


  15. I got an email from the EGA team with a PDF of my ticket. The email said "thank you for purchasing your EGA 2017 psychadelic symposium ticket. The e-ticket which will be scanned to validate on your arival - from either a paper print out or from the display on a phone / device". 166 more sleeps to go