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  1. What species of frog are they and how small are they? If they are tiny, aphids are good, also fruit fly from the compost bin. Make a swoop net with fine mesh and sweep it through grass to pick up meadow plankton. Shops that supply crickets can usually order smaller crickets , you could ask them. Colder weather can make slim pickings for wild caught food. Maggots are usually not digested and are better left to pupate. Pupae from a meat diet are usually blow flies and too big for small froglets, better off with house flies that usually diet on cereals and cowpats etc. I have recipies for breeding house flies, but if you only have a few frogs it won't be worth the trouble. You could put a heap plastic aquarium plants in the water to reduce insects drowning while you have to feed small insects.
  2. ^ lol, I was just logging on to reply to your post drifter, but you edited, Perhaps we should just set dates well in advance and if people can make it, they can post a few days before. I haven't had a good walk around the gardens for years, so I don't mind going for a walk around if no one shows up, more cheese, sundried tomatoes and olives for me, lol. The idea of having meets at people's houses is an option, however, I kinda don't have visitors so I'd feel bad for not reciprocating. So going by the most recent posts in this thread we'd have less than half dozen of us at the next meet. Unless more people chime in, perhaps we should postpone for now, but lock in a date for later. ( first Saturday of each season?!)
  3. I got a new phone and I can finally look at the ‘track of the day’ without my device crashing. Hooray.
  4. Ok,so not this weekend?! I’ll watch this space and wait till we lock a date in
  5. I thought we were playing around with the 20th of may?!... But ......there doesn't seem to be much input/interest.
  6. ^ Lol. Silly, but clever
  7. ^ That's good for me. I'm flexible.
  8. *shrugs Theres a meet for each season! Lol.
  9. If enough people show interest, yeah. I'll watch this space. Probably due for a plant meet too.
  10. I wouldn't think that's a normal occurrence any time of the year...funnel webs peeing barefoot?! Funnel webs fascinate me, and I can say that coz I don't live in Sydney. . We do have funnel webs in Victoria, not sure of the venom strength compared to Sydney funnel webs. Good idea Zeus to take them for milking, if there is a lot around, they may need a good storage of antivenin
  11. This thread is called 'The great global warming/cooling thread Part 2' because the first global warming cooling thread went pretty much where this one is going and was canned. Let's not have it happen a second time?!
  12. Aw, fancy pants. I wish things were easier for you guys. Bloody lawyers still fleecing you huh?! If it's still about dodgy builders......that's been going on forever?! . I wish yous all the best with what ever it is that life has thrown you. Your Freya is a nice looking dog . Don't feel so bad about not getting Her out and about much, my sister has a Geman Sheperd that is now 13 and has only been out for a walk a few times. He's giant and my sister can't control him as she has disabilities. But he has had the best life, lots of love, good food, plays with the cat, sleeps on the bed...gets treated like her child, lol. You could always get a playmate for Freya , a smaller dog. I'd recommend a ferret instead as they play well with dogs ( from my experience) , but geez they stink, and are messy, funny as heck though.
  13. #1 I would say a Cassia of some sort ?!
  14. The SAB store has plants for $10 each?! . I haven't had much luck germinating Passiflora seeds and i would defo go the plant option if I was to persue growing these vines again