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  1. Meetings with remarkable men by G,I Gurdjieff... is a book I found during a period of change in my life and it was filled with tales of travels
  2. Max Cady

    don't cha hate it when..

    When you're in your mid to late thirties yet feel you're to old to trust farts anymore...... = (
  3. Probably just bollocks telling us what they want us to think but hey you never know it may stimulate some thought...... http://www.abc.net.au/tv/programs/how-drugs-work/?WT.mc_id=Innovation_TV-HowDrugsWork|HowDrugsWork_FBP|abc
  4. Max Cady

    ABC 2, how drugs work. (tv tonight)

    Yeah as far as tele goes I thought it was ok = )
  5. Max Cady

    Write a rap

    Here I sit broken hearted tried to shit but only farted I've grown tomatoes I use garden hoes when the day is over I give them a hose plant my corn in rows never strike a whack pose seedlings i feed 'em food scraps my worms turn into castings me and my magic worms we going to grow me and my magic worms ain't your bros me and my magic worms are going to find you and every time you flow we'll be right behind you just to let you know and constantly remind you you can never be as dope as I am and my magic worms
  6. Max Cady

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    yeah I am kinda bogan but gran turismo doesn't cut it at least the version I tried a couple of years ago I think my love of car games started with "out run" then maybe colin mcrae on a friends play station then daytona on arcade then recently when I found dirt 2
  7. Max Cady

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    I've just bought a 360 after not having a console in 15 years. so far really like Dirt 3 my mate's copy of dirt 2 made up my mind to buy a 360 lol I just finished gears of war 2 and enjoyed it I used to really like the horizontal scrolling screen shooter games but can't think of any names I mostly played these in arcades in the early nineties . Time killers was another game from back then as well as mortal kombat. R-type on sega as well If anyone can suggest cool car games for the 360 I'd be stoked = )
  8. Max Cady

    Kombucha Tea

    Ebay for the scoby = ) Awesome cheers magic dawg incog = )
  9. Max Cady

    Kombucha Tea

    I'd be keen to give it a go if I could get a "scoby"
  10. Max Cady

    Been some time.......

  11. Max Cady

    Post your track of the day

    Dogs, Pink Floyd
  12. Max Cady

    Been some time.......

    What if PD is PYSLO DREAD? and never really left?
  13. Max Cady

    Ayahuasca on triple J right now! (Hack with Tom Tilley)

    I hope someone informed the moderators of my last post then Dave = )
  14. Max Cady

    Bag out yer boss

    describe what yer boss looks like so I can visualise giving performing non consensual bum sex on them = )
  15. Max Cady

    Ayahuasca on triple J right now! (Hack with Tom Tilley)

    Tripple j is pathetic
  16. Max Cady

    Alcohol Advertising

    No naked pictures in this thread?....
  17. Max Cady

    Sleep patterns

    I have sleep apnoea, I reckon Routine at work and daily exposure to sunlight and exercise is the best thing for sleep. I Don't have routine at work and with all the rain in south east queensland I'm not getting enough exercise or sunshine. I don't melatonin works if you're depressed or not getting enough sunshine in fact I think melatonin can upset the flora in your gut I can't remember where I read that so don't take it as gospel. If you can get some sort of routine you'll go a long way I reckon, that's something I'm trying to pull together at the moment Happy Travels
  18. Oi Bi-lo Bread is there another forum we can talk about Israel on?. I'd hate to be the first person on here to start a thread not related to plants or appropriate related cool cat culture seems I was never cool enough to get invited to of the singing plant parties anyway lol.... I'd like to shut down my account and remove any pictures I've posted I think thats fair but alas dead links are some what traumatising for some folk lol = )
  19. Max Cady

    WA daredevil body-slams cactus

    let nature take it's natural course...
  20. I just rang up and said I wasn't going to attend a staff meeting. it's the first staff meeting they've had and I've worked there over a year, I figure if it's serious that'd drag us into the office individually anyway. It's funny I bet they have never felt guilt when they've taken shifts off me at late notice = ( I find it really hard to say no to work and when I finally do they make me feel horrible
  21. I could share a story of death if you kids want?
  22. There is soo like not enough death in this thread, it's like depressing me Brah...
  23. Max Cady

    How hot are you right now?

    Blue steel = )